1. johnlewis1964

    Drivers side parking light comes on on its own

    Is this normal.
  2. S

    Audi drivers

    Apologies to all the decent Audi owners out there but I use the M6 every weekend and my experience is that of the many stupid drivers out there Audis seem to feature very highly in that number. I repeat, no offence to the I would guess vast majority of Audi owners but this is my experience.
  3. 056bob

    1992 R129 drivers window

    I lowered my driver window and it would not go back up I checked the fuse it was OK. I raised the centre consul,no loose wires, so I changed the connections over and the passenger window worked on the drivers switch and the passenger switch the drivers window did not work on either. I have...
  4. L

    W219 Drivers side bi-xenon headlamp

    as per the title - in good condition
  5. Reggies

    Drivers door button

    I am having trouble with locking the doors with the key fob, so I press the door button down the close the doors. The problem is on all the doors except the drivers door I can just press the button down but my drivers door it will not let me do this until the door is closed. Is the a way round...
  6. P

    Microswitch thingy under drivers footwell carpet.

    I cleaned my new 124 for the first time tonight and had the carpets out for a poke around. Under the driver's footwell carpet theres a small bracket with a wire to a sprung-loaded things that appears to be a microswitch. I have so many questions that I hope the Haynes manual that I have on...
  7. R

    Drivers headrest temperamental

    Hi, the drivers head rest will only go up and down when the car is not running. When it's running only the passenger side will move. It's hardly a big problem but any reason for this or is it a fault? Car is a e55 AMG. Many thanks Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  8. John N

    Are mercedes driver all -

    MISERABLE? When out and about I tend to notice other drivers with the same Marque, admire their P&J and either nod, wave or make some other sign of acknowledgement that I notice their presence! :thumb: Every Weekday afternoon, I pass through the area of my local MB Dealership often seeing...
  9. I

    1994 W124 Excellent grey drivers seat and other bits

    Almandine e220, 1994, facelift model. Bonnet losing Lacquer and boot the same. Sunroof. Main thing is a grey drivers seat with excellent bolster - all the rest are OK, too. I'll put it on ebay in a few days unless there's any interest here, buyer to remove from car in Preston. 125 for all...
  10. Sonny Burnett

    Very loud noise coming from drivers door W208 CLK55

    Hi guys, Odd one, got my car cleaned today as I'm driving away a very Lound, high pitched noise started to come from my speakers, the drivers door especially, anyone had this issue before? I have uploaded a video of the issue, it does go away if I turn off the stereo. Thanks...
  11. A

    W205 retrofit Drivers assistance pack

    Can anyone advise if it is possible to retrofit the drivers assistance pack to a w205 C43. In particular I was looking for the Distronic ACC. Any idea of cost?
  12. DirtyDribbla

    Drivers bolster. Reupholster or replace?

    Helooo No one seems to want to touch the big hole in my drivers seat bolster. Anyone is south west recommended to make a repair? I'd take a pic but the car is 200 miles away in storage. Would it be cheaper just to replace, if so any good places to obtain original 124 parts? Noob:bannana:
  13. developer

    What is it about 330/335d Drivers?

    I understand the SEAT FR brigade of proper headcase nutters, to the point where I just ignore them. But what is it about BMW 330/335d owners when they see an AMG? - they just want to race me :dk:. I've lost count of the times I've had to apply almost half throttle to create that spec in the...
  14. optimusprime

    wanted front drivers wing for W124

    As above . I need a drivers side front wing , for my w124 . Good price for the right wing must be original merc part .With no rust. Good price paid for a nice wing . PM please if you have one .Thank you for looking ..
  15. JohnnyRob

    W164 ML drivers side rear light unit

    Clear type to fit a 2006 ML320Cdi Might consider a pair of later tinted items or decent aftermarket - what you got?
  16. H

    Switched live drivers side fuse board ??

    Trying to find an ignition switched live in the drivers side fuse box in order to fit my dash cam. All the circuits apear to be permanently live. Can anyone help:(
  17. lewiseyers

    w212 drivers seat cover removal

    HI my 2010 w212 has the black leather look seat covers, and to be honest there comfy and i like them, problem is, the drivers seat base that you sit on has torn and given way on the bolster, it looks scruffy, and the heated seat is now temperamental.. Id like to remove the lower seat cover...
  18. David404

    Diesel drivers being lined up to take the hit.

    Folks, us diesel drives are being lined up to take the hit. Lets start fighting back, write to your MP, campaign for a reasoned debate, reasonable solutions, recognise the problem is one largely made by the Government and that they need to come up with a workable solution that produces real...
  19. brucemillar

    W124 drivers seat base plastic trim.

    In mushroom but would accept any light colour. This is the panel that locates behind the base height knob and adjustment handle on the door side (UK car) Flimsy plastic it should just pull off. I have manual seats - not sure if this affects that panel. Thank you for looking. Bruce...
  20. J

    Drivers of cars over a decade old £10 toxicity charge to drive through central London
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