1. R

    ML270 AMG - Headlight Washer

    Hi All, Totally p155ed off with the w4nk3r that decided to appropriate the little hatch on the end of the nearside headlight washer on my ML270 AMG. Wouldn't be quite so hacked if they had removed it carefully ... but no, they decided the best way to take it was to pull up on the extending arm...
  2. brucemillar

    124 Headlight Wiper Blades

    Folks Can anybody tell me please if I need to buy the Headlight Wiper Blades that are advertised for a Mercedes 124? On ebay etc they are rather expensive. I notice that Volvo ones, or indeed any other car make, are almost half the price. So could I fit Volvo Blades to a 124?
  3. IRISH E55

    W210 xenon headlight

    Hi all as above I'm looking for a D/S or off side xenon headlight for a facelift W210 not concerned if ballast or motors are broke as I only need the actual lense!!!!! And does anyone know if they are direction changeable as in from lhd-rhd THANKS IN ADVANCE
  4. ScottyC63

    C63 xenon headlight help!!

    Hi all, Having an issue with my passenger side dipped beam. An error message appeared last week telling me the dipped beam bulb had blown, so I ordered a new one and replaced. Instantly the new bulb has blown, thinking it could have been a faulty bulb I tried a working old bulb only to have...
  5. T

    Vito 639 Headlight fault

    My Vito 639 nearside headlight not working & showing the fault on my dash. Bulb works fine, fuses all good in fuse box and under passenger seat . No power at 2-pin plug that connects to bulb..... Please help??
  6. M

    Cracked 2015 C250d headlight

    Hi all, this is my first post here. I had a search but couldn't find any info. I hit a deer last night, my family and I are ok, the car is surprisingly ok , can't say the same for the poor deer. ( i very nearly managed to stop, the brakes are amazing!!) I'll get to the point , all it's done...
  7. R

    W163/ML320 Headlight style Opinions

    Hi, I recently purchased a UK W163 or Ml320 (as per), I have a legal obligation to change the headlights over to European spec', as the car will be living with me over here in France. Clearly I will be changing into one of the more modern 'projector style' lights, but there are so many...
  8. E

    Replacement near side s211 xenon headlight

    Hi all, I wondering whether anyone has an e class s211/w211 nearside xenon headlight you would like to sell me. Mine has cracked and I'm wondering whether anyone is local to Yorkshire who would have one available? Thanks in advance
  9. S

    sucking noise from behind headlight

    hi folks great forum ive been reading now avidly like a man possessed :-) ok here goes ml270 cdi 2003 all the trimmings lovely, shes having starting issues , lol what really ? shes been to the indy and had new fuel lines and o rings ....perfect 4 weeks later now its a lot colder no joy ...
  10. herby thr cls

    CLS.. Dead Moth in headlight??

    Cleaning the car yesterday and noticed a dead moth is stuck in the corner of the O/S headlight, any ideas how to get it out?? and any thoughts how the bugger got in there?
  11. G

    Headlight glass needs clean

    How do you clean plastic headlights on a SLK :wallbash:
  12. T

    Headlight Film.

    Is this suitable for headlights, seen some from Bulgaria but would rather buy it from this country. Safety & Security Window Film Sticky Back Clear Glass Protection Anti Shatter UV | eBay
  13. John Jones Jr

    Rapid Headlight Restoration. This might be worth a try?

    Twenty20 Crystalite - Rapid Headlight Restoration
  14. Z

    W221 s320 Headlight

    Hi I need to remove the offside/drivers side headlight ,because the two plastic caps that go on the back were left off and lost I have replaced them but the inside of the headlight is dirty,I was hoping to take it out and somehow clean the inside,any idea how to do it.
  15. orangeboy

    Best Headlight De-Mist Technique?

    Hi there, I have a 2004 E class, and the headlights have become very misty. What´s the best way to de-mist them? Many thanks.
  16. T

    Vito W639 Headlight upgrade

    Hi Has anyone found a supplier for Vito w639 led headlight upgrades?
  17. s2oty

    Mercedes clk Headlight polishing kits

    As per title, can anyone recommend a kit to polish my xeon headlights which has gone slightly cloudy? Scott
  18. A

    C220 Xenon headlight condensation

    Shocked i didn't pick this up when i inspected the car, both Xenon headlights have bad condensation which the dealer assures me is normal however i am not so sure. My previous cars with Xenon headlights did have some condensation but this is a little extreme! What is the best way to manage...
  19. Myfirstamg

    2004 e55 passenger side bi-xenon headlight

    as above, Dont need bulbs or ballasts just the light unit its self please
  20. G


    hi anyone any ideas why my offside headlight suddenly dropped. Was at firework display had to park car on pavement came back got in it and the light was shining about 2m infront of the car - its a xenon headlight on E220cdi 2006
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