1. M

    E320 CDI Auto gearbox lost all drive

    My 2005 E320 CDI has lost all drive - happened on the M5 but managed to coast down slip road. Basically car just revs and no drive in any gear. Have been having the surging issue but funnily enough over the last week this had disappeared and the car was going fine. RAC attended (incidentally...
  2. D

    600 SEL 722.4 gearbox flaring between 2nd and 3rd gears

    Hi everyone, Another little niggle for which I hope your collective wisdom will have an answer: When cold, the gearbox in my 600 has started flaring on the 2/3 shift. By flaring, I mean that instead of revs tracking as follows: 0-2500/shift point-1000 I witness 0-2500/shift...
  3. M

    W140 722.6 gearbox trouble (see video)

    A couple of weeks ago I bought myself a tired but well maintained W140 S320. I hadn't driven an S-class before, but can safely say it is by far the most comfortable and relaxing car I have been in. Simply incredible. I promptly set off to Europe for a road trip, but 700 miles in the gearbox...
  4. S

    B class sport cdi gearbox leaking from passenger side small round plastic circle gone

    Hi can anyone tell me what the cap on the passenger side of gearbox is called it has gone and oil,is coming out of it ,it is on the side if you put your arm up inside the passenger wheel arch
  5. tmwsccsh

    Other car Gearbox fault - any pointers?

    Afternoon all. Bit of a disaster with my 2001 X-Type Auto yesterday... Reversed off the drive in the morning, drove to work no problem at all, got to the car park, selected reverse and nothing - just revs. Turned off and on a few times - still nothing. The selector is lighting up the R...
  6. C

    Gearbox Oil Change E350 CDi

    Hi, Need a bit of advice please. I own a 2012 E350 CDi Sport saloon with the 7g gearbox. It is now just over 3 years old. It's just passed the 31,000 mile mark this week and according to the service book the Gearbox oil requires changing at either 3 years or 31,000 miles. Can anyone...
  7. D

    7G Gearbox - slow or am I expecting too much?

    Hello, Just purchased my first Mercedes, a E250 Coupe. Very pleased with it so far however the gearbox seems really slow to respond. I normally feel this when wanting to overtake on the motorway, the gearbox takes a good few seconds to find the correct gear. I usually leave it in Eco...
  8. c55

    C280/C36 C37 Carlsson Rebuilt Gearbox

    Rebuilt gearbox 722.3 from Carlsson C36/C37 poss 1st gear start opt Fully rebuilt 722.3 gearbox removed from Carlsson c37 Has less than 1000 miles on it having been totally rebuilt by George Frazer who was the number 1 Mercedes Benz gearbox specialist. I believe it may also have have the...
  9. A

    Automatic gearbox neutral and sticking on kick down

    Hi - I'm looking for some help with my 2000 plate ML270. On kick down - if the throttle is fully depressed, it sometimes hits a false neutral, sometimes it drops down to 3rd and doesn't change back and less often works fine. it seems worse when towing. If I do a gentler kick down its fine, and...
  10. D

    Chirpy chirpy gearbox

    Hi, The auto-box on my W203 'chirps' when changing gears, usually from 2nd to 3rd... Is this something to worry about? :dk: Is it possible blackbirds have nested in the box??? Thanks, Dobbs.
  11. H

    c43 gearbox 722.631

    A huge long shot but does any body have a 722.631 auto box lying round that they want to turn into cash? I can have it collected from anywhere in the uk. Thanks.
  12. P

    w201 sportline steering gearbox

    selling one of these steering boxes, i was using it in my 16V while rebuilding my steering box Threw it up on ebay as i didn't really know its value except that...
  13. M

    E320cdi gearbox compatibility question

    Can anyone tell me if an auto gearbox from a W210 E320cdi will fit in my W211 E320cdi. As far as I know they are both 722.6 type gearboxes but are there any compatibilty issues or is it a straight swap? Thanks in advance.
  14. Pontoneer

    FREE automatic gearbox !

    Anyone want the auto box out of my 190 1.8 LE ? I just fitted the 2.3L engine out of a W124 , which came with a gearbox attached , now that I have the 'new' box in the car and know it to be OK , I have no further need of the old one , which was working fine before I removed it . The...
  15. Sanjc63

    Gearbox remap

    When you get a c63 remapped does the gearbox get done aswell?
  16. 190

    Fill for life final drive and gearbox

    As far as I can make out there is no maintenance schedule to change final drive and gearbox oil and precious little information in the owners handbook as to what oil to use if you want to do it. Do you think a change is necessary and at what mileage ? I'm coming up to 50,000 miles. I'm...
  17. G

    2001 Slk 3.2 auto gearbox issues

    Hi Guys and Girls, I have recently bought a 2001 Slk 3.2 auto which has developed a problem with the gear box. Whilst driving today I accelerated (kickdown) but nothing harsh and the car lost all drive. I stopped of course turned the engine off and back on and car ran fine again (although I...
  18. W

    722 Gearbox

    For those who may be interested, I did a basic 'box oil change at the week end on my 320CDi with 722.6 'box. By simple I mean drain the pan, remove and clean, new filter, new gasket. This changes 3.75l of oil. Then I gave it a quick run and drained another 1.25l and topped up to use the whole 5l...
  19. bu11yboy

    W211 E280cdi Automatic Gearbox OIL ?

    Hi guys! i have w211 2005year E280cdi 3222cm3 R6cyl 177ps 130kw 5G-tronic gearbox 722.6. so i need to change gearbox oil now but i don`t know wich ATF can i bay . i was looking for orginal 236.14 ATF from Mercedes but i cant find it on net. anyone help wich ATF can i bay for my mercedes.. THANKS...
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