1. D

    Die beste oder nichts

    Whilst picking up some parts for my w124 at Taunton Mercedes I was wandering around the showroom and noticed a lot of the new cars were wearing hankook tyres. Are these tyres now better than I gave them credit for, I always thought of them as a lesser tyre than the likes of Michelin or...
  2. Scott_F

    Those About To Die - We Salute You !

    Since there is nothing than I like better than seeing an Austin A60 or a Jaguar Mark 10 go out in a blaze of glory on the oval circuit, I took myself to the pre-85 meeting at Hednesford a couple of weeks ago. I haven't been for a few years and the format back then was pre-68 divided into two...
  3. grober

    Die Rote Sau = Mercedes 300 SEL 6.8 W109

    It's possible I posted this before :o or maybe someone else :dk: - but on the off chance it hasn't[YOUTUBE HD]lIMBKqajRqc[/YOUTUBE HD]
  4. flango

    2 die in M1 wrong way crash

    An 87 year old and 27 year old died today in a fatal crash on the M1 involving a car travelling the wrong way down the carriageway. Two lives destroyed for no reason or lack of regulation? Discuss. Two dead in 'wrong-way' crash on East Midlands M1 - BBC News
  5. bpsorrel

    If you're not meant to die, you won't!!

    Watch this video from a dashcam in Moscow. Incredible! Watch the red truck.... Not ONE person was injured!! Âèäåî:  Ìîñêâå «ÊàìÀÇ» âûëåòåë íà ïåøåõîäíûé ïåðåõîä - Ãàçåòà.Ru | Âèäåî
  6. WLeg

    Die Hard MB Product placement

    Unfortunately, I recently saw the most recent Die Hard movie......A wasted 2 hrs or so of my life. At least it was a good advertisement for the various MB's .....Unimog, G55 (or G63 ?), vans, you name it, it got demolished...... I didn't know a G-wagon could crush a Porsche......
  7. 219

    New Die Hard movie

    Just saw the above movie . It is a Merc fest . Car chase near the beginning features just about every current model - all the car range ; sprinter ; Unimog ; G Wagen ; trucks ..... Set Moscow , centred around Russian mafia ; blinged up G Wagens rule .
  8. D

    Will electrics die before rest of car

    Constantly hearing of electrical problems on cars .Manufacturers seem intent on car being taken back to main dealer for rectification . My newly aquired C200 appears tetchy and often refuses to release key fob from dash is this going to be problematic and costly . Can all this nonsense be bypassed .
  9. grober

    A good day to die hard

    Bit of subtle product placement here.;) [YOUTUBE HD]uTbpylDxYyI[/YOUTUBE HD]
  10. G

    Tap & Die set

    Anyone recommend a tap and die set? Bought a mid-priced set from Screwfix but it was a bit Buffalo Bill, so that's gone back. It's a minefield out there, and there's lots to choose from and prices that seem to escalate wildly. Thoughts please, from those who have a good set they'd be happy to...
  11. ringway

    50 Things To Do Before You Die.

    As time rolls on, and I sometimes find myself questioning the meaning of life, the "50 things to do before you die" question came to mind this evening. There are many things I've yet to accomplish, but meeting David Gilmour, spending the night with Helen Mirren and owning a SLS AMG Coupe...
  12. S

    Food to die for

    Put up on the other forum, but its too good not to share A Meal To Die For - CBS News Video My knida place. Makes up for this morning, Xmas ****e in the shops already!!!!
  13. Satch

    Why do men die first?

    Why do men die first? This is a question that has gone unanswered for centuries but now we know. However, need to dwell upon these factors before getting to the answer If you put a woman on a pedestal and try to protect her from the rat race, you're a male chauvinist. If you willingly...
  14. X

    Police Dogs Die

    Sorry, but there is just no excuse for this "Nottinghamshire Police said the handler has not been suspended"....I'm sorry, but he should be taken to the cleaners for this....for heavens sake, he is a "trained" handler and should know better....I am paranoid about leaving my dogs in the car...
  15. The Boss

    1:18 scale model mercedes (die cast)

    hello where is the best place to find 1:18 scale models of mercedes cars in metal die cast. i am looking for a w124 cabrio in green/mushroom, grey s class amg, black slk, silver e class saloon, and some 123's?? any ideas
  16. E

    220Cdi whistleing noise as revs die when cold

    Hi I have a strange whistling noise coming from around the turbo/ air box area on my 220cdi (611 engine). It sounds like a police car siren in the distance. The noise is usually only noticeable when the car is cold and at lower revs. When at constant revs it cannot be heard but comes in...
  17. gurpz

    C43 AMG in Romeo Must Die

    A nice video clip featuring the C43 AMG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExWXA8vhh6U :rock:
  18. Ade B

    3000 to die in climate change!!!

    At an average of 27 degrees over a 24 hour period.... crikey half the planet must be at risk.... My brother in law was complaining its chilly in Jakarta at 28 degrees C.... How did they work this out??? Ade
  19. KillerHERTZ

    Romeo Must Die - C5

    On now, lame film, but has a Sliver C43 AMG* in a street chase Channel 5 *A C180 Classic with a kit most likely
  20. P

    w210 stalling / die's after a few miles

    My w210 E240 has recently on a few occasions just died while in traffic - its a bit emabrassing as it won't restart for a few minutes. Have thought it may be poor fuel and have refilled with Shell, and added a fuel injector cleaner. But could it be something else?? - ££££ Cheers Paul
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