1. C

    Big thanks to Acid and Immy and the team at MSL & Torque Flow

    Had my SL55 back at MSL this week. New Mercedes brake discs and pads all round New air filters New plugs Custom exhaust incl. X pipe Awesome service and good food as always :D Met a couple of the forum guys there too.... good to see you chaps! Acid even rung me up to make sure I...
  2. simon1966

    E55 / CLS55 Stainless X-Pipe & Mid Section by Torque Flow

    Hi All I have just had my exhaust mid section reverted back to stock, as I have now decided I want to go for headers and wanted to re-use my original secondary cats to save expense of sports cats etc.... So I now have for sale my stainless steel mid section, made and fitted for me by Imran of...
  3. simon1966

    Thanks to Acid and the 'Torque Flow' boys

    Finally got my exhaust modded on my E55 after much debating about what to do. Searched and searched for C63 rear boxes to no avail so in the end decided to go down the secondary cat delete and X pipe route that seems most common place for a bit more of a beefy V8 rumble. Visited the boys at...
  4. L

    Air flow meter

    Hello all ,just joined the MBClub. I have just changed my airflow meter which was the fault diagnosed, used genuine mercedes part fitted, but the engine management light came back on 4 hrs later. Will get it re diagnosed again. Should the throttle valve been cleaned also ?
  5. J

    Low Air Con Flow on 2006 R320CDi

    I'm getting a strange issue with the air con on my 2006 R Class. Basically, although I get cold air, the air flow is very low and only really comes out at anything approaching a decent rate when I have the temp gauges set to the blue dot below 16 degrees. The flow rate also dramatically...
  6. B

    55 AMG injector flow rates

    Just a bit of info guys, bosch don't list flow rates, some sites do and always seem to contradict each other, I have had various ones tested at 5O psi over 30 sec and good / clean will flow 114cc, most of the ones that had tested had flow rates going from 108cc to 112cc this would normally cause...
  7. T

    W201 Air flow potentiometer

    Hello! My car is 190E , 1.8 and -92. I tried to install new air flow potentiometer and the problem is measuring the voltage. It says between the mid pin and top pin there should be 0,7 V. But when i measure that, it shows 0,3-1,1 V !! Voltage just jumps all over the time and i cant get it to...
  8. E

    AUDI/VW air flow meter

    Brand new! bought for Audi A4 2.5TDI but was not needed, may fit other models too so please check using the Part No. 059 906 461 M £90 Delivered free.
  9. developer

    W212 E Class Interior - no flow.

    For a while now I've been trying my best to like the W212 interior, but it just doesn't flow. Then today I was looking at Moff's lovely C class and it dawned on me. The centre vents are the wrong way up on the W212, taking away the continuity that the C has. I think the C steering wheel is...
  10. carat 3.6

    The Bocsh cis injection thread.

    Hi all, A freind and I are trying to gather info on the bosch ke-jetronic injection systems fitted to older mercedes, in paticular we are looking at the size's of the air flow meter plate. So far the only engine we cant find any infomation on is the m119, as fitted to the early 90's sl, and...
  11. Spera

    Bosch Air Mass/maf sensor sensor Air flow meter = Bosch F00c262068

    sensor Air flow meter =Bosch F00c262068. Had bought this as I thought mine was gone on my w211 E270 cdi 2002 avantegard. This one has been on my car for few months but after Ian 124works had checked it on star was found not to be faulty, so initially was keeping it as a spare but seems no point...
  12. G

    Help! soot/smoke, erg? injectors? flow meter??

    Need advice! Very very smokey/sooty exhaust on my 02' E220 W211 tried injector cleaner all sorts of emission lowering fuel additives, new air filter, cleaned ERG & air flow meter still no luck. No problems starting, smoke not too bad when cold but when at operating temp say 1/2 idle for a...
  13. C

    Air Flow Mass Meter

    I need an air flow mass meter for my W210 2002 model E-Class but I don't want an after market one because I've had one and it packed up within 6 months. So the question is what brand is the genuine one? not Mercedes I believe it's Bosch but I'm not sure.
  14. A

    C270 CDI Mass Air Flow issues

    Hello all, My beloved C270 started to lose power intermittently last week and, having looked at this forum, I thought it sounded like the MAF sensor was on the way out and the car was going in and out of limp mode as a result (not revving beyond 2000rpm ish). It's been into the garage today...
  15. The _Don

    PH BLOG: GO WITH THE FLOW Why flow matters more than horsepower or 0-60 willy wagglin

    PistonHeads Headlines - PH Blog: go with the flow
  16. H

    mass air flow meter

    I am pretty sure that I need a new mass air flow meter for my 1997 'C' class 1.8 auto. Can any one recommend a good supplier ??
  17. J

    Coolant System No Flow!

    Installed a KME Diego G3 LPG System on my C200 a few months ago and it was fine until yesterday when the vapouriser was sitting about 20c, it usually sits about 70c when the engine is idling on gas and there isn't much load. So I disconnected the pipes to the vapouriser and there no flow. The...
  18. iansclk

    heater blowers hardly any flow.

    The blower in my clk 200 doesnt seem to have much puff,even when the fan is on number 5 still seams weak. Is there a filter or something that needs changing? If so where would i find it?
  19. Alex

    Hi Flow Cats or De-Cat

    Hey guys, Can someone pls enlighten me about the benefits of one way over another? If my car has two pairs of cats, would it be better to remove second pair or remove all four and fit two hi flow ones? Thanks.
  20. P

    E220 / 02 W210 - Air flow meter

    I have the above car and I replaced the air flow meter about 4/5 months ago as the car wouldn't accelerate past 3000 revs (about 80mph), the airflow meter went (2 months later) again and was replaced under warranty, it has just gone again today. Does anybody have any ideas as to a possible...
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