1. A

    SL320 Loud Speakers

    Hi, I have a 1999 SL320 purchased 4 years ago. I don't have any information on the audio system speakers. Does anyone know what speakers would have been installed back in 1999 (I believe it has a 6 speaker configuration)? Also, is it easy to replace the bass speakers if they are "tired" and...
  2. T

    Loud squeak from FNS over bumps in road

    Car FNS squeaks everytime I go over a bump in the road, annoying. Going into get sorted by PCS on Thursday. Anyone had a similar squeak, Ollie believes ball joint issue. Anyone else had similar issue, was it a ball joint issue? Did it get solved?
  3. A

    Loud noise when driving over speed humps

    Every time I drive over a speed hump or a bit of uneven surface my car makes a loud banging noise from the rear of the car, maybe from under the boot section. Anybody shed some light on this??
  4. babz

    Loud noise when i open the window

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me how i can get rid of this horrible loud noise when i open the passenger window? As the window is going down it makes a noise (as if the window is being dragged against the rubber seals). im guessing it could be because the window isnt being opened and closed...
  5. steven abootman

    Loud Tappets Noise

    Hi everyone I had my car serviced at a Mercedes specialist recently, and since then it's developed a loud noise which sounds like the tappets. As the revs get higher, the noise becomes faster so this leads me to believe its the tappets. I took it back to the specialist who agreed it was the...
  6. M

    High Revs and Loud Engine

    I have mentioned this is another thread but thought ot deserved it's own. The car idles at about 550rpm. However evey now and then (maybe once a week) it idles at 900rpm for a while. While it is high the car sounds like a V12 petrol to drive - very throaty sounding. Sometimes I start the...
  7. E

    Loud Whining noise

    Hi We have a 2003 W2112? E320cdi, having covered 136k miles with main full dealer history. Last 6 months or so, we have noticed a whining noise coming from, which we suspect the Turbo, having my local Garage to check all hoses and pipes, not thoroughly but a basic look around whilst up on the...
  8. M

    Loud Knocking noise

    Went over speed bumps earlier (not fast) and heard very loud clunging noise/knocking from rear. Exhaust is fine, any suggestions?
  9. W

    loud rattling noise when accelerating

    hi i'm hoping somebody will be able to shed some light on a problem i've got? when accelerating theres a loud chatter like noise on my 1997 c180 classic ,it sounds like a drive shaft noise but only does it when driving when the car is ticking over the engine sounds sweet as a nut i've changed...
  10. P

    Loud engine idle 2003 A170 CDI Auto 52,000miles

    hi, we just bought a 2003 (03 plate) mercedes A170 CDI 52,000miles when we bought the car (yesterday) it had a nice quiet idle - compared to my old 1999 (T plate) mercedes A170 CDI 127,000 miles now it seems like the old 1999 A170 CDI has a quieter idle. the problem of the loud idle...
  11. T7RY B

    Loud clunk / noise front LHS

    When I take off slowly the car is okay. If I try to take off quickly there is a clunk noise from the front passenger side Any thoughts on what this could be before I take her in to be looked at. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated Terry
  12. T

    loud high pitched ringing

    hi everyone i am new to the club, i have a problem with my ml270cdi when on idle there is a loud high pitched ringing/sqealing noise not like a slipping belt though. It only makes this noise on idle once you pick the revs up it sounds fine, any help would be appreciated.
  13. N

    Very loud knocking N/S/F HELP !!

    Ive got a '98 CLK 200 and when i go over even the slightest bump i get a horrible sharp knocking noise from the passenger side front wheel. I've had a quick look with the wheel off and cant see anything untoward. Are there any checks i can do to try to diagnois which part is noisy? I.e Ball...
  14. ringway

    Loud Boom/Humming Noise from Sprinter at 2000rpm.

    2001 Sprinter 313CDI. My Sprinter is making a very deep, loud, boom/humming noise, the sort you'd expect to hear (and feel) if the baffles in the exhaust had corroded away. The noise is at the front end of the van. I had a genuine full MB exhaust a year ago and have had this checked out...
  15. NICKYB

    Clk w208 Door (broken bracket) loud Clunking

    The bracket inside my drivers side door seemed to fall apart yeserday, there are now 3 very loud cluncks as the door opens and closes.... Its the drivers door of the clk w208 conv....there are 2 large hinges (top and bottom of the door) between these hinges sits what i can only describe as a...
  16. O

    98 e300td MAF,LOUD whistle

    been having problems with power on my e300td and a loud whistle sound from drivers side under the bonnet.have been told it probably needs new MAF,iv tried unplugging but lose power. been offered a genuine bosch MAF with the tube,just wondering whether changing just the sensor would do it without...
  17. S

    loud sound from turbo area on E220cdi

    Hi (year 2000 E 220 cdi) When I accelerate I have this loud gushing/wooshing sound (for want of a better description) from where the turbo is located. The noise just started suddenly one day after accelerating up a hill. Maybe and hopfully just a loose or split hose. Thought I`d ask before...
  18. robert.saunders

    Fire engine on blues and twos (and very loud horn) takes the side off your parked car

    On its way to a 'shout'. Question is, do you get annoyed or not?! Scenario: Vehicle (not mine) parked up on side of road, very narrow street which is a dead end. Cars parked both sides of road, no off-road parking to speak off. No parking restrictions. Mostly terraced and semi-detached...
  19. PaulE230

    loud w210 e230 fuel pump

    I can hear the fuel pump when it primes for a few seconds But I can also hear it quite loudly when I am stationary at traffic lights etc and as I am driving
  20. S

    E220 Cdi Auto 99 - No Power And Loud Hissing Noise When Accelerating

    HI Pls help. I have a E220 CDI Auto - 99 V plate, done only 221K ! When you drive the car, there is no power no matter what you do, and as you slowly pick up speed, you can gear a loud hissing noise coming from the front engine area as if the turbo is leaking, the noise goes when you dont...
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