1. amg3.6

    E55 W210 Crank Pulley removal

    Any tips of removing crank pulley and do i have to buy a tool to remove it?
  2. M

    Crank position sensor stuck, W210 E320CDi

    Hi. I've not used the forum for a while, but I hope someone can help with this.... I'm trying to replace the crank position sensor in my E320CDi. It is a bit of a s*d to get at if you have big hands! I have eventually got the bolt out, but the sensor will not budge. I've tried by hand and...
  3. P

    C55 crank position sensor location?

    My CPS has packed up on the C55 Estate and now trying to change it myself. I have looked at a load of posts, mostly on US forums, have 1/4 inch E8 socket and drive etc but cannot find the thing to change it! Can anyone help with where it is? Sticking my hand right up from underneath on the...
  4. marc.l

    Wanted , e55 standard crank pully

    Any body have a redundant stock e55 crank pulley they would sell ? My engineer reckons he can turn it down , machine a new outer ring, press it on and rebalance it . If it works satisfactory he thinks he can offer the service for about £250-£300 in any size up to 200mm .
  5. J

    Car electronics work and car will crank but won't turn over.?

    Hi. I went to use my Saturn and it wouldn't start. The radio and lights all seem to be working fine and the car cranks but just won't turn over. Everything worked fine last night when I used it then.
  6. C

    C124 - losing water fast / crank problem..

    Hi guys, My 124 has been losing water very quickly recently. Like a 20-30 mile journey. I have now also noticed that the car doesnt crank perfectly. Its misses, then fires. Worrying. Any ideas?
  7. 1

    C 220cdi crank pulley

    Has anyone heard of the crank pulley letting go. Just had a friends 2012 plate disintegrate.
  8. T

    1995 E200 starts but does not crank

    Good evening gents, Here is the issue: As the cold weather came, the car would not crank anymore. Had this issue last winter, and I did bypass the starter relay, mounting another start button which takes + 12 V from the radioset and gets it directly to the starter's relay. Also, the green...
  9. MOR8A

    E55k Crank position sensor ..does anyone know the price and part number please?

    E55k Crank position sensor ..does anyone know the price and part number please? Many thanks.
  10. D

    W124 Crank Sensor change

    morning all, I've been having strange gremlins with the 300TE recently. On cold start, she performs as you'd expect. Drive it for a bit and then try and start her again and it's a no go. Engine will crank but no spark. Leave it for 15 mins (annoying when you are in a tesco car park) and...
  11. imbck666

    w124 crank bolt removal

    Hi all, Just a quick one really.. Dropped a bit of plastic through the gap where the duplex chain is in the timing chain cover and now i cant hand crank the engine... The plastic has siezed it, so need the timing chain cover off asap. To take it off I am aware that I need to take...
  12. K

    2002 E220 CDI crank but no start

    Hi all, Wondering if I can get some help on here. Recently, my 140K mile W210 E220 CDI had a diesel spill at the front, so took it to the local trusty mechanic. Originally thinking it might be the injector seals (black death), it came out as the clear plastic diesel pipe (the one that has...
  13. Z

    Harmonic Balance tool crank

    Hello all I have had to buy a crank pulley special tool from the states. I now no longer need it as I have done the job. This tool really made things easy and my crank pulley came off in seconds. It cost £120 but I am open to offers in the region of £100. Its very heavy duty and very well...
  14. C

    63 AMG no Crank and gearbox problems.

    my CL63 refuses to start first time. I have to take the key out and lock it and unlock it several times until it eventulally cranks and then it starts and runs no problem. Also sometimes the car gets stuck in a gear, it could be any gear, and it happens particularly if I accellerate quickly. If...
  15. Z

    Mercedes C43 Crank Pulley and other jobs

    Hello all, I thought I would post a quick note up to see if anyone knows where I can get hold of a crank pulley holder for the job? I dont want to spend £100 on a tool! At the same time I have to do the TCU on the transmission and the the oil seals on the oil cooler. The oil cooler is...
  16. K

    W126 V8 crank position sensor

    I need a crank position sensor for a facelift V8 W126 or R107
  17. B

    No crank and relays in a w210 1999 E300 TD

    Hello, My E300 randomly "no cranks". All the lights on the dash come on but on the final turn of the key "no crank". It sometimes can take 2-4 goes to get going. We are looking in the direction of the battery, as its old, and the relay. (Yesterday it started perfect every time!). This...
  18. N

    Question on M111 Cam and Crank Sensors

    Are the sensors Hall or VR? Both Hall, both VR, Hall/VR or VR/Hall respectively(cam/crank)? Thanks in advance NPK
  19. U

    S430 W220 won't crank. Help Please

    Hi guys, I made first contact with one of my neighbours this morning. He has a recently acquired and very nice 2000 S430...recently serviced and running fine until this morning. The key inserts, the dash display works, turn the key and there's just a slightest 'clunk' from the starter...
  20. 300CE

    W124 300CE Piston Ring Kit & Crank Bearing Kit

    If anyone has a Piston Ring Kit (Part No: A0020304024) or a Crank Bearing Kit (Part No: A6010300540) sitting around gathering dust for a W124 300CE, give us a holler! 6 Rings are required for the Piston Rings & 7 for the Bearing Kit. Cheers in advance, Justin.
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