1. D

    AMG Drivers Package Event

    Hi - as the 507 comes with the drivers package, you get a voucher for a two day event with AMG - Power and Passion its called. They have just released the 2014 calendar - I have registered for the event at Spa in June - anyone else registered? Cheers
  2. pstock

    drivers seat back removal

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to remove the drivers seat back of a CL500 MY2001? I need to remove this as I wish to do the silicon trick on the belt at the mechanism end . Thanks Paul
  3. D

    Drivers Electric Folding Door Mirror Loose

    Just noticed that my Drivers Electric Folding Door Mirror is slightly loose compared with the nearside door mirror. Is this a easy fix to tighten up without removing the inner door trim. My car is a 2005 C220 CDI.
  4. J

    clk 270 keyless go, drivers car can not lock/open

    I can start, stop engine. Also I can open/close car with my key in pocket but from passenger side. From driver side this is not working. What should I check? Going to official service takes them to give me a answer for 2 months. I have clk 270 cdi elegance, from 2003.
  5. S

    Drivers seatbelt slow to retract clk 270 2004

    Just bought a CLK270 (04) but the drivers seatbelt is very slow to wind back up you have to sit there feeding it back in. The question is does it need a strip down and clean, could I swap it for a rear passenger seatbelt or time to replace it and save a lot of hassle. Any advice best way to...
  6. Millarcontracts

    W204 drivers side mirror

    Howdy everyone Tonight I noticed a black bodge on the drivers side mirror and when it dimmed it went all funny I think it must be the stuff that does the dimming I was wondering about the replacement Where would I get one and the price? Also is it hard to fit? I saw on YouTube how to take...
  7. 8

    SL R230 Drivers heated seat bottom not working

    Just bought my first SL and the drivers side seat bottom heating isn't working (back is fine). Does anyone have experience of fixing this? Thanks, Andrew
  8. M

    water leak in drivers footwell missing rubber pieces i think??

    hello my car is a 2005 c270 cdi elegance. i have some water leaking into driver footwell, i have had a look at drains (including under fuse box) and they are fine. The grommet for the bonnet release cable looks a bit cracky but i am wondering if my problem is the missing piece of rubber...
  9. Amg82

    C43 auto dim drivers mirror fluke! wiring

    Hi guys I had a look on the forum and can't seem to find an answer , I have flunked a dimming drivers side folding mirror I bought a pair of normal folding mirrors for my c43 and the drivers one was dimming don't think seller realised! I have already installed dimming rim, just wanted to...
  10. The _Don

    Free-of-charge accident recovery for all mercedes-benz drivers
  11. R

    W211 Drivers door mirror glass

    Hello, Looking for the above for a 2003 model - preferably the dimming glass. Thanks
  12. R

    Drivers seat issue

    I have a 2006 CLK350 cab. The other day some change feel out of my pocket and went down the door side of my seat. The seat will now only move back and recline but not move forward or recline, to such an extent that I can't reach the pedals, and I'm 6ft4! I've checked under the seat, removed the...
  13. developer

    Range Rover Drivers

    Why do Range Rover drivers seem to think that lane three is exclusively their lane? If you're behind one they don't want to move over. I think there are two main reasons: The height gives an air of superiority They mistakenly think that they've got performance at their disposal...
  14. W

    Orthopaedic Drivers Seat for W124 Coupe

    Hi! Yeah yeah I know its a tall order really,but if you don't put the word out you won't get eh? I'm after a mushroom leather drivers seat for my W124 Coupe,with the Ortho function.Heated,electric would be a bonus but not essential. PM me here even if you know of one which needs a recover...
  15. L

    Drivers window

    I have a 2004 Reg clk 200 cabriolet and when i shut the drivers door the window doesn't automatically lift up to the seal. Any ideas what it may be??
  16. JohnEclass

    CLK sticking drivers seat release

    Anybody had any issues with the seat release? I stick my laptop etc on back seat when driving to work. But getting the seat to release now takes 4 or 5 attempts??? Not a real hardship just annoying! Any advice appreciated.....and don't say use the passenger side! Cheers
  17. J

    w211 e55 amg drivers seat leg box

    hi guys, newbie here ! i have a 2003 e55 amg, opened the little storage box thats on the drivers seat below your legs the other day and appears the hinge has broken on one side, does anyone know the part number for a new one???
  18. C

    Drink Drivers

    Yes it's that time of year again when statistically most drink driving offences are committed. "I got a wee bit carried away at the Christmas party"........"I was only driving a mile up the road"..........."I thought I was under the limit"......there are 101 excuses. However, my point is this...
  19. A

    Box behind drivers seat

    Is there any way of opening the box behind the drivers seat if the PSE pump fails when the box is locked and you need to replace the 20A fuze for the PSE pump on a R230 SL500
  20. Dazkeirle

    W209 CLK Drivers half and half seat base

    As title, W209 half and half seat base with MBLUX (vinyl) outer and upholstery inner.
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