1. rossy

    1st issue cls55 amg glove box wires

    Hey well, as some may know collected my CLS55 AMG yesterday... Few is no gps signal....says "off map" and shows me in the SEA somewhere... Ordered and new GPS aireal complete... Anyway gone in the glove box and there are two IDENTICLE wires...comming out of a hole as you look in...
  2. C

    CLK W209 glove box catch

    Opened and tried to close my glove box today, not an unusual thing to try doing, but the glove box would not latch shut. Can't see anything amiss but something must have decided to stop working. Any suggestions would be helpfully received. It's a coupe, by the way.
  3. S

    I found the glove box fix! CLK W209 / Any CLK

    Hi guys, I have found you all a fix for not having to replace the whole glove box because of that rubbish catch (like a birds mouth and bar set up) that Mercedes CLKs have. Basically buy one of these B&Q Ball Catch | Departments | DIY at B&Q A ball catch which is usually used on...
  4. CLSMark

    W219 glove compartment light

    Was changing to led's stuck said Led in, it lit up, so all was well... Just noticed it has stopped working, I've fiddled about with it, even tried the original bulb. But it's gone dead? Any ideas anyone? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. C

    W212 Glove box light

    The glove box lamp has stopped working, I've checked the bulb and fuse are OK (and tried it with headlights on engine running). I assume it must be the switch or loose wire to/from switch but can't see it, is it part of the glove box lid catch? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  6. A

    s204 aux in glove box not working?

    hi guys , I am clueless when its comes to car audio , but i have noticed the aux socket in glove box so went and brought a lead (3.5mm )to play my iPhone tunes using this it but nothing happens. will this just be put in from factory and then optional extra to get it hooked up? or am i...
  7. I

    Cables and connectors in glove compartment

    I have these 2 lots of cables in my glove compartment of my recently purchased c180 kompressor coupe 56 plate. Could anyone advise what they are for. Kind regards
  8. G

    Glove box plastic scratches

    How best to repair scratches to the plastics interior? Any good recommended magic sprays? Lol
  9. rom1

    usb connector glove box

    My previous w204 sport had a usb connector in glove box, which I could plug media cable into then connect usb memory stick. My current one does not have this connector, is it possible to have the connector. How much and how difficult to install my self? Why does same spec and year of car...
  10. T

    Clay V Glove

    I bought a Farecla G3 Formula Body Prep Clay Mitt a while back and have used it three times, is it time to get another or do think the old way is best ie. a block of clay and a lubricant. I have used both and i think the old way seems better.
  11. B

    Audio Aux in glove compartment

    I have a second hand 2011 B180 W245 with an audio aux jack 3.5 connection in the glove compartment. What type of lead do I need to connect (how many connectors)? and what can I connect via this lead? Sorry if these have obvious answers but I am a pensioner not too up to date with technology...
  12. L

    Mercedes E Class S212 - Glove compartment light

    Hi All, I wanted to ask about the glove compartment light in my 2012 Mercedes E Class S212. I have noticed it goes on after opening the compartment until but once is fully open the light goes off. Is there any light switch that could fail? I will appreciate your advice. Thanks, Lukas
  13. S

    SL500 (2003) Glove compartment closure problem

    I have an ongoing problem with the glove compartment closure: it appears to close properly, but sometimes the light stays on. A hard slam of the door effects a temporary fix, but it's become annoying. An MB repairer has already a go at sorting this, but told me that the permanent fix may have...
  14. S

    Glove box wiring

    Hi guys. Just brought an 08 plate clk W209. In the glove box are a pair of cable connectors which I have no idea of their purpose. One has 2 orange cables leading to it and the other a brown, blue and red. Any comments or ideas as to what these could be used for? Steve
  15. E

    Glove box light not working w207

    Hi all Just noticed my glove box light is not working, changed the bulb still not working. Also the keys were in the ignition with engine switched on and still not working. Any ideas anyone?
  16. D

    W124 all black glove box front wanted

    As per title. Wood not required but the bottom bit must be all black. Scott
  17. Trickythemerc

    W209 Glove Box

    Hi I have a problem with closing my glove box. it needs a good hard slam most times. Is there any adjustment on the latch..?
  18. Gav78

    W220 Glove Box Release Button Issue!

    The only part of my S350's interior that is letting it down is the glove box release button. The paint has come off leaving the white plastic showing underneath. I spoke with Mercedes and you can order this part individually without having to change the whole lock mechanism. I ordered it...
  19. salesac1

    W202 glove box won't shut or lock

    I think the catch that engages with the striker in the glove box may have broken off :( - can anyone advise from the photos below? If a new lid is needed, anyone care to share their experiences of replacing it? First photo is with the glove box handle in the closed position, second photo...
  20. CLK2014

    CLK W209 glove compartment/gloveblox

    I really need a new glove compartment. The latch on mine broke so the door doesn't stay up and shut. Annoying because apparently I need a whole new glove box because of that thing. Anybody know where I can get a used one??? :dk:
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