1. S

    FS: Mercedes Benz M157 5.5 BiTurbo AMG Carbon Fiber Engine Cover - CLS63/E63/G63/S63

    Genuine Mercedes 5.5 BiTurbo AMG Engine Carbon Fiber Engine Cover S63 E63 CLS63 Originally came off my CLS 63 AMG 2012 which I've now long sold. ITEM IS USED BUT IN GREAT CONDITION, SEE PICTURES Original Mercedes Benz Retail Price £1678.55 This is a genuine Mercedes Benz Product Mercedes...
  2. E

    My new carbon fiber steering wheel

    Hey guys, wanted to share with you the newest mod on my cls63. Bought this awesome carbon fiber steering wheel; man does it feel great!! let me know what you guys think check them out on Instagram
  3. Sudesh

    Fiber optic cable

    Good day everyone..... My Dad has a 2004 S-Class. He Got a new aftermarket radio/nav/hands free thing. Anyway he has been told by the installer he heeds a Fiber Optic Cable, he can't get one and tried a few places. So though I would as on here? Thank you kindly, Sudesh....
  4. lil_b

    Carbon Fiber CLK W208 Engine Undertray

    Hi Gents, I´m new to this forum. I work in small company in Slovakia called PRAGA Cars, in a short: we make race cars made from carbon fiber. (google for more info) - no ads intended. I´m owner of CLK 230K W208 with plenty of mods. Now here comes the deal: I´ve made carbon fibre undertray...
  5. D

    Carbon fiber boot lip wanted

    Wanted for c63 my14... Preferably boca Carbon rear diffuser also wanted Thanks
  6. R

    Spare fiber optic test loop

    FOC to first responder. Like this one: MOST Fiber Optic Loop Plastic Female Connector Adaptor For Audi BMW Porsche DE | eBay
  7. G

    w203 facelift fiber network

    I have a facelift w203 with command ntg2 and I have fiber connections but Where do they go? I don't have a changer and data card doesn't list upgraded amp. But it does light up so somethings down there Any ideas?
  8. jerry270ML

    W203 00-07 Front Splitter Lip/Rear Diffuser Carbon Fiber AMG Mercedes

    I m selling 2 carbon fiber parts, both are direct fitment with no other modification required for w203 AMG bumpers ONLY. front bumper lip 150 pounds rear diffuser 150 pounds both 250 pounds both products are new, never been used. Thanks
  9. dddooommm

    Carbon Fiber Mercedes C63 AMG Rear Bumper Diffuser Splitter Wing lip w203 c class

    For sale: Carbon Fiber Mercedes C63 AMG Rear Bumper Diffuser Splitter Wing lip w203 c class Condition: brand new with light storage scratches Reason for sale: I now have a clk w209. This was for my c class. Location: South west England Price: sensible offers, don't want a lot for...
  10. MOR8A

    W211 carbon fiber boot lip spoiler

    Hi all. I have for sale a carbon fibre boot lips spoiler for sale. Brand new still in the box from California (not china etc) for more details please pm me. Would look fantastic on any W211 especially an E55 or E63. £150.00
  11. StuA45AMG

    Carbon fiber

    Has anyone had any experience with a company called CF DYnamics based in Dortmund Germany, I am looking at purchasing some carbon fiber from them for my A45.I did see some posts on a rear diffuser for a C63 but can not find it now and I am sure it was commenting on this company
  12. thebig1

    Paint Carbon Fiber

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know if its ok to paint carbon fiber? I am trying to get a C63 507 bonnet and the only ones around are carbon fiber from Germany but I want it to be red paint same as my car.
  13. Ruonis13

    HELP, FIBER OPTIC CABLES,STEREO UPGRADE,HELP! Fiber optic cables??? what do i do>???

    Please help, fiber optic cables,ugrade,stereo Hi and Hello Everyone:thumb: Im going literaly mental!!! I have MB e class w211 52 plate (2002) elegance :rock: So I decided I had enough of my "poor" sound quality-So I bought a brand new double din,subwoofer,amp,leads and all that... So I...
  14. A

    S211 Audio 20 does it use fiber optic?

    Hi i bought a few months ago a late 2005 E280cdi avantgarde S211 and it comes with a audio 20 unit, doesnt have the cd changer and doesnt also have the phone craddle, so quite basic spec , im planning to change the headunit as cant play recorded cds and wont be spending a fortune to get a...
  15. Felstmiester

    Feedback on carbon fiber goodies

    I think carbon fiber looks great!! And although a non petrol head would probably think it was something that was missed when the bodywork was sprayed it's a way of showing someone in the know that you mean business. Problem with me is I'm a tight **** and I refuse to pay £500 + for a boot...
  16. willis317

    Is anyone try wrap carbon fiber colour inside

    Is anyone tried wrap carbon fiber inside?? Cos i am wonder what should i do, to buy a set of carbon then install or just wrap? This about the prize, one of my fd told me i can wrap inside the car, so just ask someone to tell me which is better option! Here is the link i find for the set...
  17. M

    Discolouring carbon fiber can anyone help please

    Hi i have a white carbon fiber bike frame its about 3 years old well looked after only used once a week and then covered with a blanket to protect in garage, but it turning off white (slight yellowing) could this be the laqure on top of the paint or???? can anyone help with any ideas maybe a...
  18. H

    W203 audio - fiber optic?

    Hi guys I've been looking to replace my Audio 20 on my 2006 W203 estate for the past week or so, and kind of decided on the headunit. Then I rang a few shops to enquire about the connector kit, but was told that it will have fiber optic system, so it will be a big job, and not a straight...
  19. BenzedUP

    Renntech Carbon Fiber Airbox

    Up for grabs is my 2nd generation Renntech CB Airbox with brand new AMG air filters. It is immaculate condition, Use to take it out when the car goes for a service and put the standard box as I know the MB techs will start putting their tools on the airbox. As far as I know this will fit the...
  20. tooty01

    C63 AMG saloon carbon fiber side skirts 4x4

    I am looking to find out where i can buy Carbon Fiber with the 4x4 pattern for my C63 AMG, :thumb:
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