1. N

    W212 feed for dashcam/own satnav etc

    I wanted to pick up a switched live for a dashcam. Previous posts suggested removing centre tray to wire off the socket. I thought I might struggle with that so used a different method.. I discovered the back of engine fuse box has a large feed through to cabin for main loom so plenty of space...
  2. M

    W203 lost feed to cigar socket

    Hi all I have recently picked up a sports coupe c220 which is great but has a few niggles. One being the power socket has lost its ignition feed. I have checked the fuse is ok and there is battery feed at the fuse but got no feed at socket. Traced the wire back to where the parrot kit is wired...
  3. C

    2003 clk 240 w209 - amp power feed

    Hi. Can anyone direct me in the best method to run a power cable from the battery through the bulkhead? I removed the battery but couldn't see any obvious path. Thanks
  4. S

    S212 permanent live feed

    Can anyone tell me where is the best place around the front glove box to take a permanent live from please a diagram would be helpful?
  5. J

    Where can I get a live feed?

    I want to retro fit a heated seat panel to the front drivers seat, I may do the passengers seat too, its my 2005 C Class 180K. They are 35W per side so 70W if I use two. I am planning to fit the switch (3 position) on the side of the centre console - not that fussy about it being on the...
  6. B

    Looking for permanent 12v feed from Comand w203 c55

    Hi. Today I needed to find a permanent 12v feed for an accessory in my car. So I stripped everything out that I needed to in order to remove the head unit. Using my multimeter, I found a 12v feed on the back which was red with a stripe. Used it and put everything back together again. However, it...
  7. Jim55

    W204 reverse camera feed

    Hi folks ,I've got a 2008 c class 220cdi. And I've been told a reverse camera isn't able to b hooked up to the existing head unit , so il b fitting a standalone unit with separate monitor and not interfering with existing wiring ,,, but obv I need to run power to the camera . I'm gona get the...
  8. M

    Headlights Vacuum Feed Location

    I need to find out where the Headlamp Vacuum Feed is taken from on a "55" plate C180 Kompressor i believe it has the M271 engine fitted, i know where the Purple and White hoses run to and from so only need to know where the system gets its vacuum feed from on the engine
  9. bob6600

    Turbo oil feed leak

    Pulling my hair out with this one! W210 OM613 turbo removed to check for faults and give it a clean, fairly straight forward. All bolted back together however the oil feed line (turbo side is banjo bolt, engine side is E8 or E10) leaks at the engine block. The bolt was removed but the pipe...
  10. F

    Power feed to boot

    Hi all, looking to feed a tracker power supply in the boot of a W204. saloon. I can see a panel with fuses behind the door in the trim on the offside rear wing, has anybody taken a feed from the panel without upsetting the canbus? I would like to feed from there if I can as thats where the...
  11. G

    my c270 cdi fuel feed problems

    good day everyone i'm george in the north east of england with several problems with my c270 firstly only one side (drivers) of the tank is working and i cant find a pump in the tank. i think some of the other problems are coming from this issue.
  12. T

    320CDI IL6 Turbo Oil Feed Banjo Bolt Torque?

    Just renewed the seal from the block on the above pipe and putting new copper washers either side of the Oil Feed Banjo Dont want to overtighten or not tighten enough also dont want to dissemble Air Filter Box & Hoses to Tighten Up again. Anyone Know the Torque figure its a 13mm Banjo...
  13. T

    Oil Leak from this pipe 320CDI (Turbo Feed ?)

    Oddly enough after my alternator was replaced and my Turbo Leak problems almost at the same Time ( related ?? ) My 2001 E320CDI is no dripping black diesel oil on my newly blocked drive :wallbash: Here is a picture it " appears" to be coming from or close to this small pipe which runs from the...
  14. ioweddie

    Anyone feed the birds? I've found a way to stop the crows

    I found this idea on the net: Basically its 2 hanging baskets linked together to form a spherical cage. The smaller birds nip through the holes and the crows and rooks are prevented from nicking all the seed. :bannana: Eddie
  15. S

    OM642 Repeated Vacuum Pump Failure / Oil Feed Issue

    We are now on to our third brake vacuum pump on a car with this engine and they are failing quickly, which may suggest that the oil is not feeding to the vacuum pump. I understand, however, that it is impossible go investigate this properly without removing the left cylinder head to check the...
  16. F

    CLK55 cold air feed for £8

    Cold air feed fitted
  17. sherco450

    b180 cdi auto feed back

    the old pop is after a b class prefers a diesel auto , he is getting different feed back on the cvt it is running, please any owners experience with the b class auto will be appreciated...l have read some post but no long term feedback ..thanks
  18. martyp87

    12V feed to glovebox - W209

    Hello, Quick question, hopefully a simple one. I've just discovered a little gadget when upgrading to a Blackberry Q10, called the Blackberry Music Gateway. Basically, it lets you stream audio from your blackberry (or any Bluetooth phone really) to a 3.5mm out jack. The CD changer in my...
  19. whitenemesis

    How to switch On/Off 240v with 12v Feed?

    If that makes any sense... I have a 240v water feature I wish to integrate into the 12v remote control system of my garden lighting. So was thinking of some sort of relay capable of switching 240v using a 12v on/off. Just need some pointers as to what to search for?
  20. M

    W124 Water/methanol Injection / ignition live feed

    W124 Water/methanol Injection / ignition live feed Hi all, I run veg oil on my W124 300TD. I have installed my devils own methanol pump and some of the wiring along with the relay. I need a ignition live feed to complete the install. The pump is located in the boot in the place which housed...
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