1. S

    Lets hope Mercland come up trumps

    Found this bad boy lurking on Jays website. Its actually perfect. 2009(09) MERCEDES C220 CDI AMG SPORT ESTATE DIESEL AUTOMATIC SILVER - Mercland Its a squeeze budget wise, but I just want it. Details left with Jay, lets hope we work out a deal.
  2. V

    Dumb people...is there any hope for them?

    I'm currently selling a car on e-bay and got the following question "Hi I am interested in this car, but because I live in Belgium I need left-side wheel. Is the wheel on this car on the right side (UK) or on the left (Europe)?" Seriously, I do wonder about some people, a) being a UK...
  3. S

    Hope it's not a problem!

    Driving my 2003 c108k auto today & something strange happened:eek: It was up to temperature (just) doing around 15 mph & took a right hand bend & it suddenly jumped down into 1st gear, the dashboard confirmed it displaying "S1", which is strange in itself as it only ever shows S + D, N or R...
  4. M

    Hi all Brand new to forum & hope i can get some help

    My father in law gave me his C240 AMG sport auto it's a lovely car but in dire need of TLC he has three original AMG wheels and one normal C240 - does anybody know where I can source another AMG wheel? I'm determined to get the car back to it's former glory..
  5. H

    98 C180 Small problems (I hope) that need advice.

    Hi, I've just got my first Mercedes and so I wasn't sure what to look out for when I got it. My previous car was a Mazda 121, so the sheer size difference took some getting used to alone. After a few weeks I've identified two, or maybe 3 problems and I'd love some advice. 1. Engine sometimes...
  6. Howard

    Hope whoever is selling this isn't a teacher !!

    ENGLISH Cherished Private Number Plate Teacher Lord | eBay :crazy:
  7. davidbilyk

    I hope this is a typo!

    Mercedes S500 Saloon Limo with Sat Nav on eBay (end time 05-Mar-11 05:03:12 GMT)
  8. Godot

    This made me laugh, hope you like it too.

    Sorry no subtitles !:thumb: An Old One I know hold your plums:wasy question about left hand drive
  9. J

    I hope this doesn't happened to us

    B.M.Bubble-you: Luxury car gets that sinking feeling | Mail Online What a waste but we have to fork it out from our pocket via our insurance.
  10. Sonny Burnett

    is there a glimmer of hope

    That These rims could fit my 210
  11. EDZ649

    Hope this doesn't belong to anyone on here!

    1999 MERCEDES CLK230 AVANTGARDE KOMP A BLACK on eBay (end time 23-Nov-09 13:22:21 GMT) :crazy:
  12. Shala

    Pioneer 10cm speakers @ Argos for £7.99, hope this helps someone

    Buy Pioneer TS-G1001i Dual Cone In-Car Speakers. at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for .
  13. D

    running out ideas,effort and hope

    I'm at the end of my tether now unfortunatly. I fell in love with this car and bought it despite my mind saying otherwise. After buying a new ignition amplifier I've got a great spark, fuel to the plugs, sorted out the ht leads,got the firing order sorted, timing lined up with the mark...all...
  14. The Boss

    I hope not all merc drivers are this irresponsible!

    its quite sad to watch! immature is all i can say HpF6yT1a2Os
  15. DSLiverpool

    I Hope This Sorts It

    After getting new fronts on the CLS it dives for the kerb more so than ever before (it used to gently drift but the tyres are huge and its to be expected) the wheel is straight when going straight but once i take my hands off it it we go left. I cant live with it and I am conscious that not...
  16. P

    MTB frames & a few Hope bits up for sale

    Have put a few mountain bike frames and Hope bits up for sale on e-bay. If anyone's interested please feel free to contact me via PM. Can trade for W203 bits (looking for amg kit and lowering springs). http://shop.ebay.co.uk/merchant/prc68_W0QQ_nkwZQQ_armrsZ1QQ_fromZQQ_mdoZ Thanks, Paulo
  17. S

    R129 high end custom audio install (I hope!!)

    First off, I'm going to town on my much loved R129 SL. I love everything about the car except the sorry excuse for sound that came through the speakers....so. It's all coming out, and after 3 months planning, research, 4 installers and lots of great advice, first was the headunit The car had...
  18. S

    Oh I do hope so

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/4059922/Speed-cameras-could-be-illegal.html Any thoughts, for one I think this is delightful news but is there any real truth in it? Does every camera need parlimentry approval?
  19. C

    Hi and hope you can help

    Hi Guys/Gals, Just discovered this forum, thank heaven's for the web. The name's Paul, 38, live down in Dorset, married, 2 boys both grown up so time for dad to have some fun:D Just looking at buying my first MB and hope you can help with some advise on a '98 CLK 320 Elegance with 110K on the...
  20. R/T.E49

    I hope this makes you feel better

    Petrol is pricey over there, but........... Review the following comparison with other liquid prices: PRODUCT US$/Barrel Oil 108.50 Coca Cola 126.45 Milk 163.38...
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