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Whilst picking up some parts for my w124 at Taunton Mercedes I was wandering around the showroom and noticed a lot of the new cars were wearing hankook tyres.

Are these tyres now better than I gave them credit for, I always thought of them as a lesser tyre than the likes of Michelin or continental

New e class is a nice car mind, and surprisingly cheap on the never never
I think that they're pretty good for a "mid - range" tyre, and are being fitted as OE by a lot of manufacturers nowadays, especially truck makers though probably not relevant here.

I was thinking of putting some on the back of mine, still may when I wear the current Goodyear ones down. After all, if they're good enough to be an official partner of the DTM...

Some info and unbiased (theoretically anyway) reviews on them HERE
So Mercedes marketing should perhaps change the slogan to...
"ziemlich gut, oder nichts"

Hankook have been partnering with Mercedes for over 3 years. Not bad tyres at all.
I replaced the OEM Dunlops on my E280 CDI with Kumho Ecstas, which occupy a similar market segment to Hankook. I didn't choose them to save money - there was not much difference in price between them and the premium brands anyway. I wanted a comfy ride, which the Ecstas with their soft sidewalls provided. I never had any 'moments' with them and got 25K miles out them before they were renewed with 3mm tread remaining.

I have no doubt that they may be a few seconds per lap slower round a test track than the premium brands, but all of my driving is on public roads, so that doesn't concern me overmuch.
Hankook have been the official tyre of DTM for a few years now

Their summer tyres are very good indeed - consistently up with (or indeed better than) the traditional premium brands in tests.
Agreed. - I put Hankooks on the Nissan in place of Goodyear, and haven't looked back; they don't wear-out nearly as quickly, and I've got a lot more confidence throwing it in to corners.
My ML runs on Hankook - I'm quite satisfied.

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