1. M

    ML55 Kleemann tuned

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&item=250353237137 It's been mentioned before on here, but I can't believe this car is STILL for sale! It's slightly odd, the seller saying he's gone abroad. But the car is for sale on PistonHeads with a Prestige car...
  2. S

    Mmm - Kleemann C63K pics & 55k price reductions

    Lovely new pics of the mental sounding badass C63K And new lower prices for all 55K engines too! Stage 1: £ 2,695.00 , Pulley, ECU & Air-filters (bhp 540 +) Stage 2: £ 4,395.00 , Stage 1 + headers and down pipes (About bhp 580) Stage 3*: £ 6,489.00 , Stage 2 + cams...
  3. buccal

    Kleemann S55

    Spotted a LHD Kleemann S55 parked up in Canary Wharf today. Looked like a very very serious piece of kit, brake discs looked 14 inches at least. Sadly i didn't have my mobile so no photos i'm afraid, does anyone have any info on these?
  4. tudu

    Kleemann TS-7's and Diffuser Added

    Kleemann wheels have been painted black on the inside to match the colour of rear diffuser - I really like the new look, and will now keep these wheels on the car.
  5. A

    Kleemann ML55

    Dread to think what this would have cost new? As mine is in the high rate tax almost makes me think swap it for a bigger engined one... Plate could be ok our Keemann owners if it doesn't sell with car...
  6. S

    Kleemann Stage 1.5 - with video

    Decided on the Kleemann headers in the end, so off to Mayfield in Sussex to leave the car in the capable hands of Steen's mechanics. http://www.kleemann.dk/site/5E8DE9A3-7992-46E2-8EF4-6361FDE92AD9.htm Front cats were removed and replaced with straight downpipes, and the remap replaced...
  7. M

    RHD Kleemann ML!!

    Now this would surprise a few people in the old "traffic light grand prix" :D http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MERCEDES-BENZ-ML55-S8-KLEEMANN-560-BHP-1-IN-THE-UK_W0QQitemZ250254415466QQihZ015QQcategoryZ9855QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Dare I suggest it could probably give ML63 drives a...
  8. tudu

    Pics of my new Kleemann TS-7 Wheels

    Had new wheels fitted today - Black Diamond brake Discs to follow next week.
  9. tudu

    Kleemann Interior

    I have seen this interior from Kleemann - Leather / Alcantara, which is priced at £2,801.46 and includes front and rear seats, headrests, and front and rear door side faces. Any thoughts on what this would look like on my C200K Sport Edition, which at the moment has an all black interior...
  10. blueserenity777

    Kleemann pulley for a C180K W203

    Has anyone tried fitting a kleemann pulley kit meant for C200K and C230K to a C180K..the performance kit for the C180K is just the Kbox which boost its HP..for the C200k and C230k, there is a pulley,waterpump attached for more money of course but more power..Since engines are all M271, will it...
  11. M

    Kleemann have done it again!

    This time they have Twin turbo charged the ML63 AMG! There doesn't seem to be anything on Kleemann's own website at the time of posting, but here's a link to the PistonHeads article: http://www.pistonheads.com/news/default.asp?storyId=17190 What a crazy machine! I'd still have one though...
  12. T

    Kleemann develops Mercedes SLK55 AMG based concept

    Kleemann develops Mercedes SLK55 AMG based concept http://www.motorauthority.com/wp-content/uploads/Mercedes_Benz/odds/Kleemann_gtk_main01.jpg Danish vehicle tuner Kleemann specializes in the development, design and manufacture of performance and design solutions for Mercedes models and its...
  13. T

    Kleemann CLK55

    Hi, Does anyone have general prices for upgrading AMG 55's to Kleemann 55's? 596BHP and 570lb of torque sounds.. interesting :devil: I've spoken to the UK garage and they don't have the costs to hand. Site PDF's also don't work :( Thanks!
  14. Maff

    CL65 AMG v Kleemann SLK55 Kompressor

    Had a run a few days ago with a Kleemann converted SLK55 K4 Kompressor, which is basically an SLK55 but with a supercharger bolted on to produce 540BHP in a little SLK! Boy was that thing quick!!! Accelerating from traffic lights to motorway speeds (on the slip road) there was pretty much...
  15. KosherBenz

    First impression of the Kleemann KDBox for the CDI.

    1. Incredible power 2. 1 hour max install, same for deinstall if needed. If you want to deinstall, you can buy one small $5 plastic piece if you want it 100% back to stock. 3. Gas milage same or improved, I averaged 39.3 mpg on the 45 minute drive into work today. usually I get 37-38 mpg. Yes...
  16. mercmanuk

    kleemann k box

    has anyone got or had a kleemann k box,they claim 50 bhp xtra ,wanted to know how reliable they are .superchips quote 15 bhp .
  17. R

    Kleemann Kit K23 New on Sale.

    Hello, I sell a new kleemann K23 kit, never used for 600€. Includes estandar Kit: Crankshaft Ring Pulley. Kleemann Rubber Belt. Alternator Pulley. And also the optional: Kleemann trunk Badge. K23 Badge. Side edition stickers. A Contitech rubber belt. Best Regards.
  18. Fudger

    Kleemann alloys for sale

    Guys, now that i have sold the CLK and bought the Porsche, I no longer have a need for these great alloys. I am selling them on ebay (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2440831826) but if you would like to do a private deal (for MB Club members only) please PM me. Many...
  19. Koolvin

    Thanks to Kleemann UK

    Big thanks to Kleemann UK for attending the MB Club UK event. Such a big tuner who is becoming more and more big with their tuning/performance products and cars. I had a chance to go for a ride in one of their 2 cars they brought down and there is no words I can use to describe it really it...
  20. Koolvin

    Question for Kleemann

    If a MB engine produced 200BHP how much power would we expect to see at the wheels if it had a Auto box? And how much does it differ from the different ranges? ie W203, W210, W202 ?
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