1. 5

    Strange smell of fuel after driving for a while

    Has anyone got any experience of an intermittent smell of fuel after driving for some time. I get a very strong smell, but can’t see where its coming from? This is normally after the engine is warmed up and has been driven for at least an hr or so? Im wondering if its the injector O-rings which...
  2. Drewpy

    w245 replacing fuel filter

    Hi All, I'm going to replace the diesel fuel filter on my B200 CDi and wondered if I need to prime the filter first before installing? Also on the original filter, there is a little bracket to hold a multi plug, the new one doesn't have this. Is this an issue? I've used Merc parts (filter...
  3. P

    W124 Pressure in Fuel Tank

    I've had my 260E for a month now, covered 1000 miles, and filled up 4 times (averaging 27mpg). Each time I take the cap off, there's a rush of air. I understand that fuel is cold when underground and expands a bit in the tank as it warms up, but this seems a bit more than I'd expect. Any...
  4. M

    2006 CLS 320CDI diesel fuel filter

    Hi all, I have just looked online to buy a diesel fuel filter for my 2006 CLS 320CDI and found there are two available. One with a water sensor coupling and one without. As I don't have the car with me today, I am wondering which one my car has - or could have? Could I buy the one...
  5. A

    M156- fussy on fuel?

    MPG is not something I focus on or care about but I've noticed the car is indicating that my fuel 'economy' is getting better... The usual fuel I use is Momentum as it's local to my work place and I was getting around 23-24 MPG (and on a 100 mile run with Momentum I managed just over 24) but...
  6. C

    W108 Fuel Gauge Voltage

    Hi, my fuel gauge is reading incorrect. I'm measuring 5.8 volts going to the fuel sender. Is this correct? Any advice appreciated.
  7. D

    W203 - C220CDI electronic fuel level issue

    When i first got the car decided to check out the dipstick. Felt like one when I realised some have an electronic dipstick. However I cant get it to give me a readout. Wonder if its failed in someway. Any ideas guys?
  8. D

    Multi fuel stoves

    Looking for a good retailer. The kitchen/utility room knock through and refurb is coming to an end and we are looking for a log burner for the new dining area. We have a Dunsley Highlander in the sitting room but are looking for something a bit more contemporary this time, not bothered...
  9. Jalalul

    Fuel Pump Fuse 6 Wire Hack

    Hi there everyone. I was wondering if anyone has done this to their W204s. A Fuel Cut Off Switch, I believe someone tried to steal my car as I came back to it yesterday and realised someone had taken the ride chrome doortrim seal. And there was an increase in gap for the driver door handle...
  10. K

    How to remove the air from fuel line?

    Hello, i have a problem with air at fuel lines. I replace the O-rings, 4 of them and when i start the car only at one place don't clean the air, and when engine works there is left a little air space, when i stop the engine the fuel going back to somewere. I have something like hand pump but i...
  11. zoros

    The end of fossil fuel

    No more all petrol / diesel engines from Volvo as of 2019. No more sale of petrol or diesel in France as of 2040. Britain to follow suit. Does this mean the end of Classic Cars use? If you have a newish AMG today, it will be 25 ish years old in 2040. Not exactly classic car territory is it ...
  12. C

    Vito in tank fuel pump

    Hi All, I am changing the in tank fuel pump on my 639 115 vito i've disconnected the larger of the two fuel lines but i can't disconnect the smaller fuel line fitting i've pulled the black half round clip out but the fuel line still will not come a part? what am i doing wrong
  13. U

    2005 CLK 270 Cdi fuel issues

    Hi all, can you help. I have a low mileage CLK 270 Cdi with fsh. Had the car serviced about 3 months ago and having used the car for work (125 mile round trip) it wouldn't start, but eventually the RAC got it going. A week later same thing, but this time wouldn't start and the garage found air...
  14. B

    W212 E300 fuel filler flap problem

    my son mentioned to me this evening that my fuel flap was hanging open. Took a closer look and it would appear that the "hinge" is broken where it attaches to the housing. The top seems well anchored but the bottom of the plastic hinge no longer seems to be attached to the housing inside the...
  15. D

    W213 fuel range indicator

    Hi, got a w213 e220d. when i get to about 60 miles left on the fuel range i get a picture of a car and fuel pump in red. This then doesnt give any further decreasing miles to go information. Every other recent car I have had has given information right down to '0' miles left. i appreciate that...
  16. Jalalul

    Fault Code 2054 Fuel Pump Temperature

    I recently got my C200 CDI 2009 Auto diagnosed and a fault code appears stating 2054 - Fuel Pump Temperature - Short Circuit to a positive or open circuit - Intermittent I was wondering if anyone has experienced this fault and what they did...
  17. P

    Cn1 swap with cn2 fuel pump

    Hi thank you for letting me join the forum I am swapping engine in my 2003 313 sprinter The engine I have bought is a 2005 it has a cn2 High pressure pump my old engine has a cn1 With electrical plug will I have to change the pump thank you
  18. P

    W203 C180 Fuel issues

    Hi My 2001 C180 auto has just cut out on me today, it was a hot day, it was in traffic so when i got the chance i parked and turned off the engine. When I came to start it agein it fired up but died as soon as pressed the throttle peddle, and now just turns and turns but will not fire. So i...
  19. clk320x

    Who makes Merc Fuel Filters

    Hey guys, Are MB fuel filters Bosch? I was looking at mine then local dealer wants £90, MBNewcaslte £78, or ECP £40 for Bosch.. I had a look at the current filter on mine when it was on the ramp and it had a Bosch stamp on it? Not sure if it's OEM tho Cheers Abs
  20. B

    Sl R129 Fuel line question

    can anybody confirm whether the fuel line on a 1995 320sl is the same as a 1990 500sl I have a written of 320 which im now breaking so wondered if they are common from tank to engine inner wing Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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