1. K

    Global Network Sales, anyone heard of them?

    Got a call from these guys about selling my car by listing it on Google's search engine or some ********. Anyone heard of them?
  2. developer

    M156 Fault - Anyone Heard Of It

    I've had this message from a pal of mine looking at C63's - he's been put off by a comment he's heard: .. I know why there is quite a few 3 year old ones about.... it's because they are being dropped at the end of the warranty.... his blew a coil pack.... which took the driver out in the...
  3. Ted

    Just heard the awful news about Kanye West

    He's still alive and 'performing'.
  4. m2287

    Anyone ever heard of a car not starting because of this?!

    So I've got a 2003 Audi (ban?!) a4 3.0 cabriolet, went to start it the other day and it just made a horrible noise a bit like what the starter motor sounds like when it's run out of juice but louder and the car wouldn't start. Tried jumping it, still the same... Oh **** I thought, something...
  5. S

    You might have heard it all before, Prestige Car Service, Horndean, Hampshire

    Just had our 2k CLK320 Cab into their shop after I popped stuff while changing a battery. Fantastic service from them identifying and replacing the MAF at short notice, and at a price way below my expectations. Cannot recommend them enough.
  6. ioweddie

    Have you seen or heard of the Rail Gun?

    Wow! https://ca.news.yahoo.com/video/navy-unveils-futuristic-weapon-002946184-cbs.html
  7. Palfrem

    Just when you think you've heard it all...

    BBC News - Tokyo's 'oldest man' had been dead for 30 years Grandad's a bit quiet today.
  8. Charles Morgan

    Soft Cell as you've never heard it before.

    Someone had rather a lot of time on their hands. Adding another layer to the question, Why? Star Wars too (this gives clue as to the sort of geek doing this!) qWkUFxItWmU
  9. Alex

    Anyone heard of BC Racing wheels?

    I've noticed that BC Racing have wheel designs that resemble other brands - namely HRE, Weds, Rays. The price is up to 50% less and they are forged. Now I know that the real question in buying these is not so much engineering as all wheel manufacturers use CNC machinery these days but in...
  10. M

    Lovely old Mercedes - never heard of the model though?

    Evening all! Whilst driving through Norwich yesterday I spied this little beauty. I simply had to stop and photograph it. While driving by I instantly thought "Ponton", but I can only remember a 190 and 220 Ponton being released - I noticed it had a "219" moniker on the boot. So here's one...
  11. balge

    Have you heard the good news?

    Czech Republic recognizes Church of Flying Spaghetti Monster - National Humanist | Examiner.com BBC News - Austrian driver allowed 'pastafarian' headgear photo May the sauce be with you. Yaaargh! And don't forget - Welcome to the Official site for Talk Like A Pirate Day - September 19
  12. babyblueCE

    Has anyone heard of....

    Hello all. Ive been generally browing through websites and came across alloywheelexchange.com in which they will take your existing alloys and swap them like for like with another. Has anyone had any experience with them or know much about them?
  13. mikeyodowd

    Anyone heard of these??

    Has anyone used these discs before? was thinking of getting them for my clk240. CLK240 2.6 v6 W209 DRILLED GROOVED BRAKE DISCS FRONT | eBay
  14. Swozza

    Speeding - But not heard anything for over 6 months

    Hi Chaps Its been awhile since I last posted. About 8 months ago I received a speeding notice. According to the humberside police doing 80MHP on the M118. I refused the fixed penalty and opted for the court appearance. This was 6 months ago and I haven't heard anything. Am I in the clear...
  15. T

    Has anyone ever heard of an airbag going off while the car is stationary?

    This happened to someone I know recently. The car was parked, he was offloading some stuff out of the boot, key was in the ignition. He was away from the car (it was not on the road, but on a quiet peice of land away from any busy road etc)... and he heard an almighty BANG. Went to the car...
  16. O

    I need to be heard!!!

    Hello, my horn is really low... Silversallon gave me an old one from a 124 and it became really low as well... Is there a Powerfull horn I could fit on the car, as anyone as one, mine at the moment is less loud then a moped and when I "tut" no one seems to hear it :doh: I need to be heard!!! :p...
  17. tpwuk

    Anyone heard of these.....

    RockAuto Auto Parts Seems very extensive.....
  18. P

    anyone heard of NRF radiator????

    anyone heard of this make of radiator apparently comes from holland with 2 year guarantee????
  19. M

    Has anyone heard of an S Class SRS7 AMG?

    Guys, I am out here in the Middle East at the moment and saw a brand spanking new White S Class. When it overtook me, the badging on the back was S RS 7 with the AMG badge on the RHS where it normally sits. (The SRS7 was Spaced exactly like that). It was too dark for my crappy phone camera...
  20. grober

    Now I have truly heard it all!

    Yes its official--- England's World cup players are finding the official World Cup Jabulani Ball too "difficult" to play with.:o The new World Cup football is made from just eight pieces of shaped synthetic material glued tightly together. The result is an undistorted, perfectly spherical ball...
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