1. S

    W204 - Service Intervals

    Hi I have W204 C180 Dec 2011 reg date Just had B service @ 60k miles completed Went to check the next service, it is showing as 9000 I thought the service interval was 15000 or 12 months,which ever came first Any one can advise why the Service Assist is showing 9k? thanks
  2. D

    W447 Vito service intervals.

    Sorry to ask the most basic of questions: I was led to believe that the service intervals on w447 Vito was 24,000m or 2 years. However, there's a countdown on my dash currently saying "12 days to service" The van is just coming up to one year old and just over 5,000 miles. Can...
  3. Petrol Pete

    C55 Service intervals

    Hi Next week I will be looking at a C55 Wagon I plan to buy. Can anyone provide a link to the MB service schedule/interval for this car ? Any other 'buyers' advice would be appreciated, its a high miler , over 100K. Thanks
  4. B

    Service intervals

    Hi. I have a C55 AMG. regarding the service, what is the best time to service it. After 12 months from when it was last serviced, x,000 miles from the last service, or when the service countdown on the dashboard tells me it needs a service? It has a full MB dealer service history, so I don't...
  5. M

    W212 service Intervals and service plan

    Hi, I'm new to Mercedes cars...I always had BMW. So please be gentle..:thumb: My car is on 2 year lease. I have few question in regards to services. 1. What are the service intervals? From your experience how many A & B services will I have, I will be doing approx 16,000mls...
  6. steve333

    Service intervals

    Looked at a late 2012 slk 200 for the mrs today,nice one owner car fully loaded,mb service history within the scheduled 15,500(serviced after a year at 9k and 10 months later at 23k).although the car has gone 18 months since the last service it has only covered 10k miles,if I buy the car it will...
  7. JethroUK

    Anyone know the service intervals for my C220?

    Anyone know the service intervals for my C220? Asked the same question when I bought it and nobody seems to know the decisive answer Called my local Mercedes garage where this woman pontificated about *my* car like it was hers and insisted I pay them £700+ which time i had to remind her it...
  8. Marku

    Viano service intervals

    Our Viano now does hardly any mileage, about a third of the ASSYST interval, but I still have had it serviced a year from the last date. Am I wasting my money and is there anything to be gained? As it has to have an MOT it seemed convenient to have it serviced as well.
  9. Sheffield Col

    sevice intervals.

    Hi does anyone know what the service intervals are for changing oils, and filters ie. air / fuel, etc for the c class c220 diesel ? I think it would be a good idea if someone with this knowledge could create a list of service intervals for the differant models and make it a sticky then people...
  10. C

    C63 Service Intervals and Elec SH???

    Hello Guys. I am approaching a years ownership with my 2010 C63. Now previously with cars, i tended to just service my cars every year. (bare in mind i have had EVO's which require an oil change ALL the time). What should be the protocol with the C63? I have done about 3500 miles in that...
  11. Palmer

    S55 AMG service intervals.

    History on vehicle is as follows: 11/05/2004 - 12,013 presuming just oil and filter 02/06/2005 - 24,577 ''B'' 17/08/2010 - 34,508 ''A'' 06/07/2012 - 41,266 ''B'' 50k / 4 year ticked + 2 year checks and sparks I know there is no set interval as the systems works on your driving...
  12. I

    Cdi 270 service intervals

    Hi guys, can someone please tell me what the service interval for a 270 cdi is.
  13. jotter22

    service intervals.

    hello guys, I would just like to know if the service intervals are the same for diesel and petrol engines. More precise the 350 in the E class. Thanks Tony.
  14. L

    W204 servicing intervals

    Newish to the forums, but a long-term Merc owner starting with W123, R107, W124, W202 and now on to a S204 I bought a year old last August. Anyway, I object to the servicing interval being time and not mileage based. It was obviously serviced in June last year before being put on sale and I...
  15. R

    Service Intervals

    When I had my W202s and W203 the service indicator asked for a service every 10,000 miles. Yesterday Mercedes collected my C350 and took it for a B service under the service contract. In the 10 months since they last serviced it I've driven 16,250 miles plus I went in 300 miles early so I had a...
  16. C

    Merc Dealer confusing me on Service Intervals!

    Hi, Just joined the forum having acquired a December 2010 SLK 200K from a main Merc dealer. The Merc website clearly says a service every 15500 miles as does the service book (as did the salesman). The car was serviced by them prior to collection but after taking delivery the service indicator...
  17. Conquistador

    Hazard lights flash at different intervals when ignition is switched OFF...?

    Only noticed this recently and only on German cars, but the hazard lights flash at a different intervals depending on whether the ignition is off or on. They illuminate and flash for a shorter time when the ignition is off. Easiest way to notice it is putting the hazards on just before you...
  18. C

    A210 servicing intervals?

    Hi guys, I've finally got my A210 back from the garage after some work doing for the RWC. I was wondering what this service A and B are. what mileages are these at? I ask because the car has no history, and I've just had the garage change the oil and filter, air filter, fuel filter and coolant...
  19. T

    Mercedes servicing intervals

    Hi, Having recently reduced my annual mileage from around 15000 to 5000 miles it seems to me that the ASSYST service regime no longer makes sense. I'd appreciate any comments on this. I'll try to explain. Only 11 months and 5000 miles since my last service ASSYST informs I need to go in again...
  20. travelininstyle

    Extending Service Intervals

    Hello Guys, With fuel spiraling costs these days,my annual millage has fell from around 12000 - to 9000 miles per year,as those long trips up to the Lakes are a luxury now ! When I had a C Class Sports Coupe and had it serviced,I seem to remember that by changing the type of oil filter...
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