1. T

    New Gle 350 dash lights dim

    Hi Can anyone help , the lights behind then dash seem dim , I mean there on just but barely visiable at night This in the navi /tel buttons etc as well as the lights behind the speedo etc I've searched the complete cabin and I can't Find where to turn them up On my v class...
  2. 91dm

    W163 ML Useless Dim Headlights

    Hello, Are W163 headlights just poorly designed? I mostly drive on unlit country roads which is fine when I've full beam on but when I go to dip I find them very poor. I've polished the lights, upgraded the bulbs all round to osram, checked the voltage and wiring. ^Mine's the...
  3. B

    Dim keypad Lights

    2012 C200 W204 Audio 20' Hi there, The Telephone keypad lights are very dim. I adjusted the brightness in the EMC measure (keypad light control) but can not save the parameters. Does anyone know the key combinations to save adjusted parameters in the Audio 20 Engineering mode.
  4. portzy

    Dash display goes dim then bright?

    Hello, I have a peculiar problem with my SLK R171, driving with the roof up the LCD display constantly changes from dim to bright, (depending on the intensity of the outside light conditions - sunny/bright to overcast/dim etc), but the LCD never actually fails so I am guessing that there is an...
  5. B

    Auto Dim Nearside Mirror?

    E63 W212 2014 I noticed last night that my rear view and offside/right wing mirrors were both dimmed nicely when some twit came up behind me with very bright lights, but the nearside/left wing mirror didn't dim? I would of thought both wing mirrors would be auto dimming, or is that my mistake...
  6. pmcgsmurf

    W211 Climate Control Display Dim - Rain / Light Sensor Fault ?

    Hi I have a weird fault on the W211. The LED display for the climate control will sometimes be bright, other times it's very difficult to read. There seems to be a fault with the Auto windscreen wipe too. They wipe once when starting but don't go if I spray water over the sensor on the...
  7. zaen1

    w202 fogs go dim when headlights on full

    Hi all.. i have a little problem with my c200 sport. This has just started recently, everytime i switch on the headlights and the fog lights one of the fog lights and headlight goes dim,both on the same side,as soon as i switch off the fogs the headlight resumes to normal brightness. Any ideas...
  8. M

    Dim witted gear change on 250 CLA 4 matic

    Have hitherto been frustrated by the dozy gear changes on this car as well as the annoying reluctance to change up when in the 'Sport' setting, which makes a lot of noise and little progress. However I have discovered that this car can be transformed by turning the ESP off. The engine releases...
  9. KillerHERTZ

    W211 Audio20 & Climate Control Screens extremely Dim

    On my Dads W211 E240 (2004) the screens on the climate control (front only, not the rear) and the Audio 20 are extremley dim, almost invisible. After an hour or so of driving, they become bright enough to be actually visible. I was thinking it was the 2nd smaller battery causing an issue...
  10. KillerHERTZ

    W211 AUDIO20 Backlit screens Dim

    My Dad's 04 W211 has an odd problem. Both the Audio20 and the heater controls (front seats & the rear seat screen) and virtually impossible to see as the backlights on both are very dim. No message appearing on the dash about the courtesy battery though, any ideas?
  11. brucemillar

    Xenonn Lights. One normal. One Dim.

    Folks On my C55 (Stock headlights). I have noticed that I now have one "normal" looking bulb and one "dim"looking bulb. These are Xenon bulbs. I replaced the bulbs but have the same problem. Any suggestions what would be the most likely part to require replacement?
  12. Amg82

    C43 auto dim drivers mirror fluke! wiring

    Hi guys I had a look on the forum and can't seem to find an answer , I have flunked a dimming drivers side folding mirror I bought a pair of normal folding mirrors for my c43 and the drivers one was dimming don't think seller realised! I have already installed dimming rim, just wanted to...
  13. ringway

    S210. Poor performance from reversing lights.

    The reversing lights on my S210 don't seem as bright as those on my previous one. I detect a slight dark tint on the lens but this could just be due to the age of the car? I suppose those pesky tinted door mirrors don't help, but I can't really see as much as I'd like to when reversing in the...
  14. C

    How to dim display inside speedo

    I have worked out how to dim everything else with the knob and in the menu of the COMMAND unit. Is it possible to dim the little LCD screen in the centre of the dash, it changes a little as the dimmer control is turned, but not a lot. Before it is said! I did try the manual Interactive...
  15. S

    C Class w204 facelift - Nearside daytime running light staying on all time (dim)

    Hi all, Wondering if you could advise... I have a 61 plate C Class Saloon Sport Edition 125. Tonight I've noticed that the nearside daytime running light stays on at all times but is much dimmer than full brightness. Has anybody seen this issue before? Do you know what could be causing...
  16. H

    CLS dim bi-xenons

    :mad: I have factory fitted xenon's but am disappointed with their poor output. The MB dealer has installed new bulbs and had them aligned on a beam tester but they are still dimmer than standard halogen headlights. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  17. kap02

    Rear lights dim (one side)

    A friend of mine noticed that one of my rear lights was dimmer then the other side on my W204. Before I start changing bulbs I have done some searching and there seems to be an issue? Does anyone have further information on this?
  18. S

    Mercedes Vaneo Mileage odometer too dim to be seen

    Hi I set the clock on my car & I cant seem to read the mileage or the clock any more, the other dashboard lights work fine other than these is there a dimmer setting or is there a bulb away ? I have a 04 plate Vaneo any help would be grateful Stu
  19. mcshadders

    Retrofit auto dim rear view mirror

    Can I retrofit the autodim rearview mirror? Is the wiring already there? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  20. T

    W208 auto dim rear view mirror

    I have just recently fitted one of these to my little Nazi Wagon ,and I must say how easy that was ,Just a simple case of plug and play, while I was at it I have H.I.D's fitted to both my dip beams aswell as the High beams ,legallitgy of this I care not a jot as what a difference it make at...
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