1. B

    Accident - two young drivers in sub £1k cars

    Grateful for advice and informed views. Young lad, 18, in the first year of driving in his ten year old 1.2l Skoda fails to see 19 yr old in a fifteen year old 1.2 Renault Clio. Both vehicles valued at circa £500 - £800 maximum. Collision, clearly down to him, causes damage to both...
  2. C

    Clonking sound from drivers side of dash when cornering sharply 2012 C220 sport est.

    HI, I'm just 2 months into owning my first Mercedes, I love the car (2012, C220 Sport Estate) but have noticed a slightly annoying feature. When cornering sharply I get a "clonk" sound from the drivers side of the dash, sounds like its around the light controls or just below, it almost sounds...
  3. Braincrank

    drivers side door mirror , 124

    Hello, I'm after a black drivers side door mirror for my 124, it's a manual one with the little adjustment lever . Someone whacked it some time ago and it's not adjustable any more. I do need the adjustment lever too if possible Thanks !
  4. M

    2007 Cls Drivers window reg.. Genuine or spurious where can they be got

    Hi, I got a kit from ebay for my Cls that replaces the cables and I've tried to fit it and it's not lining up all that well. Where can a spurious or genuine window reg be got for the drivers door? How much are they usually? Has anybody got access to any how to guides? Thank you in...
  5. ItalianTuneUp

    EU Declared War on Drivers

    EU declares WAR on drivers: Brussels meddlers want congestion charge in EVERY town What does the forum think of this?
  6. paul73mt

    W204 sport drivers door handle

    My interior handle snapped last night managed to do a temp fix with drilling a hole in the handle and a cable tie but would like a new handle
  7. I

    Wanted- W126 (SE) Drivers Door in Diamond Blue

    Anybody breaking a diamond blue W126? Need a drivers door, ideally with decent paint to save spraying one! Cheers
  8. TheFoX

    Are women better drivers?

    Women are better drivers than men, says new survey Interesting article based on telematic data available. What piqued my interest, though, is this statement. Firstly, if the woman had children aged between 46 and 50, that would make her late 60's onwards. Considering how many people on this...
  9. tali

    Merc drivers in Gloucestershire to be the top regional high miler in the UK

    "Nationwide study reveals Merc drivers in Gloucestershire to be the top regional high miler in the UK SUVs in rural locations consistently cover long distances Drivers in Scotland and the South West work their cars the hardest Annual London mileage figures a quarter below average Subaru...
  10. developer

    Dashcam - A Hinderance For Performance Car Drivers?

    Let's say you enjoy the "occasional" spirited drive and have a dashcam fitted. Let's also say you leave it running because that's what you bought it for. Good - you're filming your driving which will show how events unfolded in front of you :thumb:. Bad - you're filming your driving which...
  11. D

    AMG Drivers Package

    Hi - on my last 507 the car came with the AMG drivers package as standard and with that I was supplied with a code and voucher from my dealer that I then used to book the AMG Power and Passion event at Spa. Now MB UK has its own Drivers Academy setup so I assume there will be a Silverstone...
  12. flango

    CLK W208 Coupe door speaker grille (rear) + Drivers seatbelt

    Had one of those moments today cleaning the car shut the door and the seatbelt had not fully retracted doing this. Does anyone have the rear speaker grille. also the front one if you have the pair as thats a little worn too. Appreciate these may be on a door card so if you want to sell the...
  13. SilverSaloon

    wanted - W124 drivers side electric seat headrest switch

    lost mine, its the small headrest switch from a w124 facelift, drivers side thanks derek
  14. F

    Prospective C350e drivers- PICG changing

    Reducing to £2500 from March next year
  15. D

    MB to target younger drivers with Financial Services

    Had a quick look at the Daimler 2015 Q3 Interim Report here. And a couple of things that caught my eye from DC Financial Services (my emphasis) Double-digit growth in new business in Europe In the Europe region, new business increased compared with the prior-year period by 16% to €6.3...
  16. Ultrarep

    Heated drivers seat OUCH!

    Hi Guys Can anyone advise if you can swap out the drivers side seat squab for the passenger side or if there is another reasonably simple fix for the drivers side seat heater? It seems to have gone in to melt down mode but only where my right leg is everywhere else is fine and nicely toasty...
  17. Frostytel

    drivers side xenon not working

    :wallbash:Think my ballast unit may have packed up, have fitted new bulb no change, swapped igniter modules from one side to the other still no change however the module from the side that wasn't working works when fitted to the bulb on the good side ...... When first investigating problem I...
  18. c180081c

    W203 Water In Drivers Footwell (Hoping to make a definitive guide)

    Hi Guys, As the rain and snow are drawing in I have noticed that my drivers footwell on c180k w203 2004 is filling up with water......All the drains are clear and have blown them out with the airline, and can see the water draining underneath....Please can you guys who have...
  19. HB

    Drivers door glass mirror

    Guys I'm looking for a door glass mirror for my 211. It's a pre facelift. Thought I'd ask before I start with the parts guys.
  20. Bellow

    Petition - Compulsory retesting of elderly drivers.

    It has been discussed on this forum quite extensively recently and now there is a petition calling for it...
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