1. B

    MERCEDES 2012 Coupe electrics fail

    Hi all My first post so bare with me. I have a 2012 c class coupe and have had it for 2 years. It's been great but randomly at times the engine will start fine, but the SRS warning comes on along with bonnet sensor, safe mode, and various others as well. It also means some of the lights cut...
  2. BTB 500

    MOT check website - spurious fail shown

    Had a play with the MOT website for the first time today: Earlier in the month I put Mrs BTB's S203 in for MOT and it passed. This is shown on the website, but there's a previous entry (on the same day, and with the same mileage) showing a fail It...
  3. J

    Handbrake MOT fail ?

    Rarely use the handbrake and noticed it works but itsnt that great, but its failed the MOT, car is a 2008 CLS 500, what is the usual cause and remedy for sticky handbrakes on these ?
  4. F

    W211 '04 E55 - KeyLess Go Starting fail after front SAM Replacement

    Hi guys I'm experiencing a strange problem on my '04 E55, and any kind of help will be appreciated. The story : few months ago, my front right turn signal stopped to work; first I thinked about the headlight, but after some search i found that was the front SAM module need a replace. So I...
  5. bh13coupe

    C207 can washwipe fail an MOT?

    Chaps My nearside headlight washwipe isnt spraying on the headlamp, can this cause an MOT failure. I heard that this could be the case. Also to fix the problem can anyone confirm how the system works? I know my BMW E92 had a central pump that covered both sides. looking in my engine bay I...
  6. T

    Mercedes Customer Service Fail

    Hi, So yesterday i went to pick up a brand new ML350 with my dad, its the designo one and hes ticked every meaningful box (And a few pointless ones)! Anyway on the way back from Nottingham to London 4 error messages popped up and remain still Distronic Lane Keeping Pre Braking...
  7. M

    Mercedes G Wagen Fail On Snow Covered Road - Video

    Mercedes G Wagen Fail On Snow Covered Road [YOUTUBE HD]Mhimyn6Iovk[/YOUTUBE HD]
  8. Jay2512

    Roof Bar Fail

    Not too long ago I purchased some New Mercedes roof bars for the GLC. Sunday I removed them from the roof as they have been on for a while and I wanted to wash the car. On removing the locking caps I noticed the 2x rear feet/clamps have pretty much given way with the fronts looking stressed...
  9. waisal

    C43 AMG MOT fail on emissions HELP

    Hello I had my MOT today on my W202 C43 and failed due to emissions. I have had a stainless exhaust with middle CAT and box delete done about 3 months ago the CATs were past it anyway. Anybody in similar situation is there any fuel additive or other technique I can use to get through...
  10. D

    Words fail me...

    Banned death driver jailed after police car chase - BBC News Only getting 18 months with his previous is astonishing.
  11. ALB1

    Ml 270 electric fail

    Help I just got home for lunch everything was fine 40 mins later unlocked the car ok turned ignition on and everything went blank no power enywhere Suggestions please The battery is good
  12. Andrew W

    Cls widow cable fail

    Just what I need this week my window mechanism made an awful crunching noise yesterday , after some research I believe the cables have snapped :( Anyone had similar , there's a kit with new Cables and springs ect you can buy fairly cheap but doesn't look like a fun job ;(
  13. R

    98 W210 E300TD Wiperand indicator fail

    Urget Help please! The latest woes to affect the car, a '98 S210 E300TD, is the indicators and front wipers have stopped working. Indicators not working Front wipers not working at all No intermittent or at any other position. Washers not working. However the main beam and flash...
  14. M

    Power Steering Fail

    Hi All, My C63 started making really loud, whiny, grinding noises when turning the steering wheel the other day. Faint-ish smell of burning. The steering got heavier and heavier and by the time Mercedes technicians came out it was immovable. He quickly identified a power steering failure...
  15. M

    c180 w203 Nct fail part no help!

    Hello everyone, I have failed NCT on Track rod ends Nearsidefront witch i know this one. Front Suspension Ball Joints OffsideFront, Rearmost? Where can i find this and if anyone has an image how does it looks like? Failed on Nearsidefront, rearmost aswell. And dust cover Foremost Offside. If...
  16. D

    W204 MOT Fail - Susp Arm ball joint O/S front lower (rear) ?

    Hello all My 2008 C200 CDI failed the MOT today on : Suspension arm has excessive play in a ball joint offside front lower (rear) [2.4.G.2] Could someone kindly point out which one that is, and whether it is just a bush to be replace or the whole arm ? I can DIY these things, but...
  17. Jay2512

    W176 A Class Rear LED lamp fail

    Guys, Quick note, i followed the wife leaving the house today in her 64 reg A180 that is fitted with the bi xenon an rear led lights. Notice that when she was applying the brake a section of the passenger side brake light was out. On further inspection tonight i can see a section of 5 leds...
  18. T

    1999 W210 Avantgarde for sale rera electric window fail

    Wouldn't you just believe it. Just put my 1999 W210 E240 Avantgarde up for sale (AMG low profile wheels), connected the battery to start and run everything through, and the rear electric window failed. The window went up and down twice so I could synchronise the one shot up and down, on the...
  19. moonloops

    Workshop lift fail - Merc GWagen

    Lucky person did get squished...
  20. L

    w203 handbrake not working - mot fail

    Hi all My 2003 c220cdi estate went for its mot yesterday and failed due to the parking brake not working. The tester said the pedal went to the floor and stayed there even when the release handle was pulled. He also said there was 0% effectiveness measured at the parking brake. I never use...
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