1. G

    Italian hotel concierge damaged my CLS500

    Hello guys, My last day of my European drive journey, I stayed over night in Milan, Italy. The hotel had a concierge service where they were parking the car safely away for the night and bring it when you check out. So I did just that. When I had the car brought to me in the morning, I loaded...
  2. Dizz

    Damaged bumper, bugger!

    So in under three weeks of ownership of my 2004 CLK this morning I managed to reverse into a parked car as I was backing off my driveway. Totally my fault as there is never anything parked opposite and I didn't look. I was moving really slow and there was no damage to the other car but I was...
  3. lfckeeper

    Help - Have Mercedes damaged my subframe?

    - car went in for alignment - they told me as 'non MB' suspension parts are fitted they dont know if they cant fit camber adjustment bolts - car drove horribly -took it back this morning advised them if they couldn't do it properly they shouldn't have started the job and they fall short of...
  4. Taff814

    Damaged seat

    Morning all. The driver seat in my C204 2013 has got cuts in it. The previous owner did it with his keys getting in one day. Is there anyone out there who could repair this or am I going to have to replace the entire cover?
  5. S

    Damaged key fob!

    W221 S Class 2007 Had a nightmare yesterday evening.... key fob wouldnt work due to low battery so i removed the key part by moving the little button to the side however when pulling out the actual module the metal part of the clip broke off and damaged the plastic! The top part will not stay...
  6. abecketts

    E63 Damaged

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332036617592 Quite a wallop, airbags deployed and only a cat D Will it back on the road I wonder?
  7. D

    Mercedes Ml 350 2013 damaged hub

    Hi everyone to cut a long story short my wife changed her rear flat tyre and fitted the space saver but never fitted the shorter bolts. Damage has been done to the hub and I can only thread in four of the five wheel nuts. Does anyone know the tap/die size to try re tap thread. Thanks :fail
  8. R

    Windscreen damaged by wiper fluid????

    Hi all Recently joined and introduced myself after buying a E280CDI, 58 plate 100k on the clock. Generally pleased and got lots of useful info from this forum when I wasnt sure if I had a problem or not! Anyhooz - cleaning it today and noticed streaks on the windscreen which will not come off...
  9. MOR8A

    Clear coat on alloy damaged by tyre company, what would you do?

    Had 2 new tyre valves fitted today and in the process one of the alloys has sustained a light amount of damage to the clear coat on the diamond cut face of the alloy. Although it no damaged the alloy itself we all know the implications this will have to this already troublesome alloy finish and...
  10. bob6600

    Vehicle damaged on motorway

    Wife's car, travelling down the M6 last week (J2-J3). Weather was temperamental and it started raining it hard reducing visibility. Now she is a sensible driver and slowed down keeping her distance from the vehicle in front. She then hears a loud bang and feels something hitting the car...
  11. Ajay Bhatoa

    How to keep the man made leather from creasing/ getting damaged.

    Hey guys, my car has the half alcantara half 'leather' but it's starting to crease with me getting in and out and splitting a little bit. How can I stop this happening? Or try to stop it as much. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. B

    Damaged e class coupe

    Hi everyone Just aquired a 2009 e250 cdi sport coupe from my brother in law, after he had a slight bump. Just wondering can you buy just the glass/plastic cover for the headlight, as getting even secondhand xenons cost a packet! Also need a from wing and bumper and have located them from a...
  13. GT500E

    Damaged SL55

    Does anyone know anything about this car. I am looking for a E55k or SL55 and wouldn't mind one with damage. http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/131637891737 http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/131637891737
  14. ringway

    Mercedes sl55 amg damaged red leather low miles hpi clear

    He'll be lucky... LINK.
  15. T

    W211 E55 - Damaged crank and crank pulley

    Hi My W211 E55 has been at the Mercedes dealer as the battery was not charging and causing the convenience turn off messages, the batteries and alternator were tested to be ok. They had checked the crank pulley which was fitted by a tuner who uses this forum, this was only done 3-4 months...
  16. D

    damaged c63 wanted..

    Hello all, I know it's a long shot but I'm currently looking for a damaged C63, recorded or unrecorded makes no difference to me. I don't care about the colour, spec, miles or the amont of damage as it's going to be a track day project. Thank you for viewing!
  17. mbenz1977

    Damaged clk alloy

  18. jonnyMercUK

    Brand new car damaged by dealership

    So annoyed right now.... I'm due to pick my brand new car up today, along with my wife's approved used B Class. It was my wife's birthday last Monday and mine on tomorrow so a nice treat for us both. The salesman is a good friend of mine however yesterday I had to have a very difficult...
  19. R

    Dealer damaged my alloys. Your thoughts please.

    I've just bought a ten month old C63 from a Mercedes dealership. The car has done 6000 miles so was pretty much immaculate when I first went to look at it. It's fitted with the optional 19" multi-spoke alloy wheels. My pet hate is scuffed alloys so I checked them all carefully and they were...
  20. S

    Stubborn Damaged Screws

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have any ideas how to tackle stubborn phillips screws? I am trying to get the Voltage Reg off of the Alternator in situ. The connectors and cover is off, and one of the three phillips screws is out, but one is stuck fast and rounded a bit. The one on the bottom I have cut...
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