1. R

    Gap between headlight and Bumper

    Due to a minor collusion in a retail car park my car's nearside headlamp and bumper has a noticeable gap, which I didn't have before. Does anyone know how can I fix this? Any help will be much appreciated. Sent from my FRD-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. Bobby Dazzler

    Recommendations on GAP insurance

    I'm considering GAP insurance for the first time, but I'm keen to make sure that if I do decide to go ahead then I do so with a provider and policy which will actually be of use if the unthinkable happens. In short I recently had a car stolen which was on a Personal Contract Hire, and the...
  3. M

    New A class Car collected - Panel Gap...???

    I collected my new Merc A class SE Grey metallic colour this week. I noticed big gap in door panels. Please see the docs. Is this normal..?
  4. G

    GAP Insurance

    Buying on PCP Do I need GAP insurance ? If so where is best to purchase? Thank you
  5. G

    Uneven gap between the dash and the glovebox cover

    Not huge, but noticeable nonetheless - about 2mm difference between the left and right hand sides: I looked at glovebox removal WIS page - AR68.10-P-1400AK - but there's nothing about adjusting the hinges, which I presume, and hope, is possible? Adjusting the little rubber buffers on...
  6. uumode

    'Negative equity'? in GAP insurance

    Can't get my head around the concept of 'negative equity' in car value in relationship to GAP insurance. Copy here from GAP insurance company; Customer Purchase Additional Options Negative Equity (NE) Subject to an additional premium being paid (identified by ‘Negative Equity’ in the...
  7. Reggie-rock

    Taking up cycling again after a 40 year gap !

    I am taking up cycling again for pleasure after a 40 year gap. I have purchased a fantastic slightly used aluminium racer with campag. gears etc. and look forward to getting back on the saddle, but don't think I will do time trials as I used too. I think my wife thinks I am a little mad, hope I...
  8. D

    Member experiences of online gap insurance providers

    Hi All Have put a deposit down on a 4 year old approved used W212 and one of the questions I'll get asked is if I want gap insurance which I do want, I've seen other companies online providing this cover, just wanted to see if any members here have used them with success? Do not want to buy...
  9. D

    Is this a gap

    Good evening While looking at car pictures I have the feeling I see an irregular gap on the back left of the body, probably from a hit. Do you see the gap between the rear bumper and rear left light (the black car)? I took a look at another car, this time grey in colour, and noticed the...
  10. MWCLS

    panel gap seals..

    I Recently collected my W219 CLS after some extensive bodywork. Whilst I had the car out today I noticed on the boot lid edge leading to the rear quarter the rubber seal not flush or tight. Actually a gap so if the car was outside or driven in the rain I would think I would have a wet boot and...
  11. Meldrew2

    GAP insurance

    It's certainly worth shopping around. In my case, quotes are for return to Invoice - maximum payout is £10K. Dealer - £300 for 3 years, £400 for 4 years. On line, £186 for 5 years. The sales manager didn't seem surprised that I declined the insurance when collecting the car yesterday; I...
  12. S

    new CLA45 - what options? & GAP insurance - should i bother?

    Hi all, First post on this forum, and looking for a bit of advice...! Moving away from a 2y.o. C250 AMG sport plus, and just ordered a new CLA45 - very excited and waiting (not so patiently) until Sept for delivery. :o Gone with fairly simple spec; white, performance exhaust, black...
  13. T

    Tracker vs Gap Insurance

    Just some advice please, hopefully based on personal experience. I'm getting a new MB E350 Convertible in July, and a friend of mine suggested I get a tracker fitted (Cobra) as a friend of his had his new MB SL stolen on the same day he had it delivered. (They broke into his house and pinched...
  14. kam09

    GAP insurance for private purchase

    Hi, much needed opinions/experiences on a recommended policy for a private purchase from a non mb dealer? Car is a 61 plate c207 approx 60000 miles an will cost 18000 Should I go for back to invoice or replacement? Who shall I get a quote off? And what shall I look out for in regards to small...
  15. developer

    GAP Insurance (again)

    So I took out GAP insurance on the new car (with the balance transferred from the previous car policy). It pays the difference between insurance payout and invoice value for a 3 year period and seems quibble free (I failed to "trip up" the policy). In the band £50K to £75K the premium is...
  16. K

    Gap Insurance

    Could anyone recommend a company/broker that will sell you a decent Gap insurance policy?
  17. D

    Mind the gap

    A newish running thread regarding a member's crash, fortunately without any injuries we know about, prompted me to post the following: This has led to a bit of discussion on stopping distances and keeping a safe gap to the vehicle in front. Rightly so, another member has suggested that the...
  18. Jimmy2404

    Does your grill have this gap?

    Evening, does anyone else's front grill have this gap each side of there c63's? Tried playing with it but no movement. (Gap at the bottom left of the chrome, little black gap)
  19. celicajames

    w211 panel gap light movement?

    Hi I have just purchased a e320 estate that I'm very pleased with, so far I've fixed the load cover and the SRS warning light (OK so the rest seat wasn't latched properly but I'm still counting it as a fix). The only niggle I have left is that there is a bigger gap at the top of the n/s light...
  20. optimusprime

    Boot, gap ,adjustment, w124.

    Hi just looking at my boot lid ,i can see the gap is not the same .The left side is less than the right hand side .Is it possible to line this up the same on both sides. Looking at the hinge on the lid i can not see any adjustment. The same for the fixing in the boot it looks like no adjustment...
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