1. K

    B180 diesels. 1.5 or 1.8? Which is best and how to tell?

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a Mercedes B class sport, most seem to be 180ds. I'm looking at 2012 to 14 age manuals, but in getting really confused with the engines. Wikipedia and other sources suggest there is a 1.5 and a 1.8 variant but I'm struggling to understand how to tell the...
  2. Steveml63

    "Interesting" news for European owners of recent Mercedes diesel cars!

    Hi, Looks like Mercedes are going to "do a VW" - to their European diesel cars - to fix the emissions! Software emissions fix for three million Mercedes diesels - BBC News Let's hope it doesn't damage the performance, MPG or reliability of the cars that get updated! Cheers Steve
  3. ab9758

    ML diesels for very short journeys

    No greater love hath a man than he is selling his ML63 AMG to pay bloody school fees. Anyway, I'm loyal to ML range and will downgrade to a basic ML from about 2006-07 with hopefully under 100k. My problem is that I'm only looking at petrol versions and that means the Ml350 or ML500 from...
  4. Peter103

    Chip Fat For Diesels?

    There's an Eco fuel station near me selling cooking oil at £1=12 a litre, our local high street garage sells Diesel for 99.5 a litre. Its a funny old world. :doh:
  5. C

    OM651 diesels and chain wear

    I know this is a previously discussed topic, but I thought I'd just add to it... Whilst in Germany on business trip the other week, I was chatting with a taxi driver about the OM651 engine (as you do!). This taxi firm runs a large fleet of W212's, with a mixture of CDI200 and CDI220 engines...
  6. S

    Eurocharged UK January Offers - 30% off for Mercedes Diesels

    This months tuning offers focus on MB diesels, with a saving of over 30% from our retail price during January. We have a flat price of £399 which includes before and after dyno runs, STAR diagnostics & VAT so pretty much everything. If you would like your car Eurocharged please contact us at...
  7. S

    MB dropping V6 Petrol & diesels in next e-class

    Note text near bottom of this article where MB are reportedly replacing the V6 diesels and petrol engines for straight sixes... Next Mercedes-Benz GLK spotted ahead of 2015 launch | Autocar
  8. M

    Agricultural Diesels

    I was loaned a 62 reg. C220 CDI last week when I left my car for service at local main dealers, and I became aware of why some people refer to diesel engines as agricultural. It sounded primitive. I was amazed at the difference in refinement between that and my 4 years old E Class 3.0, which...
  9. Stuart O

    New generation diesels

    Has anyone heard of some be fandangled diesels coming next year ? With the new C class not getting the 350 V6 there's talk of a new straight 6 - or am I mistaken ?? Stuart
  10. C

    Diesels.... this doesn't sound good

    The EU clean air policies have been targeting nitrous oxides for a good few years now, but with the news that some countries are lagging way behind the target levels it was only a matter of time before the attention turned towards diesel engines and the nitrous oxides they produce. Now it...
  11. T


    Hi Are diesels suitable for short local journeys? Thanks
  12. I

    Giving diesels a good run

    My iPad tried to word this thread as 'giving desires a good run'.. autocorrect ... anyway ... I normally get a 10 mile motorway run in on workdays but rarely more. Are there any opinions on the best speed/gear/rpm to give diesels a 'good run' for this sort of length of journey and avoid the...
  13. D

    Whoever Said Diesels Were Frugal

    ...were lying! (admittedly it is the worse time of the year for mpg figures)
  14. J

    W123 Diesels

    Hello folks, Just wondering if anyone has any good tips on where to pick up a nice W123 300TD estate? Tried all the usual sites like ebay, autotrader, pistonheads and classiccars but not having any luck. :dk: Would consider going abroad for one too.
  15. philiggy

    Are W211 diesels that bad?

    I'm was looking to update my trusty V plate W210 3.0TD. by about 5-6 years. The mechanic who has looked after my Mercs for years tells me the 211 is very unreliable, and that lots of 320 diesels came in for injectors after 70k and they have all sorts of expensive and irritating problems. He...
  16. O

    Going to look at a couple of C Class diesels tomorrow

    I'm arranging to look at a couple of cars tomorrow, one is a C220 Cdi, the other a 270 and the last one is a 220 Cdi coupe, so far I have got: Check that it has a Behr radiator and not a Valeo one, glycol contamination would feel like a judder at approx 2k rpm while accelerating. Rust How do...
  17. The _Don

    Bmw's m diesels: The official details

    PistonHeads Headlines - BMW's M diesels: the official details
  18. D

    Why no supercharged diesels?

    Had a good look at my friends C36 AMG restoration today and we were chatting about the new Bi-Turbo engines and ended up on about the supercharged AMG's and I was wondering why no-one manufactures a supercharged diesel? And if not, technically speaking why not?
  19. D

    Umwelt Green Plakette for w124 diesels

    Google Translate I am going to investigate this. They say they have developed appropriate parts to convert vehicles such as my om606 based s124 e300d estate... SO THEY CAN GET A GREEN PLAKETTE and enter umwelt zones in germany. This, if true could be incredibly good news, for me anyway...
  20. I

    Three W123 Diesels side-by-side, by coincidence.

    Hi All, A big smile appeared on my face this morning as I drove into the car park of our local supermarket. Not only did I see a 300D, but as I got closer noticed a 240D as well. By the time I’d swung round the corner the car separating them moved off so I moored up between them. Very nice...
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