1. M

    TomTom XL Live IQ - UK & EU maps

    Used (weekly) but fully functional. No box or docs. With original sucker mount and cigar charger cable. Map is UK And Western Europe 2GB, V835.2419 Unit is reset and comes with OVER 1YEAR of LIVE SUBSCRIPTION INCLUDED. Full Live services expire on 14/07/2014 - that's traffic, fuel, cameras...
  2. general patten

    Any members live in Sussex

    I live in Hastings.
  3. jukie

    Any members live in or very near Peterborough?

    If so, could you drop me a PM, please? Thanks, David.
  4. Simon_M

    TomTom Go Live 1535M

    Brand new in box and unregistered. Preloaded base maps Include the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico with more than 7 million points of interest for local navigation. Backlit 5" color touch screen Provides a large, bright display that is easy to see and control. Text-to-speech and voice...
  5. Peter DLM

    The Smart is dead, long live the Smart!

    My trusty old Smart is now a year old and has been swapped for a new one. It was ok, covered 6600 miles in it, averaged 45mpg (71hp petrol) as I drove it like the urban assault vehicle it is. I wore the front tyres down to 3.5mm and the rears to 5.5mm. The rims and bodywork survived totally...
  6. developer

    Retrieving the American flag - live on SKY.

    They are starting to demolish the house where the guy fell into the sink hole. First the enormous excavator gently removed the American flag mounted on the roofline of the property, before laying it on the lawn, where the emergency services guys took their hats off, showing respect. Whatever...
  7. I

    Stargazing Live

    Has anyone else been watching this? It's nice to finally be able to turn the TV on and find something watchable on a saturday :).
  8. verytalldave

    Dartford Crossing Live Webcams ? ? ?

    Can anyone post a link for a working live webcam showing traffic congestion (or not) at the toll booths for the Dartford Crossing please. I have searched but with no luck. I am sure there must be at least one. Thanks in advance...................... and lest I forget...
  9. chriswt

    Anyone live in Aberdeen to see a C320cdi?

    Hi, Found a nice looking W203 C Class which seems to tick all the boxes but is nearly 400 miles away in Aberdeen. Distance isn't an issue for me in terms of collecting it (despite the wife's moaning) but I was wondering if anyone is local and fancies taking a look if its not too far away...
  10. D

    12V socket live

    Can anyone advise if the auxiliary 12V socket in the passenger footwell of a 2008 SLK is permanently live? I would like to use this for a trickle charger instead of croc clips on the battery terminals.
  11. U

    My new web store is now LIVE!

    Well as some know already ive been working on and off setting up a new online web store, to stock various collectables from some of the major leading brands and to bring some currently non available collectables to the UK. Please have a look at the store. store link:
  12. S

    Who here is actually going to a live Olympic event

    I am not. I have no interest in it whatsoever and don't want to buy into it. Others may do. PS, read this thread. A lot here are quite keen photographers and carry fairly high end equipment LONDON 2012 - CAMERAS, BAGS, RESTRICTIONS, ETC - PLEASE POST HERE - Page 4 - Talk Photography Be VERY...
  13. MB-BTurbo

    Anyone live in Bournemouth, Dorset?

    I have been looking for a tailgate for my B class and this one has cropped up. Before I enter into any more discussion I was wondering if anyone lived there who wouldnt mind having a look at it ensuring there are no scratches, dents rust spots etc. MERCEDES BENZ B CLASS 5 DOOR BOOT TAILGATE...
  14. R

    switched live at rear sam

    Im going to be installing a bypass relay for my parking sensors I need to connect a wire to switched live can anyone tell me if I can get this from the rear sam unit and what colour the wire is. Any help will be appreciated
  15. stwat

    Nurburgring 24hr Live

    Audi tv
  16. S

    Its a miracle people live these days

    Honestly, the dangers out there, People on twitter whilst driving, people driving around on part worn tyres, cars with DPFs removed, kamikasi police drivers, middle lane hoggers, injectors failing on diesel Mercedes, de-catted V8s and diesels roaming the country side, someone having a couple of...
  17. M

    W124 Water/methanol Injection / ignition live feed

    W124 Water/methanol Injection / ignition live feed Hi all, I run veg oil on my W124 300TD. I have installed my devils own methanol pump and some of the wiring along with the relay. I need a ignition live feed to complete the install. The pump is located in the boot in the place which housed...
  18. MD5

    Windows Live Contacts

    Morning all! I lost my contacts in Windows Live this morning, which I discovered by trying to forward an email. Clicked the "To" button in the address bar, and discovered a blank page. I went directly to Contacts and found the same again. So far, I have rebooted and scanned for malware and...
  19. The _Don

    Mercedes sl65 amg: Long live the v12

    PistonHeads Headlines - Mercedes SL65 AMG: Long live the V12
  20. S

    Clk CD Switched Live Problem!

    I've just put a Sony MP3/CD into my 2000 CLK but had a minor problem with the wiring. Like other head units I've come across the Sony requires a permanent live for the memory and a switched live so it switches off when the keys are removed. I can't find a switched live, the yellow is permanent...
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