1. C

    W204 2013 C Class Seat cushion angle adjustment

    The passenger side wheel adjuster works well but the car I've just bought the drivers seems to be either really tight or stuck/broken? any suggestions only bought it Friday :(
  2. AndyKO

    W211 Drivers Leather Seat Cushion Removal

    Hi all, Have any of you removed the leather cover on the drivers seat 'butt' cushion before? I've found a clean slice in the leather I am going to repair and was wondering if any of you have ever removed these, if you have then do you have any tips please guys before I start to butcher the...
  3. LTD

    Cushion Bags

    Righto - weird Saturday night thread We have just bought some new furniture for our garden and I'm on the hunt for some storage bags for the cushions - can't find much so it's over to the cognoscenti for the answer :thumb: Seat cushions (6) are an awkward size being just under 30" square x...
  4. T

    W163 ML 270 CDI Driver Seat Cushion

    Part No A163 910 05 50 Brand new from MB still in original package. Bought it to replace Drivers seat cushion as it had collapsed. Traded the Car before I could change it. No its not heated -that is in the seat cover. Cost £92.40 new. Will accept £40.00 inc of postage to UK.
  5. T

    ML 163 - Drivers Seat Cushion (Without Cover)

    New - Never been fitted - Pt No A163 910 05 50 for Drivers seat ( R/H Drive) Never got round to fitting it and have since sold the Car. Cost from Dealer £121.82. Offers
  6. Gollom

    CLK (W208) rear seat cushion removal

    Will need to use my W208 as a load lugger over the next month and occurs to me that it would be better if I could fold the rear seat backs flatter. How easy is it to remove the rear seat cushion?? I'd go take a look and work it out but need to do it by weekend and of course this time of year I...
  7. T

    ML 163 Driver Seat Back - loose Side Cushion

    The side part of the Seat back is loose compared to the otherside and the passenger seat. Any idea how it's attached before I dismantle for a look?
  8. S

    Rear Springs cap and rubber cushion (Aclass)

    hi before i start, great forum lads found alot of very useful stuff like loftys a class website, what a lot of work hes put into that site i take my hat of to him, his site has saved me lots of money thanks lofty if your out there mate anyway im changing my rear springs and need to find where...
  9. W

    Sat Nav Cushion

    Hi, Just bought a new C180 CGI. The dash is pretty slanting ad hardly a place to put a Satnav. Dont really want to use the Tomtom suction on the windscreen also dont want to run loose hanging wires across the steering wheel. Does anyone has any experience of using the tomtom bean bag...
  10. I

    Coupe Rear Cushion Missing?

    I've just bought a coupe and was wondering if this cushion? was an extra, because it's not in mine! Thanks for any info. Cheers, Paul
  11. A

    Cushion switch loose

    Hi, My drivers side cushion switch is loose. Whilst it moves the seat cushion fine forwards/backwards, the switch itself is loose on the door card. How can these be removed to check and secure. Thanks
  12. S

    C140 series coupe back seat cushion

    As my car will soon have a baby seat, I was going to swap out the unmarked back seat and put in a used one and store the original. My car interior is black. Anyone got one kicking around? Thanks
  13. M

    Front Seat Base Cushion Loose - W203

    The leather seat base cushion on my 2001 W203 C200K is loose and rocking up and down on one side of the drivers seat. I found the remains of a broken black plastic bracket (on the floor underneath) which clamps over a round metal bar under the front of the seat base cushion. Also 2 unbroken...
  14. portzy

    Bonnet cushion springs (again!)

    Hello, some of you will have seen my previous thread on this, it gets worse. Firstly, you know what I mean?. Its the two spring loaded, rubber footed thingys either side of the under bonnet which cushion the close and apply opposite tension against the bonnet lock?. Well, the rubber feet on...
  15. T

    Replacing Seat Cover Cushion

    I got chweing gum on the seat cushion a while back and after dainty removal it lifted the top coat off the leather. After some advice from restorers the only option was to replace the cover. As the car is in great nick any slight wear on the drivers cushion would be eliminated. Ordered one...
  16. portzy

    bonnet cushion springs CL203

    Hello, can anyone help with this one as its driving me nuts. Under the bonnet there are two springs which I believe cushion the shut and apply upwards pressure to the bonnet when its closed. They are about 15" off centre, attached to the bonnet and have small, 30mm ish, rubber discs which are...
  17. sjmaxwell

    Back seat cushion in 208 CLK Coupe

    Anyone know how to remove the back seat cushion in a 208 CLK as my brother dropped a clip down it when installing a CD changer in the boot?
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