1. S

    indicators only work sometimes

    doing the school run yesterday and all was fine until coming home when my indicators wouldnt operate at all or even the hazard clicking when you indicate either.made it home safely and they started working fine again.same thing today.any ideas.guessing its something loose but weather...
  2. T

    how good are service interval indicators?

    Hi all, I ask this because since buying the car in May but only having driven about 1k miles in it, the service interval indicator hasn't budged from 9k miles to next service. Can it really tell the quality of the oil in the engine? if so how? Is it possible / likely the indicator could...
  3. R

    Repeat indicators in mirrors

    Hello S320 CDI W220 Front repeat indicator in the drivers mirror not working. I have been told that the wires in the mirror can break after time, due to folding in and out. What is it like to fix - a dealer, or something simple?
  4. P

    311cdi Indicators

    Hi hope someone can help ,My indicators on my 311cdi 2000 started playing up today the problem is that all the hazards work no problem, Right indicators work no problem but left indicator is not working no lights no left turn indicator on dash just a fast clicking from the relay ( I presume...
  5. Y

    w202 - side indicators

    Got a set of basically brand new clear ones for sale as im getting some smoked ones. £15 posted?
  6. C

    '95 C124 - indicators not working;(

    Guys, My indicators have stopped working, what are the causes? Faulty lamp? Faulty fuse? Erm, any ideas? Sounds like some people have commented on the relay? Need to check if the hazards work, but i doubt it. Thanks
  7. billymclean


    can anyone help, my indicators have stopped working on my w210, checked all the fuses in the engine bay, cockpit and under the back seat and all seem ok. What am i doing wrong your help would be much appreciated.
  8. B

    W211 Door mirror LED Indicators

    Hi, I have the facelift w211 on an 08 plate. Somebody has run into my door mirror today breaking the lens on the led indicator repeater. I can find details on how to repair this on the pre-facelift model but there is no obvious way to slide off the cover. Is it a case of removing the mirror...
  9. Palfrem

    Re-setting service indicators

    YouTube - ‪Mercedes E320 service interval reset service wrench‬‏ YouTube - ‪Mercedes Benz C230 service interval reset‬‏ I assume this will work on UK cars too. I don't see the point in this though - won't a buyer just look at the service book and smell a rat?
  10. runner40

    w203 alarm no noise or indicators

    hello there everyone .i have been trying to resolve an alarm issue on my c200 k 2001 w203 .there is no indicator flash on opening and closing doors and when locking car and leaving open window unlocking from through the window the siren does not sound .i have tested the cable going to siren it...
  11. J

    E class Indicators

    Can anyone offer any ideas? E class 2005. One year ago the LHS indicators started to give a infrequent fault with the usual quick flash sounds and the relevant bulbs not lighting - the lower spot light flashed in the place of the indicators. This usually corrected itself on restart and the...
  12. J

    e230 1997 indicators intermitant

    :wallbash: had my alternator recond as when i took of the cable of the back indicators worked this did not fix the fualt took it to a side st garage that do mercs he put a new alternator on said its fixed but when i pick it up said its stared happening again and he carnt find the fault , i got a...
  13. M

    w202 saloon indicators

    I was towing a trailer and had stopped to check the load when the indicator stopped flashing and the screen wash was spraying water all over the place!!! The trailer electrics had become loose in the plug and presumably shorted. Anyway,when I got home without indicators OR hazards I found...
  14. M

    clk indicators?

    my early clk has the indicators mounted on the wing (side repeters) is it possible to get them upgraded to the later type with indicators in the side mirrors , i dont suppose it will be plug and play ? PLEASE DELETE answered i n other thread thanks ;)
  15. T

    Stuck on indicators....

    Hi Guys, I have a C reg SEL 3.8L petrol. Just recently a fault has come up with the indicators: When you switch the stalk on, the indicator will just stay on and not flash. This is displayed on the dashboard light (how I noticed) and on the indicators themselves. However the hazard warning...
  16. J

    e230 indicators help

    is there a voltage regulator or something thay work when i put ignison on but not when car is started and runing e230 1997??
  17. J

    faulty indicators and wipers??

    indicators and wipers come on sometimes but not most off the time anyone know where to find the relay and which one it is my car is a e230 1997 and dose not have a n10 like seen on other posts ?
  18. J

    E230 indicators intermitant 1997

    my indicators dont work thay come on sometimes when i put all the electrics on at the same time. checked fuses but not to sure on which relays to check read on auto dater there is a combi unit rh by windscreen but there are 4 units there any ideas? :confused:
  19. T

    Indicators come and go

    One min the indicators work and then they dont. I have also noticed that the hazrds will not work plus the heated rear windscreen switch will light but not stay on when i release the button, then when the indicators come back to life so does every thing else. Am i right in presuming its a relay...
  20. B

    E240 W210 Indicators flash rapidly

    E240 yr 2000 When locking car the indicators flash normally then flash rapidly. Handbook is no use doesnt tell me what the fault is. I presume that it means the alarm has not set. Have checked all door, boot and bonnet switches. All seem fine. Can anyone confirm that it is the alarm thats the...
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