1. horgantrevor

    Largest gantery crane in northern europe time laps video Hi I'm currently working at this site nice little video
  2. bpsorrel

    UK dealers the best in Europe...

    Clearly our dealerships aren't as bad as we think... :) Tim Tozer on why UK dealers lead Europe
  3. A

    Sim card for Data use on iPad in Europe (pay as you go type?)

    Hello Looking at changing my wifi only ipad for a 3G version. What do people who have them do for data when in Europe? I don't want / need a monthly contract in the UK but for a few times a yr having 3G pay as you go would be handy. Am I best buying a sim in the country I am in with some...
  4. kap02

    Back from my Europe Trip

    Evening all ! Some of you may have seen this thread: I arrived back to the UK on Saturday after a nice relaxing week away enjoying the wonderful sights across France and Germany. After some initial issues with my...
  5. S

    W166 ML lights - Europe adjustment

    The online interactive manual shows a manual lever in the light housing to switch over for driving in Europe - seems like an excellent idea. I just had a look and cannot see this. The main dealer said it is only for Xenon, but those would have a setting in Comand as far as I am aware and the...
  6. Spinal

    Cross Europe Car

    This summer I'll be driving across Europe again, and need a banger to do so in. Given that the car's remit is to drive 3000 odd miles on a motorway, and a couple of miles up a mountain track with rocks and boulders. I'm thinking a E320, a 518 or an impreza/forester... (the subaru's having...
  7. Riverside Red

    Comand - Europe Update

    I'm travelling to France during the summer in my 2012 R172 SLK55AMG and want to use Comand to get me to my destination. However I would like to know the best way to get Comand updated for Europe/France. I guess that the stealer is going to charge a lot for any upgrade? Any advice will be...
  8. X

    Driving to Europe ... Headlight deflectors required?

    Hi all I am planning to take my w203 2002 C class coupe accross the euro tunnel to france / belgium / holland :bannana: for a after wedding stag party :D I just wanted to know if you need to put stickers on the lights or if it is already suitable for driving in europe. Also any...
  9. Druk

    Europe Breakdown cover

    Any recommendations for full 'get you and the car home' insurance please. Not the roadside assist covered by my standard insurance but the full works 'no strings attached' affair. Doing a search reveals all sorts costing from £50 to over £200. But which one is really worth having...
  10. markjay


    Today in The Telegraph: Eurozone debt crisis: Europe’s nations must break free from the Brussels straitjacket - Telegraph 'The current model is, however, only half of the problem. Besides the difficulties resulting from integration, there is a huge problem with Europe’s social...
  11. BaldGuy

    My sincere thanks to Comand Europe.. Mark, Richard and Rob

    I picked up my 911 today from Comand Europe after the install of an Alpine INA - W910R and a JL Audio 700 watt 5 channel Amp. This replaced the standard Porsche PCM (comand) and Becker Amp, we were not sure if the factory speakers would be up to it, but they handle everything so well and both...
  12. Alps

    MobiloLife cover in europe

    Just wondering on peoples views on this one? planning a trip to Disneyland for the kids in the summer and will be driving there, is extra breakdown cover needed or do you think mobilolife is enough? any opinions welcome :)
  13. kam05

    For sale- Mercedes Benz Sat Nav DVD Comand APS 2011/10 Discs (Europe)

    Mercedes Benz Sat Nav DVD Command APS 2011/10 Europe This is a genuine Mercedes Benz DVD and not a copy RRP £230 -check with your local Mercedes dealer Item Description As shown in the photograph below this comes with the following items: 1. Mercedes Benz Navigation DVD Command Europe...
  14. Wilsonuk

    Driving in Europe - experience share

    Hi all, Driving to Germany through France (eurotunnel) Belgium and Holland, looking forward to the Autobahns! Any helpful tips from those of you with European experience, stuff they can't publish in the guides like what speeds can you really get away with on major roads in the countries I...
  15. mirras

    Europe 2009/10 for E-class - Audio50 APS

    A friend of mine has this on eBay, was bought and never used. It is last year's map but at the price it may be worth an upgrade to someone. The full details are Comand Navigation DVD - Europe 2009/10 for E-class - A2128272259 - Audio50 APS Mercedes navigation DVD - Europe 2009/10 for E-class...
  16. S

    W204 NTG4 Latest Maps (Europe 2010/2011)

    I am selling the latest map update double DVD pack (v8.0 - 2010/2011) released in June 2011. I received them last week I believe, updated my maps, and they have been sat on the shelf since. I was advised in another thread that these can be sold on and re-used, so that's what I am doing... These...
  17. G

    setting headlights for driving in europe

    Hello I have a Mercedes E320 cdi 2004 with xenon headlights, these can be adjusted for continental driving, inside each headlight is a small lever on the side of the head light bulb houlder, it has two positions up or down. I have had a look at mine and both levers are in the UP position, i...
  18. G

    Popular Air filters in Europe?

    My KN filter is due for a change because the underside is just completely black, I know I can just clean it, re-oil it, and stick it back in, but the first time I used a KN, it killed my MAFs. After that I actually cleared out the excess oil by holding the filter outside the window, letting the...
  19. D

    For Sale: 2020/2011 Navigations CD Audio 50 APS Europe New and Unused

    I have a brand new set of navigation CDs for Audio 50 system Europe. Bought as a Christmas present just before I changed car. Cost £162.57 - Offers invited.
  20. ringway

    Alerts to threats in 2011 Europe by John Cleese.

    Inappropriate post.
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