1. PJayUK

    Automatic oil level check option thingy...

    I noticed today when I turned on the ignition on my W210 that it pops up a message asking if I want to check the oil level. All very clever but how do you accept this kind offer and tell it yes??? Consulting the manual doesn't disclose the answer, and a random press of all of the buttons only...
  2. Q

    W124 estate third high level brake light

    Can anyone recommend a third high level brake light for a 1994 W124 estate? Mine comes back from crash repair on Monday and I'd like to start sorting a few niggles, one of which is adding a high level LED brake light, but one that doesn't look too out of place. Can i just splice one of the...
  3. A

    Engine oil level- Visit Workshop E240 W210

    Hi Guys, Yesterday warning messages came out on my W210 E240. 'Engine oil level. check level!. Then 'Visit workshop' 1 malfunction showed when I stop the engine. I checked the oil level tru the dash instrumentation. It said the level is OK. When i start the engine no malfunction detected. How...
  4. Bishy

    Checking the oil level on a W211 E55 AMG

    Not long after I got the E55 I tried to check the oil level...looked at the handbook and it says that I can check it via the OBC due to there not being a dipstick..... Now, I tried this as instructed by the handbook and the "Oil level check" wasnt there!. thought at first it was just me BUT...
  5. P

    w220 320 auto gearbox oil level dip stick and checking oil level

    Hi, I want to check oil level in my gearbox but need a dip stick to do this, (factory option) has anyone got one ??? as i want to make one up but need to know measurement from the dip stick if anyone could provide me with the measurements that would be great.:dk:
  6. S

    W202 Sport Headlight level

    Hello, The car failed the MOT on the NSF headlamp level being too high. My questoin is, is there an offical height that the concentrated part of the beam should sit at? Whilst it's very simple to adjust the headlamp level, i dont' really know what height it should be, to determine if it's high...
  7. W

    Coolant Level Warning Light

    The coolant warning light of my 1997 C200 does not light up when the ignition switch is switched on before the engine is started. The rest of the warning lights light up. I have removed the bulb at the back of the instrument cluster and tested it with a battery and found it to be working. But...
  8. PJayUK

    What is the right coolant level?

    This has bugged me for a while... The W220 manual says that the coolant level in the expansion bottle should be at the right level, however its not clear what "right" actually is. There is no real level indicator in the bottle apart from a little black knob on the inside about 3 quarters of...
  9. M

    Headlight level adjuster vacuum leak = loss of power!!???

    Hello again, Stumbled upon an interesting observation, or was this a co incidence...? The headlight level adjuster (the rotary switch near the headlight switch) had no effect in the level of the lamps, so decided to look into it. Found that the previous owner had (reason unkown) disconnected and...
  10. ringway

    Driving Test. Age Level 18. This Is Why!

    Interesting statistics and the reason for the driving test age being increased to 18. Young male drivers are the biggest cause of death of young women in Britain. Almost one in two drivers killed at night is under 25. I had no idea of this of this horror statistic. Full article via the...
  11. K

    High Level brake light 280sl

    Hi all, I've recently bought my first Mercedes, a 98 280sl. The other day I noticed the high level brake light in the boot lid isn't working. Any tips on sorting this problem? Is it easy to get access to remove the light? Many thanks Kev
  12. mbzclk

    Powersteering Fluid Level and Type

    Hi My Merc 208 has low power steering fluid I think. It is the containor that sits just next to a big air pipe and its right ontop of a pump so im guessing its power steering or otherwise im stuck? i assume its not for my sequentronic box... what fluid does my car take? when i opened the...
  13. B

    Auto oil level check

    Iv'e had my 1997 E200 petrol saloon for a year now & thought I should check the transmition level, I noted some threads relating to manufacturing your own dip stick but asked my local indie in Shrewsbury.He firstly said that he would need to connect up his laptop sized gadget to see what type of...
  14. M

    Oil level has risen?

    I checked the oil yesterday, and the level seems to have risen since before. The car was parked on level ground when I checked it. I had the oil changed about 1300 miles ago, and the level was filled to just under the maximum. Yesterday, it was just over maximum and I haven't added any oil...
  15. D

    Oil Level Indicator

    I "can't find" the oil level indicator. It's a 2008 E220 CDI Avantgarde, it has COMAND, folding mirrors, run-flat tyres etc., would it have oil level as well - or is it hidden from me?
  16. purplegoddess

    wanted-water level sensor

    has anyone got a spare water level sensor (coolent level) for a 201 190e or does anyone know the gsf part number is mine is on the blink cheers:D Already removed and clean, still stays on so disconnected for the min.
  17. L

    gear box oil level

    hi i have a 1997 s320 limo petrol and i have a leak on the gear box so it looks and i have been told there is a dip stick on it but i cant find it can any one help thanks
  18. KillerHERTZ

    Checking the oil/oil level W203 C240

    A friend of the family has a very early 2001 W203 C240 (bought after seeing my W202 :D ) has asked me about checking the oil, how much oil, type is required. From memory, the W203 (early ones) have an electronic dip stick right accessed from the dash display? Anyone shed some light on it...
  19. M

    Audio 20 AUX Volume Level

    I've just brought an A-Class A180 (W169) which has the standard Audio 20 unit with a 3.5mm AUX jack in the glovebox. I have plugged in my iPod to this and everything works fine, but even with the iPod volume up high I have to turn the stereo up quite a bit. There is no problem with distortion...
  20. D

    High level brake light removal

    The high level brake light has packed up on my E300 TD Estate and the handbook states that "work on the high-mounted brake lamp should only be carried out by specially trained personnel". I am not a mechanic, but surely it can't be that difficult can it? - I thought this after changing the...
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