1. Sonny Burnett

    Very loud noise coming from drivers door W208 CLK55

    Hi guys, Odd one, got my car cleaned today as I'm driving away a very Lound, high pitched noise started to come from my speakers, the drivers door especially, anyone had this issue before? I have uploaded a video of the issue, it does go away if I turn off the stereo. Thanks...
  2. Cymruambyth

    Parking sensors and loud music.

    These 2 things don`t go together :( Just reversed into the wall at the gym :fail Luckily all it did was pop the diffuser out on the passenger side and put a couple of tiny marks on the bumper....phew. Managed to pop diffuser back in....good as new...ish :D
  3. S

    Loud Engine Fan (W204)

    Hello, I had an issue with my W204 (2008) 119,812 miles on the clock. Each time I started the car the engine after ~10 seconds the engine fan would start spinning at a high rate and even when I switched the car off it would continue for several moments before stopping. This happened...
  4. Markssl

    Loud noise from steering

    My 2008 E320CDi has developed a whining, vibrating noise from the steering when I slow down at about 15mph. When car is stationary there is vibration and a loud groaning noise through the steering wheel which gets much worse when the wheel is turned. I noticed some fluid has leaked near the...
  5. 9

    Cold engine, loud tapping

    Hi all, This is my first post here - apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but I am having no luck finding any info on this. I've got a loud tapping noise coming from the engine bay of my C280, the engine isn't running and I've been out for a short drive of 5 miles ish tonight, the...
  6. K

    W203 c class - loud clicking noise

    My 2005 c class has developed a loud clicking nose behind the dash board every time it's started up. It lasts for about 10/30 seconds and then disappears. Can anyone shed any light on this for me please? The car drives perfect with no issues as normal. Any help is really appreciated
  7. E

    Very loud windscreen wiper

    Hello folks. My windscreen wiper works super loud and I don't know why. It's also very annoying because recently it was raining like hell. Any suggestions please? Thank you. https://youtu.be/QEMnPvmyrwc
  8. D

    W124 E220 Loud ticking - worse when hot

    I have an 1995 E220 with the M111 engine, and it has developed a pronounced ticking/tapping noise. It started last autumn and I assumed it was one of the tappets - it is directly linked to engine rpm and seems to be coming from the top of the engine, near the back. I had the headgasket done over...
  9. S

    GLC Tyre Noise - Humming very loud

    Hello, I picked up a 2016 GLC AMG Premium yesterday, it has 20 inch Bridgestone tyres on the optional alloys. (255/45 R20 MOE) The car is great other than one rather annoying issue. At motorway speeds the car emits a humming noise from the tyres, this happens nearly all of the time a...
  10. N

    2004 E270 CDI Loud rattle driving me mad!!!!

    Hey all, Have owned a couple of c class models and just decided to up size to a 2004 E270 CDI saloon (130k) Test drive went fine purchased the car but noticed a loud 'tinny' sounding clang on the drive home. Only happens just after a speed bump or pot hole and sometimes when i take my foot...
  11. N

    Audio volume, W163, too loud!

    Hi all. Odd problem with my ML. Just bought it, and there was no code for the rado, so fitted an aftermarket JVCONE I had lying about. Thing is, with the volume on 1, that's a bit too loud! The stereo worked fine in a previous vehicle. No idea why it should be so loud in this one. Any Ideas?
  12. W

    Loud whistle/screeching noise

    Hi Recently bought a cls500 on a 55 plate. Around 4000rpm at full throttle it starts to make a whistling noise. I can only really hear it with the window open. By the time it gets to 6000rpm + the noise is so loud it becomes unbearable. First i thought it was a belt slipping, changed auxiliary...
  13. T

    Unbearably loud road noise on driving

    Hi, Longdrive down M40 and M25 this weekend. I noticed that at speed, the road noise was unbearably loud. THis was esp on the stretch of the M25 around the A3/M3 South West section Also notice the noise was very speed dependent. I have not noticed road noise before and was wondering...
  14. Virgovirgo71

    Not as loud!

    Hi people. After having the post cats and centre silencers deleted off my Brabus it sounded absolutely awesome! Growling and thundering, that just left the pre cats and the rear boxes to the exhaust system. I've noticed after 1500 miles, the sound has somewhat gone quiet! no more growling or...
  15. D

    W212 - Loud metallic screeching sound

    Hi All Have a W212 E250 with 50k miles, while driving yesterday from the front end I heard a very loud metallic grinding/screeching sound, it went on for 2-3min (was trying to find a place to pull over), just before I pulled over the sound dissapeared, since then i've done 30-50 miles with no...
  16. SL300-24

    Fast and Loud

    Gas Monkey Garage....I love that programme anyone else watch it?
  17. V

    Loud whirring noise - rear wheel bearings?

    My 54K miles 1996 E220 coupe has developed a whirring noise that is speed sensitive - the faster the car goes the louder it gets. When I put the car into neutral while driving the noise does not stop, so I'm assuming it is not transmission related. Possibly rear wheel bearings? It does not...
  18. Palfrem

    Engineered flooring - loud cracking noises when being walked on?

    We've just had 35 m2 of good quality engineered flooring laid across lounge and study. It's about 20mm overall thickness with a 5mm oak veneer. The guys removed all the old skirting, glued the tongue and groove with PVA and laid it on existing floorboards with the recommended foam sheets...
  19. K

    S211 E55 Getting 2nd cats, resonator removed and x pipe fitted, how loud will it be.

    Getting torqueflow to remove 2nd cats and resonator and fit an xpipe in a few weeks. But does anyone know how loud it will be inside the car at motorway 80mph speeds? I have a kid and was a bit concerned. Does the estate mean it will be louder than a saloon with this mod? Regards.
  20. N

    C63 loud exhausts and customs suspensions...

    Hi folks, I thought you might be interested and want to watch this crazy video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rc86LgsStFs
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