1. B

    S211 e320 CDI god dam kangaroo!

    Brought the car not too long ago! Absolutely love it but after having intercooler changed under warranty. It's now starting to kangaroo when on full throttle. I've checked the paper work and it's had the electronic turbo actuator repaired and replaced back in 2013 is there any other issues that...
  2. D

    Dear God!!

    Mercedes-Benz SL Class 5.4 SL55 AMG 2dr
  3. ioweddie

    "Okay," said God, "You asked for it."

    On the first day, God created the dog and said, "Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who comes in or walks past. For this, I will give you a life span of twenty years." The dog said, "That's a long time to be barking. How about only ten years and I'll give you back...
  4. E

    God it's 'orrible....But you MUST see it......

    JAWA 350 WORKS REPLICA BARN FIND CLASSIC NOT LC RD TDR YPVS OR GT | eBay Sorry, mods, not remotely Mercedes-related. I won't be even slightly offended if you move or delete the thread.
  5. The _Don

    God bless the v8! Ph blog c63 507

  6. G

    Battery Problems??? god knows whats happening

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone can fathom this one out. I have owned my Mercedes E Class W211 320 CDI (52 Plate) for one week now and had problem after problem, latest one is the battery warning came on yesterday saying consumer units shutting down, today the car thinks the battery is dead, I have...
  7. The Boss

    Oh my god.. Im in love

    American Society of GWA is working on a special prototype combines advanced mechanical groups the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG with classic curves W188 series from the fifties Who says that the introduction of self-supporting bodies are gone distinctive creations of famous body workshops, he is...
  8. developer

    E55, E63, there is a new god.....

    Be very afraid........ Anyone been brave/stupid enuff to do this??? - Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums New AMG rear Bumper, & exhaust !!PICS!! - Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums
  9. poormansporsche

    Carat 3.6 is a grease covered GOD at engine conversions ......

    Alright peeps, as most people are aware Carat 3.6 (Simon) just appeared out of nowhere a year ago and quickly dawned on us that he is mad as a bag of spanners ! But he does actually do some work and I got him to do a 3.2 M104 engine transplant into my 2.6 M103 190. So just a thank you...
  10. neilz

    Oh. Dear. God. (not a car but an "accessory")

  11. gmanrangers

    thank god for fire brigade:(

    got woke up about an hour ago with someone banging at door. answered it to some guy shouting your car is on fire. looked up drive and the old rs escort burning to a crisp. GUTTED. her indoors phoned 999 and i set about it with a fire extinguisher. didnt last long before it empted and couldnt...
  12. fartin' martin

    Oh God! Not another new bloke!

    Greetings to one'n'all After what seems to be a century or so driving, I've bought myself a Merc. It's a 1997 Vito 108D with a 2.3 diesel engine. The last diesel I worked on was big, camo'd & had a gun on the top. As a new guy to this make, I have of course, loads of questions. Can I...
  13. neilz

    Oh dear god...

    I was looking up a 7.4l W140 I'd heard of. Well, here it is, and it ain't pretty (even by W140 standards) BenzWorld Image Gallery - W140 in RUSSIA Is there any excuse (aside from money) for that interior? :doh:
  14. P

    "God made the wicked MB showroom

    for a warning and a sign, that men should shun the aweful shop, and go home to dine" (with apologies to GK Chesterton) So I went to my favourite MB showroom just to get some ball park figures on the price to change. 2 hours later I emerge swimming in coffee having ordered a new E 350CDI...
  15. Druk

    There is a God.

    Left the classic car show at Lauder yesterday heading north. In front of me was a Honda Civic. In front of that and holding things up a bit was a Mk11 Cortina and an assortment of even older stuff. Bullnose Morris, vintage Norton bike etc. Wanging up behind me and inches off my bumper, appears a...
  16. Sonny Burnett

    God Of Film Making is 68

    well its a tad late as Michael Manns birthday was on the 5th, but it dont matter. i know howards a fan. just shocked that he has turned 68.. anyway my collection.. minus his books.. you know somebody dont know real film when you ask the question "whats your fave film" and you get "pulp...
  17. E CLASS

    E55 - mein god!

    Mercedes : AMG E55 ESTATE X REG FACELIFT MODEL Discuss....
  18. J

    Thank God (or Apple) for the iphone 4

    Apple finally announced the release date and specs for the iphone 4. Lots of new features, I have been holding out for this with my 3G and *nearly* buckled in buying an ipad in the interim (but didnt :) ) :bannana: Apple (United Kingdom) - iPhone - View the features of the new iPhone 4.
  19. C

    Thank God for that !!!

    I bought my 1st Merc 6 weeks ago, a 56 plate E320 Sport Estate, with 57k on. Coming from an official Mercedes Dealer, it came with all the usual 1yr warranty etc, and the service was excellent, if a little OTT in some respects. Car has been fantastic, apart from on probably 3 occasions, it...
  20. R

    Thanking god its Friday

    On Thursday, manage to fall down a flight of stairs, with resulting cuts and bruises, thought at least nothing broken, today, opened up a large metal gate on another job, that just happen to have a large projecting gate stop welded to it, and managed to headbutt it, had to sit down for a few...
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