1. rockits

    Why we use and trust decent indy's!

    We know this kind of stuff goes on at some stealers and poor garages but it is pretty shocking to see it so brazen also so obvious.
  2. M

    2004 (54plate) Mercedes E55 AMG - Decent offers please

    For sale 2004 (54plate) Mercedes E55 AMG (2004 mid year update model with 200mph clocks). 145,000miles but just recently service with over 8,500 miles still left before next service. MOT to December 2017. Three previous owners with service stamps in book. Last three services I have had all...
  3. AngryDog

    Decent interior LED kits for W211

    My E55 has has LED's installed but they keep flickering, so I think the bulbs are likely crap ones. Does anyone have any recommendations of decent kits? Thanks.
  4. M

    Any decent MB restorers in the Herts area?

    Before they fall off altogether I figure it's worth getting the front spring hangers on my W210 rewelded. I could do the job myself but it's a safety-critical area, and besides if I get them slightly wonky it'll affect the wheel camber / alignment and therefore the handling. I don't want to...
  5. A

    Decent leather seat covers

    Hi guys, I am looking for a set of seat covers for my MY63 plate b class. Want something which would fit perfectly on the seats as I need some added protection to my seats as my daughter sometimes throws up in the car. Any ideas where I could get a set?!? Any help is appreciated
  6. A

    Any decent Aston Martin Forums?

    I'm looking online at Aston Martin forums and they seem to be pretty light weight. Does anyone know of a decent one where people actually wrench on their cars? Costs are not too dissimilar to AMG cars , yet I know plenty of AMG guys that change water pumps, rebuild suspension and tune. I find it...
  7. D

    Decent W124 late model coupe bumper

    Does anyone know where I can get a decent rear bumper for my 1996 E220 coupe? I was rear-ended this week and though the garage can repair the current bumper they'd prefer to fit a replacement but they can't seem to find one. Managed to get the third party insurers to agree to pay for the...
  8. K

    Decent MB main dealer for servicing in/around London

    I intend to take out a service plan for my C220, can anyone recommend a decent dealer to carry out the service when it's due in or around London. I have looked over lots of posts and cannot seem to find any recommendations.
  9. astamir

    A decent exhaust shop advice

    Hi guys! I'm thinking to upgrade the manifolds on my clk55 w208 I already checked out the kleemann and personally I think they are overpricing a little bit. Just wondering if there are some decent exhaust shops here in uk with good experience and reasonable prices who can fabricate the...
  10. D

    Recommending a decent, not high-end valeter/detailer in London

    I should preface this by saying I'm no great lover of car washing. Many years ago I went down the 'two-bucket and box full of products approach', but my time is now more precious and my facilities (living in a top-floor flat, with on-road parking) less accommodating. I have a great bunch of...
  11. MB James

    Decent alternative to hozelock attachments?

    Whenever I use my nilfisk jet wash, the hose attachments disconnect from the tap or the connection at the hose reel after a couple of minutes of use. Its the pressure from the nilfisk that causes it. Are there any stronger attachments I can use instead of hozelock? I'm also using the standard...
  12. J

    Decent degreaser

    Part of my restoration is to clean the engine block as i go along, now my car has 32 years worth of oily gunk all over the block.... so to all the pros whats a decent degreaser that would eat through the oil etc
  13. JethroUK

    Anyone know where I can a decent service on Merc C220 in LE11

    I need a 45K service on my Mercedes C220 but dont want to pay the local Merc Garage £600 ish Anyone know where I can a decent service on Merc C220 I have noticed some companies now collect your car (so location is not such an issue) - but I am in LE11 if thats easier
  14. Benplym

    Decent breakers..... Door needed

    Am having no joy whatsoever in sourcing a door for my w164 ml. I was going to have it repaired but after a ton of sprayers giving me ridiculous quotes, a decent one refused to do it due to the "ripples" in the "flexible" part. Nice to find an honest guy for once. I am left with needing a door...
  15. C

    Any decent space under the hood?

    Not strictly electronics, but I could do with some ideas for an electrical mounting issue I'm having. I'm replacing the horn on my W204 as I think it sounds a bit naff, but the replacement speaker is about 16x16x16cm. From what I can tell, every inch of space inside the engine bay is taken up...
  16. cobra7

    Decent E500

    Mercedes Benz E500 W124 genuine sale | eBay Love this car, colour, stance, awesome machine. A well written ad too 'THE CAR HAS HAD DONE BY MY FRIEND' - lol
  17. developer

    A Decent Bodyshop In The West Midlands

    I'd like to get both side skirts re-sprayed as they aren't as good as the rest of the car. Any recommendations for a quality West Midlands body shop please? Thanks,
  18. W

    Are there any decent Merc dealers out there?

    I know this is asking a lot but although I have a superb service history with my S Class I would like more detail on the other work carried out by Mercedes that I can see has been done from a summary print out I have. No expense has been spared by the one lady owner from new it would seem and...
  19. flango

    Decent restaurant near Kings Criss

    Hi All I need to set up a dinner meeting in London next week but need to travel back home on the last train 23:30 Can anyone recommend a decent restaurant around Kings Cross? Can be any cuisine not top end faire but a decent middle of the road restaurant My guests will be a young (30 ish)...
  20. J532KTT

    Decent Alarm/remote locking kit (S124)

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone here has fitted a remote alarm/immobilisor kit to their 124...? I had a nasty experience today involving some peasant trying to break into my car (Which contains nothing but a lighter and a packet of cigarettes!) Luckily one of my customers saw the event...
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