1. B

    W202 C240 indicators with a mind of their own

    Hi hoping you can help! I have a a 1999 C240 and have discoevered an intermittent fault with the indicators. The indicators come on by themselves without using the indicator stalk. When the stalk is used to try to cancel the indicators, for example if left indicator is on, try to indicate...
  2. 2

    Indicators do you use them or not?

    As the highway code states MSM everytime one changes lanes or direction. I would like to hear folks opinions. My take on it is to use it if another road user will benefit from it. If there are no other roads users or pedestrians to benefit. So many folk just put on the indicator on with out...
  3. N

    Indicators on the blink - E320CDI W210

    This evening as I was driving along the left indicator came on even though the the indicator lever was at neutral. I then indicated to the other direction and that came on - the other went out. When the indicator lever is back in neutral the blinker still blinks. The hazard warning switch works...
  4. G

    Faulty Indicators 2002 slk(w170)

    Help! Has anyone had this problem on their SLK before?. Indicators work intermittently.When they don't the bulb warning light comes on. I've checked the bulbs and all are working because when the hazard switch is pushed in all the indicators flash. I've replaced the indicator relay but the...
  5. azaman

    Mirror indicators not working

    Folks, Someone knocked my passenger side mirror causing it to fold in. There was very little damage and the mirror works fine (folding in and out). What I have noticed is that the LED's are not flashing on both sides now no matter what I try. Question is, could the knock have caused this to...
  6. SilverSaloon

    Indicators (+ int wiper & rear screen) stop working when stationary randomly

    Hi 1994 W124 estate when i am stopped at a junction, indicating (any direction) the indicators have started to stop flashing (and remain off). When this happens i also cannot work the rear screen demister (light comes on and goes off straight away on the button), and the intermittent...
  7. rhymneyboy

    W202 Indicators not working

    Hi folks The indicators on my C36 have decided to stop working. When I put the indicators to either left or right the corresponding arrows on the dash don't flash and the indicators don't work. Any ideas what's causing this? Maybe a loose connection on the stalk? Not sure if it's been a...
  8. paddy@polyposta

    Wanted UK Spec Headlamps & Clear Indicators W124 1991 500E

    Need some UK spec headlamps and clear indicators and clear side repeaters for my 1991 500E Would prefer genuine parts, but will consider anything else, facelift etc Paddy
  9. SilverSaloon

    will W202 side indicators fit W124 ?

    hi will standard W202 side indicator lenses (the ones on the side of the wing) fit a W124? thanks derek
  10. L

    Amber Indicators - W202

    Hey all Does anyone have a pair of original amber front indicators for W202 C280 Sport. My car has come with clear indicators but would prefer the original orange ones. Thanks Lee
  11. T

    W124 Clear Indicators + Side Repeaters

    As title. Complete with bulbs . £35 plus post
  12. Inkyskin

    Help, internittent indicators and wipers!

    Hey all, my indicators (Left, right AND 4 ways) is really intermittent, 1 in 10 times they work... Same goes for the wipers. Slow wont work, and wash/wipe works sometimes (Although the wash always works, the wipe doesn't) - yet med/fast works okay (so far). When I press the 4 ways button it...
  13. I

    c class wing mirrors with indicators

    I was wondering if anybody knows if you can get wing mirrors with indicators for a c class w202. any helpl would be appreciated
  14. NW_Merc

    mercedes white indicators W202
  15. W

    W203 - Alarm Problem / Fast Flashing Indicators

    I seem to have developed a problem with locking the car over the last few days. After pressing the fob and waiting say 60 seconds the indicators start flashing really fast and won't stop unless i unlock the car again. It's driving me insane! Any ideas?
  16. mark.t

    no windows or indicators

    Just returned from fuel station noticed no power windows or indicators working .... then after 1 min while still traveling and trying them again they started to work again ...anyone any ideas.:confused: regards Mark
  17. kjay

    Facelift rear lights and indicators fitted.

    They've been lying around the flat for a while now, but eventualy I've got round to fitting them. One of the light clusters was new off ebay months ago, the other is new from MB. Indicators from R2D2 (Thanks ;) ). Rain didn't help the pics but, never mind.
  18. C

    W124 Orange Indicators advice..

    When I get my 300CE back form the workshop (hopefully tommorrow) one of things on my "to-do" list is to change the front sidelights back to original orange spec. BUT, before I do this, could some kind soul confirm that a 1991 model 300CE 24Valve didnt in fact have the clear indicators in the...
  19. S

    Indicators Not working Properly

    Hope someone out there can help. My indicators come on but do not flash. The same with the hazards. When I try the hazards the fuel guage goes wonkey. I guess it is the indictor relay as all of the bulbs are ok and they were working earloer today. Does anyone know where the indicator relay is? I...
  20. Howard

    LED indicators

    Hi gang, I have a pair of these , they are the 18 LED type ( nice and bright ) and have the OFFSET pins .... ( make sure they will fit yours ) .. Anyway , they trigger the bulb warning light on a w124 so no use there , but if anyone else wants them , they have been sitting in my fruit...
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