1. A

    Wanted W202 Facelift Front Drivers Side Door Card in Mushroom

    As the title. Must be from a facelift 202 and in good condition. Not too worried whether the infill panel is cloth, tex or leather, but the arm rest must be good. Unsure of the exact interior code probably 8F40. Andy
  2. S

    F.S. O/S (drivers) side rear light pre-facelift W211 Avantgarde

    As new condition. LED type. Can post at buyers cost or collection from near Maldon in Essex. £50. John. 07984 153009
  3. P

    Front drivers side bearing exploded at 80MPH!

    I think I have had enough of Mercedes cars. 2008 Mercedes E280. Headed off for our annual camping vacation to the South of France on Friday. Caught the Dover to Calais ferry and headed off down the autoroute at 80MPH / 130KPH reached Reims 2.5 hours in. The car felt great. Passed a vehicle in...
  4. John

    BMW drivers, again!

    No one from here I hope...
  5. grober

    No "Halos " for F1 DRIVERS next year

    Formula 1 bosses have voted against introducing the 'halo' head protection system next season. First proposed by Mercedes I believe its not going to happen in 2017. More detail and background here. Formula 1 halo: Will sport put safety...
  6. C

    W204 drivers seat inoperable

    Hey, apologies as from my searches I can see there is a whole lot of issues with merc electric seats but I couldn't find anything relating to the issue I'm having. Today my drivers side seat decided to stop working, I have full leather seats which are also heated, I can still move the whole...
  7. Sylvo

    Drivers seat Back Support

    I have an SL 1994, whilst the seats are very comfy I have recently had a lower back injury which is improving, but still a bit sore. I am taking the car on quite a long tour soon and wondered if anyone can recommend a seat support that may help for long drives. There are so many out there it...
  8. C

    Drivers door mirror

    The drivers door mirror has auto anti-glare function but the liquid crystal has broken and the whole mirror needs to be replaced? My question is how does the mirror come out and does the wiring come with it.
  9. M

    2004 ML 350 (W163) Drivers Door Not C/Locking

    Hi, the drivers door on my '04 W163 ML350 has suddenly stopped working from the remote, also wont lock from the console button and doesn't lock when moving off. I can lock and unlock with the key and central lock the other three doors and tailgate. I see there's a great deal of info on lock...
  10. R

    CLA Inner front Drivers wing part number

    Hi, I had a little accident in my 63 plate CLA, clipped a kerb which missed the bumper but caused the inner plastic shield hangs down a few inches, causing it to be pushed against the tyre which then drove over it, ripping it from the wheel arch. Does anybody know if the part for a A Class (New...
  11. marty359

    Not all BMW drivers are d!cks.

    Watch how I don't tailgate, I let the ambulance through as someone's life might be in danger, I stay in the correct lane round the roundabout, tick tick tick go the indicators, On my left observe the Aldi staff running along the path, the scallywags making off with a little old ladies handbag...
  12. S

    C124 1996 drivers wing mirror electric

    Driving down a narrow lane had this smashed tonight and need a replacement the colour is Green/Black Metallic, but correct me if I'm wrong the cover is snap on so I could get one seperately or paint it?
  13. tintinmt

    Flood damage to electric drivers seat

    My wife returned to her W209 CLK 280 today to find that it had been flooded. It looked as though the water had been about a foot deep and had flooded the interior. The obvious damage is to the drivers seat which seems to have maxed itself out on all settings and then burned out at least one...
  14. D

    Mercedes w220 s430 1999 drivers door totaly dead

    Hi, ive read that this is common for the top section of the door module to fail on the w220 ie, the seat functions, mirrors in/out and adjust, memory, heated seats, but ive got all functions gone, including all electric windows x 4 and the boot release and soft close. I parked the car up one...
  15. MWCLS

    S203 drivers side folding mirror 2004 Model year.

    As title, complete unit * I only require the internals obviously if someone has one laying around I would purchase the complete unit. Needless to say it must fold! Thanks in advance or PM.
  16. Dazzc

    2009 S-class Drivers Door Mirror Problem

    Hi all. Can I start by thanking everyone for the time and effort they put into this forum. I've found it very interesting and helpful. This is my first post on here so be gentle with me. I have a 2009 S Class. Last week the drivers door mirror didn't seem to be opening into the open...
  17. moonloops

    Admiral's best/worst drivers stats

    "Fill yer boots" as they say: - Car, Home, Life and Travel Insurance Quotes
  18. smurgewurfler

    W124 drivers door mirror assembly needed - HELP!

    My W124 estate drivers door mirror had a clout in a carpark over the weekend which has damaged the main frame. The paintwork has survived as has the mirror glass and all the electrical bits. This is car is due to be loaned to Mercedes Benz Stratford in 10 days or so for the launch of the new E...
  19. J

    r129 drivers seat

    hi members can any one help the other day I went to put drivers seat back with the buttons on the drivers door so I could driver the car my miss went to put the drivers seat forward and it would not work also it not go back so I look at the fuses also in the boot all looking fine so I look at...
  20. S

    W204 Drivers footwell light gone off?

    Alright lads recently bought my first Mercedes a C220 CDI Sport amg model. Now i cleaned the inside the other week and ever since then the dim light in the footwell on my drivers side has gone out but the passenger one is still working is there a button i may of pressed here or would it just...
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