1. E

    Mercedes W210 E240 Avantgarde, 2000 70k miles FSH

    Welcome, here for sale I have my very much loved and cherished Mercedes E240 Avantgarde with the superb 2.6 V6 engine, with just under 70.000miles, in a rare dark Green/Black this car has a lot of factory ordered extras like: piped leather seats, electric seats, heated seats, Air conditioning...
  2. T

    E240 2003 2.6 Auto Estate Gearbox Problem

    Hello, I have a 2003 E240 2.6 Auto Estae. 90,000 miles One owner full merc service history from new. Just passed the MOT and now the gearbox is playing up. Once or twice a month it starts having a clunky gear change,then its fine again. I have had the code reads - Transmission place...
  3. N

    2003 E240 W211 - Noise Help

    Hello everyone, I own a 2003 E240 W211 and currently experiencing and issue which I am hoping that I could get some help on. Every time I turn the ignition off there is a noise that seems to come from around the back of the radio which lasts for about a second. I have tried resetting the radio...
  4. markjay

    LHD E240 R-reg - gauging interest?

    A friend has the above (petrol). The car belonged to his father who dies 15 years ago. It has since been driven very rarely but apparently kept serviced, MOTed, taxed, and garaged. The car was brought over here from Germany in 2000 and registered in the UK on R plates so I believe it is 1997...
  5. P

    1999 W210 E240 Auto gearbox problems.

    Hi there, My dad has been having problems with the automatic transmission in his E240 so he took it into the independent garage by his workplace. They didn't give him the code but told him that the description said "Control unit showing a fault on internal unit". Which I'm thinking means the...
  6. michaelk3289

    1999 E240 Avantgarde

    we have another car for sale at Petrol-Head, this car is from my personal collection, initially bought as a "stop gap" car! however it was such a good car to drive and extremely reliable that i kept it. being the Avantgarde model this is the top spec E class from 1999, it has bags of options...
  7. Gollom

    Swap ML270 (with towbar) for my E240?

    Bit of a wildshot - anybody have a circa ML270 with towbar that they would be happy to swap for my E240 Elegance (112K) in good condition? "Who dares wins Rodney"
  8. K

    Mercedes E240 wiper problem

    I have a Mercedes E240 (2006 model, Gasoline). I am having problem with my windshield wipers. Problems: When I turn the key to `on` position, the wipers work fine but soon as I start the engine, the wipers doesn`t work at all. Btw, the rain sensor also doesn't work. Hereby request if others may...
  9. c55

    Breaking Rare V8 W210 M119 E420

    Breaking UK Registered, Rare V8, W210, E420, M119, 1995 US spec, This model was built for less than one year and is pre E430. By virtue of it being a US car, it has minimum to no body Rust. So although it has dings it has good body panels which are now available. Would make good donor for...
  10. M

    W210 E240 Elegance

    I want to replace the MB Audio 10 CD fitted to my W210 E240 facelift, with a unit that will play MP3.
  11. M

    W210 E240 Auto occasional problems engaging drive

    Sometimes, if I shift to neutral when waiting at traffic lights the box does not want to engage drive when it's time to set off. I move the lever to 'D' but nothing happens, though it always engages eventually after a bit of shifting the lever back and forth after about 15 seconds or so...
  12. michaelk3289

    1999 w210 E240 Avantgarde

    Hello All i have been offered a fantastic deal on a mates car and have no room for 3 cars therefore the w210 i picked up as a run around only a few weeks back can move on if i can get a deal done in a week i bought the car with a view to keep for a long long time, the spec is...
  13. michaelk3289

    battery has gone flat 1999 e240 Avantgarde

    hello All i was told when i bought the car that if it was stood for a while the battery would go flat, I've been driving it a few times a week and thought that would be enough to keep it ticking over last night at about 11pm with it raining it decided to set of the alarm and lock me...
  14. michaelk3289

    new/blank service booklet for a 1999 w210 e240

    Hello All. As per the title I am looking for a new or blank service booklet for a 210. I've just had a b service carried out and when they came to stamp the book it was full I need the type that fits in to the binder Regards
  15. BlackC55

    E240 for sale. 7 seater. Lovely condition. Serviced at PCS.

  16. ringway

    Mercedes e240 gumball rally drift modified military tank.

    Come on, someone on here's gotta buy it! :bannana: LINK.
  17. abecketts

    E240 Panzer........

    I'm trying to work out who might deserve this on their drive.... MERCEDES E240 GUMBALL RALLY DRIFT MODIFIED MILITARY TANK | eBay
  18. A

    Transmission Oil Leak on E240 Elegance 2001

    Hello, I'm new here and I was given a 2001 E240 Merc couple of years ago and all was ok until a few days ago. I don't drive the car much, in fact I've only done around 1000 miles since I've had it so its sitting in the driveway most of the time. A few days ago I took for a 4 mile journey and...
  19. gadget1960

    pdf / cd manual for w210 e240?

    As title, can anyone point me in the direction of a w210 e240 workshop manual I can download ? I don't really want a hardback manual as I intend to print off what I need and then laminate it so a pdf would be perfect for this or alternately ... a cd I can view from the pc would also do the job...
  20. L

    w210 E240 transmission limp mode error codes

    last week my w210 automatic transmission suddenly went in to what appears to by hard limp mode. Failure description and observations: Only second (I think, about 4000 RMP in 60km/h) and reverse gear works. Shift indicator window is filled. I've noticed a small delay (about half a second)...
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