1. pstock

    ML drivers seat (2005)

    Just a quick one A friend of mine has just purchased a 05 320 ML, great car but the drivers seat is showing signs of abuse ( stitching coming apart ), is the ML seat used in any other class ie E class, S class ? or can the seats be swapped for E class etc Many thanks Paul S...
  2. BIG_G_1979

    W211 front drivers seat removal

    Hi guys at tips on how to remove front drivers seat? I need to replace the seat cover due to it cracking. Do I need to disconnect the battery to remove the airbag plugs etc tia
  3. D

    W203 Cdi 220 Squeaky drivers side rear wheel

    I seem to have developed a squeaky noise on the rear side wheel. Makes the noise soon as start driving forward and reversing. I have pushed down the boot and it does not bounce so don't think its the springs. Rear brake pads were low so I replaced them but noise still there. Any...
  4. optimusprime

    Wanted w124 drivers side door mirror

    Hi looking for an old drivers side door mirror for my w124 .Condition is not important just as long as it as the internal parts to adjust the mirror angle .My adjustment arm came off in my hand adjusting the angle yesterday .One part of the linkage was over rivieted and would not move ,so broke...
  5. A

    W124 Drivers Headlight

    For Sale: a W124 Pre facelift Bosch drivers side headlight. Used. Complete. Glass in good condition. £25 posted. Andy
  6. poormansporsche

    WTD: Mint W208 Azzurite Drivers Door ???

    like it says, let me know cheers Brett
  7. carat 3.6

    w210 Drivers door control module.

    Removed from a late w210, drivers door mirror/window control ecu. Part number 210 820 76 26 £20, located in buckinghamshire.
  8. M

    40-Minute Standoff Between Two Mercedes Drivers – Video

    From the article: This stupid and unbelievably childish and absurd like behavior lasted more than 40 minutes, as neither the younger woman driving the Mercedes-Benz SLK nor the man older gentleman behind the wheel of an older generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class wanted to back down to prove a...
  9. Deane x

    Give Mercedes drivers a bad name

  10. dan-mb

    2 Mercedes drivers in a stand off (video)

    2 idiots driving mercs. Both should not be on the road, the old boy in the S class can't even reverse. I'm not sure if there is a right of way sign either end of the tunnel but the s class looks in complete shadow and nearly...
  11. G

    drivers wing mirror glass replacement

    Hi All the gel in my mirror has leaked and ive replaced the glass however i'm not sure how to take the old glass off. ive searched and there are conflicting opinions. i obviously dont want to try one and damage the whole mirror. any help much appreciated - for reference the car is a 2003...
  12. grumpyoldgit

    Thousands of M6 drivers hit by 50mph speeding fines.

    Another cash cow? Beware if using this stretch of motorway. M6 speed restrictions between junctions 10a & 13. Thousands of M6 drivers hit by 50mph speeding fines - but hundreds let off because of broken cameras « Express & Star
  13. Deane x

    EV and plug in hybrid drivers

    I thought this mite be helpfull for the EV and plug in hybrid drivers
  14. BIG_G_1979

    w211 drivers seat base cover

    Hi guys I'm wanting to change the drivers seat base cover due to it cracking/ripping, I have artico leather and it spoils the interior looks, first of all I want to see how hard the job would be diy, and then secondly hoping that part number would be on the cover already fitted, I have asked my...
  15. grumpyoldgit

    Car clockers ordered to pay back £110,000 after targeting Black Country drivers

    Will it deter others I wonder? Car clockers ordered to pay back £110,000 after targeting Black Country drivers « Express & Star
  16. A

    CLK 270 cdi front drivers seat belt sticking

    Hi memebers I have a 55 plate CLK 270 cdi & the front seat belt does not come out of the door pillar&offer the seat belt automatically as it has always done before, i am sure that the problem lies with the fact that the front seat is unlocked showing on the dash which usually shows when the...
  17. J

    CLS Drivers side seat

    I have a black seat in perfect condition (looks perfect to me anyway) from a 2007 320 CLS that would be perfect for anyone to use to replace a ripped or torn seat back or base. I have taken the seat runners/motors off the bottom as that is what I needed for a repair to my own car. Even though...
  18. L

    Drivers side window adjustment- 1998 SLK 230 R170

    Evening all. My daughter's SLK 230 R170's driver's side window stops too high. I've taken off the door card and can see a couple of stops but the inboard one seems to do nothing at all. There's no microswitches in there at all. This car has been fiddled and poked with a lot so no telling...
  19. T

    slk 280 drivers side c pillar clip broken

    Hi Just noticed that my c pillar trim does not sit well near the top, roof end (trims either did of rear window) I had a look inside and the clip has broke near top I hear these are a pain to Change and am worried of water getting in Can water get in? Was thinking of getting some...
  20. C

    Drivers side ball joint

    Hi, not sure if anyone can help me, I need to replace the drivers side ball joint on my 2004 (53 plate) E320 CDi. I was hoping for some advice on this & if possible where best to source parts for this job from. Thanks in advance Chris
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