1. B

    E class windows and locks

    For some time my w210 e class has odd electrical problems, but disconnecting the battery has always rihted them. The latest is today. drive off all ok. Stop for an hour and now wipers and washers not working, door locks not working, rear interior light works, but no the front, indicators not...
  2. E

    Hazard flasher works but turn indicators don't?

    I had the voltage regulator die on my 1988 W124 260E the other day but before it did, the turn indicators stopped making their clicking noise but would flash. Shortly thereafter, the car died and only the solenoid would click when I tried to start it again. Battery drained dead, I knew it was...
  3. E

    W209 Mirror Indicators...

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum so please be gentle! I've got a 2003 model CLK Convertible. It's a W209 model. Both my indicator lamps are broken and so I've bought replacement ones. But, I can't figure out how to take the cover off the mirrors to access them from behind so I can fit the indicator...
  4. N

    2003 E320 indicators stopped flashing on lock

    Hey all, Just a quick one. Replaced my main battery today, set the windows, no leccy roof and reset the ESP with the steering lock to lock. However, I notice that the indicators don't flash on locking the car any more. I've been through everything I can think of in the manual but can't...
  5. G

    c320 no lights, indicators etc

    Hi, hoping you can help, my c320 estate started fine this morning but no lights, indicators, parktronic, or instrument cluster, have checked fuses in the back, indicators work when locking/unlocking, does anyone have any ideas? thanks, Graham

    c43 flashing indicators

    hi, my c43 indicators start flashing without siren sound, closed air vents, turned anti tow on/off , checked interior sensors, ???????? any help gratefully appreciated , thanks.
  7. E

    side indicators on E Class 06reg

    Hi i hit my side indicator yesterday on my E Class.. i was wondering if anyone could tell me any sites etc where i can buy one from and if its easy to fit in ? i have tried to look on ebay but i only found 2 for a ( e class w210 ) i dont know if they will also fit my car ? Any help or ideas ...
  8. U

    W208 door mirrors with integrated indicators -

    Has anyone got a pair (L & R) of W208 complete door mirrors..? The one with integrated indicators -
  9. moonloops

    W209 CLK indicators don't stay on?

    Not sure why but they auto cancel after a couple of seconds which is annoying. Even when not twirling the wheel. Is there a plastic collar that has maybe worn out or do I just replace the whole stalk as a unit (think that's what I did on my old W124)
  10. B

    W210 Indicators Wing Mirrors

    Hi all, Have a pair of W210 indicators wing mirrors in silver non folding type will also fit C class W202. £80.00 each. Cheers
  11. comports

    Wing mirror indicators advice

    Hi Gang, I've not owned my 2003 CLK cab for long and today (twice in fact) I came back to the car parked in a car park (shopping :-() for someone to tell me the wing mirror lights were flashing..! None of the other indicators were they told me and then tonight in the drive, a neighbour popped...
  12. M

    Clear indicators.

    Hello all, I'm thinking of replacing my orange indicators and side repeaters, mine are a bit tatty so i'm gonna replace them with clear ones. Do the ones you can get online come with bulbs? Or can you use the ones that are already fitted? My cars a 1991 W124. cheers for any help.
  13. amzchhabra

    R171 Roof not going down, no indicators and nothing on the dash :(

    Hi All, so the weather has been great, I decided that I would get out of work early, wash the car and then pop the roof down and go for a drive. Unfortunately, after starting, I noticed a couple of weird things: 1. the dashboard is displaying absolutely nothing :crazy: 2. the roof wont go...
  14. H

    W202 '95 indicators

    Strange things started to happen after the snow. High beams stopped coming on when I pull the stalk towards me fo flash, but works fine when I push it away from me to stay on. Parked up today, 30 mins later I went back to the car to find the left indicators on. Not flashing - just on except...
  15. K

    Found the headlamps...anyone know where to get the indicators from?

    Hi all Ive just found these headlamps on ebay which would look stunning on my w202, problem is I cant track down the side indicators to go with them. Have asked the ebay seller if he has them but answer is no...
  16. K

    Intermittent problem with indicators, wipers and rear screen heater

    Guys I am a neewbie to this forum and i am looking for some help with my 96 C200 W202. Occasionally my indicators, Intermittent wiper and rear windscreen heater stop working. I have been told that it could be a problem with condensation and i was shown that when the plasic plug was removed from...
  17. dokalj

    Ford Focus Side Indicators not working

    Hi all, My friend's side indicators (wing) are not working, all the bulbs work around the car and the bulbs in the side indicators have not blown. Any suggestions to sorting out the problem. Jdokal
  18. EDZ649

    R129 Orange Indicators wanted

    As the title says, I want to change my crystal clear indicators on my 1994 SL back to original orange so if anyone has a pair of genuine MB lenses please pm me. Must be immaculate condition , no cracks, crazing etc. If you fancy a swap for the clear ones, that can be arranged too! Thanks in...
  19. pills12

    clk indicators

    can anyone tell me how to change the mirror indicator on a clk w208 cheers
  20. kbhogalW126

    W124 Indicators not working

    I was out driving this afternoon as normal and the indicators worked fine. I took the car out for a cruise this evening with Mrs B and my indicators and hazard lights wouldnt work! :confused: All other controls are working, as are interior lights and rear heaters etc etc. The car is a 1995...
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