1. c200_impressor

    ASR faulty on my W202 C200 1998

    Hi. The ASR on my C200 W202 hasn't worked since I bought the car 5 years ago. On startup the yellow triangle in the middle of the speedo lights up and goes off as do all other lights. The ASR button on the console has no effect... the 'ASR off' warning light on dash does not light up. When...
  2. W

    Faulty seat sensor

    I have a 2003 clk and the srs light has come up which is related to the passenger seat. Where is the best place and cheapest to by the sensor pad and also is it hard to change thanks
  3. R

    Faulty dimming wing mirror glass

    Hi, Looking for any guidance on replacing a faulty dimming drivers wing mirror glass on 2004 CLK coupe. Yours Hopefully.....
  4. W

    Faulty door

    Hi I guess it's a common problem the lock on the door of a clk locking and unlocking. When I press unlocking the door pin sometimes goes half way or open and closes. I see you can get metal lips off eBay and apperently it fixers the problem. Anyone have/had the same problem and is it easy...
  5. W

    Please help... Faulty stereo

    Hi I have a standard CD player in my 2002 clk think its a audio 10. Sometime when I start the car the stereo seems very quiet with a electronical noise in the background, I would have to turn the car off completely and restart and it be fine. Also since having the car the changer in the...
  6. E

    Faulty reversing camera on S320CDI 2006

    When I select reverse the Command screen flickers and resumes its previous picture. When I next select drive the screen goes black and there is a wording on the bottom left. When I press select the screen returns to its normal display. Do I need to replace the factory fitted camera or is it...
  7. Druk

    Faulty shed paint.

    So, I'm building a shed in the back garden. Doing it bit-by-bit with the initial vertical planking in place and one coat of Cuprinol 'Garden Colours' splashed on. 10 days later after a wee holiday down sarf attempted to paint on a second coat. This is rejected by the first coat with what looks...
  8. K

    S320 CDI problem, worst two days of my life (Spawning from faulty alternator).

    This weekend my girlfriend and I were headed on holidays in my new car I bought for £1200, an S320 CDI (2001), when the car just cut out when I put the boot down on it. Red lights flashed in front of me saying power problem, battery problem, not able to start. I did my research and found out...
  9. A

    Faulty air con w204

    Hey guys. Wonder if you can help. My air con hasn't been working for a 6+ months now. So I decided to get it re gassed today at ATS. Can't fault the service. But the air con still doesn't work. Now the previous results off the testing machine showed I had 300gm out of the 595gm. It showed no...
  10. P

    C180 Komp faulty odometer (w203)

    Hi all, Took my car (2005 C180 Komp) into a local garage few months ago for a service and it came out with the odometer reading 999999. Garage tried all he could to fix it and I've taken it to another garage recently who had no joy. I haven't taken it to MB yet for the fear of a Very large...
  11. nutrunner

    faulty wind deflector

    hi all bought a used win deflector recently its been in situ since i got it fitted perfectly took it out couple of days ago , went to put it back in this morning and it wont go all the way home on the passenger side any ideas whats up im stumped
  12. J

    W211 V6 CDI Faulty MAF wiring

    Hi, I seem to have an intermittent fault on my Left side (passenger) MAF. The car is a 2006 E320cdi V6. The fault code seems to come and go for the and the garage wondered if it was a wiring issue. Apparently the wiring goes underneath the Turbo? I wondered if anyone could tell me if it was...
  13. G

    two faulty sprinters

    :confused:hi all first post on here and I have two problems, I have two 311 sprinters both 2005 the first one keeps cutting out as you accelerate the edc light come on but it will restart strat away. the other is a bit strange it seems slightly down on power but starts fine drives ok but if...
  14. B

    Faulty fuel pump?

    Hi, I have a 2011 w204 C250 coupe and this morning the engine coughed and died on the drive. I tried starting and driving a few times and got down the road but it kept coughing and eventually the engine cut out. :mad: There is no check engine light.... Had to call AA and when he arrived it...
  15. A

    1999 R129 SL280 Oil Light Continuously Amber - Faulty Oil Level Sender Unit?

    Hello all. The Oil Light is glowing Amber continuously. The Oil level is correct and there are no Oil leaks. The car has only covered 65k. It sounds like a faulty Oil Level Sender Unit to me but could it be something else? Where is the Oil Level Sender Unit located and how easy or hard is...
  16. Banxie

    C204/W204 Coupe Faulty Headlight Ballast Solution?

    C204/W204 Coupe Faulty Headlight Ballast Solution? Help appreciated regarding this matter. I have a 2011 c204/W204 Coupe which has had a few mods to say the least. Some how the passenger side headlight steamed up inside and the headlight stopped working. After a diagnostic check it appears...
  17. ChrisA

    Oil Sensor faulty - visit workshop

    Keeps coming up on my dash so wondering if it's as simple as changing the sensor or anything else that might be an issue?
  18. W

    Faulty passenger window

    Hi guys I have been to look at a 2000 reg 230kompressor convertible. There seems to be a faulty with the passenger side window. As you put it up it only hoes half way and you have to lower it and repress up and it would fully close. Is this a common fault? Thanks
  19. A

    W204 radiator fan faulty?

    Hey guys! I'm new to the site and have found this site an awesome place for info/help. But struggling to find anything on a problem I have. I Brought a 57 plate W204 C200 CDI the other week and have noticed that the radiator fans kick in within the first minute of starting the car up. When...
  20. S

    W203 c32 amg fuel needle faulty

    Hi guys Fuel needle on my c32 amg doesn't work properly When you fill the tank it it goes to The top When it comes to half. It doesn't want to go any lower This happens every time Any suggestions
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