1. Alps

    w211 keyless go opening only drivers side

    bth passenger side doors not locking or unlocking using keyless buttons. everything else works fine, will post up results of STAR this afternoon. my bet is on left side antenna module..
  2. AndyKO

    W211 Drivers Leather Seat Cushion Removal

    Hi all, Have any of you removed the leather cover on the drivers seat 'butt' cushion before? I've found a clean slice in the leather I am going to repair and was wondering if any of you have ever removed these, if you have then do you have any tips please guys before I start to butcher the...
  3. T

    CL500 W215 drivers door electrics

    All the electrics have stopped working in the drivers door following a flat battery and recharge. Most likely would seem to be the loom where it passes into the door but it looks untouched and the sheath is perfect. Is there a door control module in the door that might have failed? Any help...
  4. brucemillar

    Mercedes Drivers Prosecuted.

    Two Mercedes drivers and an Audi motorist have become the first to be prosecuted as part of a supercar crackdown in one of London’s wealthiest districts. The trio were all found guilty of breaching a public spaces protection order (PSPO) by creating a nuisance with their cars in...
  5. G

    Wanted 0 E210 drivers wing mirror, electric, heated blue glass

    Hi, For my E55. The spring clip has snapped and though I know you can bodge repair them i'd like a replacement. The glass also is bronze rather than blue on the passenger side so I assume its been hit at some stage and replaced. Does anyone have the inners of the mirror that bolts to the door...
  6. A

    Drivers Headlights MB E350 2007 wont work

    My driver headlights aren't working, the bulb is ok. Im triying to locate the fuse or relay but I cant find were is it or if there is a fuse or relay. I know that there are 3 fuse box but I dont know what to do. Any help thanks !!!
  7. Dave Richardson

    W169 Drivers Door Lock Replacement

    I need to replace the lock on my W169, & can anyone tell me how to do this? I've taken the door trim off & found the large metal plate pop riveted to the door frame, if I were to drill out the rivets & remove the plate could I access the lock. I've look on Lofty's site & found nothing...
  8. developer

    How Birmingham Deals With RR Drivers

    I told him to get out of the fast lane, but... Mass brawl on city street: Time to get tough say Mail readers - Birmingham Mail
  9. gr1nch

    Uber and the rise of fleet managed drivers

    Just for back from Portugal and after getting ripped off by a taxi driver in Porto, tried Uber later. Chatting with the driver, he explained that he worked (wage + commission + full use of car) for a boss who had a fleet of 10 cars all fully maintained. All the driver had to do was clean the...
  10. C

    Heated dimming drivers side mirror, W211

    Hi Looking for a heated, dimming replacement mirror, W211, 2005 reg. Please let me know if you have a spare! Thanks!
  11. L

    Cables under drivers seat W163

    Hi I have a 2003 ML270, Ive a Comand unit, Im wondering if these cables are for a phone unit? - if not what are they? Thanks
  12. B

    W221 S350 2006 Drivers Window

    Hi Everyone, I am the new owner of above model and grateful of the service provided here. I have checked other posts and cannot find a solution. I have a problem that the drivers window does not operate at all. All other windows are functioning correctly along with all other operations on the...
  13. shanksy

    W124 Coupe - Drivers LockBarrel

    Hi All, A couple of weeks ago I went to lock my car up and the key decided it was just going to turn round freely. I have since been locking the car using the passenger door lock. I managed the time today to strip the door down and investigate and discovered the end of the barrel piece...
  14. A

    W124/S124 Drivers Side Front Seat Cover in Black cloth

    This is a black cloth drivers side upper seat cover from an S124 with manual seats. Not heated or orthopedic. No hole on the bolster and only very slight wear. No other rips/tears/abrasions. Cover requires a good clean before fitting. Cover removed from seat frame and is currently still fitted...
  15. K

    S211 Drivers Side Electronic Headrest sometimes not working

    Any recommendations, the drivers front headrest sometimes does not work. I am sure it's not the button which is at fault but some electrical loose connection from the headrest side because if I wiggle the headrest then it more than likely works for some time. Any hints? Regards.
  16. Darrenboy

    Water on drivers side C200 CDi

    Hello, I notice that the foot ma on the drivers side of my W203 c200 cdi was soaked with water which seem to get through the bonnet lever handle under the dashboard. i have tried to clear the leaves but that has not solved the problem. Please can anyone tell me how to solve this problem as...
  17. R129Melvin

    R129 facelift drivers side doorcard - Grey /dark wood

    The handle is worn but otherwise in generally good condition. I have seen used ones on Ebay for over £250 but I will take £80 cash on collection.
  18. LiveForever

    Idiot Mercedes Drivers

    Found this video while browsing YouTube Anybody on here care to own up :D
  19. B

    Dings in Drivers Door - Chipsaway Glasgow

    Just thought I'd share my repair experience. I purchased an approved used White C220 CDI AMG Sport Coupe, really enjoyed the first few days of owning the car but after only a week of ownership it had become the victim of car park dings on the drivers door. They looked quite deep and at the time...
  20. I

    Tourist Drivers in the Lake District - and probably other beauty spots

    I am often in the Lake District, having a place centrally in the Ambleside area that I let out part of to holiday makers. I've only been driving three years and enjoy the freedom driving gives me. What does take some of the enjoyment out of it is when I'm heading to Ullswater from the...
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