1. M

    US Import R107 to UK - Headlight Conversion RHD

    Hi, I have just imported an R107 380 from the USA to the UK. I was hoping to get some advice \ instructions on how to convert the headlights for RHD. I want to keep the US twin head headlights. Also if anybody has any clever advice for how to neatly create a rear fog light. I would...
  2. P

    W168 2001 - replacing main beam headlight bulb

    Impossible to get at IMHO.... Really winds me up that its so difficult these days to change something like a bulb. Should be a 10 minute job. Passenger side. Other bulbs not so bad but this is impossible. Wondering if its easier to take headlight unit out completely? (Used to have an...
  3. M

    Remove CLS (W219) Headlight

    Anyone able to tell me how to remove the headlight on a W219. I want to change/upgrade the bulbs to LED's but after doing the Drivers side from the back without issue Im having no joy getting the side light bulb out on the passenger side, i simply wont pull out. So a guide would be handy
  4. zenman63

    SLK 171 N/S left headlight

    I have for sale a good SLK 171 headlight, NOT xenon but does look like it. I also have a xenon projector and ballast etc to convert it. £120 the lot.
  5. D

    Vito headlight problems

    Hi all, the other night I was driving my 109 2006 vito down an unlit road and went to put my full beams on, however nothing happened. I presumed the bulbs had gone (even though there was no bulb warning light) so tried the front fogs to aid my vision however again these failed to light. I...
  6. A

    W124 Drivers Headlight

    For Sale: a W124 Pre facelift Bosch drivers side headlight. Used. Complete. Glass in good condition. £25 posted. Andy
  7. ash59fifty-uk

    W204 Headlight connector

    Anyone out there with a facelift W204 (Halogen) that could possibly take a snap of their cars headlight connector for me? Close up enough to read the part number would be brilliant, if you could also get a shot of the back of the wires going into it that would be greatly beneficial but no danger...
  8. carat 3.6

    W210, W208 Headlight control unit

    Removed from a late w210, part number 210 545 05 04. £30, Located in Buckinghamshire.
  9. ash59fifty-uk

    Facelift W204 headlight woes

    As above, I'm at a brick wall with these now Purchased some facelift headlights, with HID's built in... from another country :doh: you're thinking I know, but that's not my issue as they are pretty good. I just can't get them to power on at all. The only side I have tried, is the drivers...
  10. C

    W203 M111 headrest drop and headlight leveling inop

    Hi, I have a 2001 W203 C200 Kompressor with M111 engine. The rear headrest release and headlight level adjuster are inoperative. Since both systems run on vacuum I think they are the result of a single failure somewhere in the vacuum source. Can someone spend a little bit of time...
  11. M

    W203 Headlight Bulbs?

    Hi i want to replace headlights bulbs of my w203 2005cdi car bulbs are not bright (bit yellowish and no beam pattern i want something white bright with good beam pattern? Don't want xenon just looking to replace bulbs only. any one use one of these Philips Headlight Bulb (Xtreme Vision PLUS...
  12. S

    w209 facelift front bumper and driver headlight

    Hi guys! Maybe someone has a spare bumper for a w209 face-lifted version, and w209 headlight for drivers side. offers please :) need ASAP, reasonable offers only Thanks in advance, Tom
  13. G

    Headlight main beam problem

    Hi Guys Just took my car for a test (slk 320 r170) and the main beam is not working :failit is the only thing it failed on and I am hoping some can help. No problem with the fuses or the bulbs, I don't know where to begin to look for the relay, anyone got any ideas:dk:
  14. AMGeed

    Meguiars Headlight restoration kit v 3M Headlight Restoration System

    Around a year ago, I tried the Meguiars Headlight restoration kit to try and improve the cloudy headlight lens that seems to affect a lot of cars. At the time I was pretty pleased with the results, but over the last few months, the cloudiness is reappearing and against good bright lens, mine...
  15. F

    CLK 500 W209 low beam headlight swap?

    So I've been searching for a while now before posting. I have a 52 plate CLK 500 W209 and want to swap out the yellow low beam headlight bulbs for white ones, I'm reading that it's maybe possible that my car has one of two possible types of ballast, halogen or xenon, but I don't know if that...
  16. J

    R129 Headlight wipers standard?

    Hi All Can anybody tell me if the headlight wipers were standard fit for all R129's, particularly the SL 500 of 1997/8? I have just noticed that the car I am looking to purchase does not have them. Thanks in advance for advice. Regards Johnny
  17. T

    Euro Headlight conversion W218 Xenons

    Hi. I have a 2011 CLS 218 with Xenon headlights (not intelligent lighting). How can I adjust the headlight aim for continental driving? Is it a simple lever, or does it require a computer? Thank you.
  18. Lenny63

    C36 AMG Headlight Trims (Brilliant Silver 744)

    W202 C36 AMG Headlight Trims (Pair) | eBay PM me to discuss any interest here
  19. F

    Removing oxidization on headlight lenses

    My '03 E320 had bad corrosion on the top half of the headlight lenses. After looking at several remedies on You Tube, I decided to have a go. First used 600 W & D using plenty of water, then next 1200 w/d, using lots of elbow grease. I was a bit worried that the lenses were now completely...
  20. T

    After MArket Headlight Upgrade

    Hi, I have a 2014 C Class AMG Sport C250 automatic estate (S204 which I believe is the estate version of the W204) I have the standard factory fit halogen headlights and I want to upgrade them to the ones below: Spyder Auto | Mercedes Benz W204 C-Class 12-13 Projector Headlights - Halogen...
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