1. RickyKennedy01

    W203 Coupe Engine Noise

    As the title says, I’ve got a horrible noise when starting up the car. I’ve attached a link to my YouTube video, with further details in its description. Any help greatly appreciated! :D https://youtu.be/T3t5ZYekHb8
  2. R

    M271 Ecu failure

    Hi everyone. I thought i had previously posted on this problem but can now not find the thread. I don't know if it was removed or i just dreamed i had posted it. So excuse me if i'm repeating myself or posting in the wrong area. I have a ongoing problem with my c200 Kompressor. It previously...
  3. O

    M271 cam magnets change

    Hello, I'm looking for some information on changing the cam magnets on my C180 M271 engine as I have got oil leaking into the wiring harness. I'm about to order the magnets, O rings, grommets and the additional wiring adaptors to stop this problem. Is there anything more I need to do and...
  4. O

    M271 c180 oil in intake

    Having read a lot of useful info for a while I am now in need of some guidance. On my 2004 C180 I have a P0170 code which has reoccurred after a year. It was cleared by replacing the after cat O2 sensor. On investigation the pipe from the cam cover to the intake after the Maf showed some oil...
  5. M

    M271 timing chain crimper

    Hi, I am new here. We are driving a 2007 E200, so M271 engine. Because so much is written about the wear of the timing chain and sprockets I decided to take a look: I found a lot of teeth broken off of the sprockets. The chain was still very tight, so that might have saved the engine. I am...
  6. M

    M271 warning signs

    Can someone please list the warnings signs of issues? Bought a 2007 CLK 200K yesterday which misfired on a warm restart. Car has full MB history, recent service and 45,000m. Restarted perfectly. Had been on near 200m run with 1 stop. Much appreciated.
  7. simonjamesturne

    M274 vs M271

    Hi, I'm trying to establish what changes were made when the M271 was superseded by the M274. I know the M274 still has a simplex timing chain, but I understand that it was changed from a roller type to another type to stop the stretching problems? I'm I correct in this, and did it work?
  8. D

    I can't find the write up for DIY - M271 $12 hose replacement

    What happened to the write up can't get to.via here or web pagw Sent from my MotoE2(4G-LTE) using Tapatalk
  9. R

    M271 Camshaft issue

    Hi all, I have a E200 CGI 2011 cabriolet with 61k on the clock. At 57k I had the EML come on with the fault relating to the camshaft sensors which were replaced at a cost of £500. The check engine light came on last night and I'm being told that it is the same issue. The sensors were...
  10. H

    2012 W204 C180 (M271) cam adjuster @ 39K ??

    Hello, newbie here, have recently purchased a 2012 C Class C180 Coupe, full MB service history. At 39700 miles engine light appears on dash, fault code P0340 Camshaft position sensor. Diagnostics narrowed down to intake side - sensor duly replaced fault code cleared - approx 100 miles later...
  11. W

    Rocker arms for m271 engine

    Hi guys,Paul here. Can anyone help me please iv had the usual m271 chain stretched problem and am doing the job myself but im on the look out for 3 rocker arms for the car.also im looking for torque settings for the camshaft cradle. Many thanks Paul
  12. I

    2005 C180k engine issues (M271)

    My wife has a 2005 C180k (M271) which recently has had a few issues. At idle and low speed, the engine is shaking noticeably. I have scanned for codes and it brought up misfire on all cylinders and a MAF error code. The spark plugs have been changed recently so there ok. I doubt all 4 coil...
  13. 190

    W204 M271 oil change

    Has anyone done their own oil change on a W204 with the M271 engine. Book says oil capacity is 5.5 L I've done a couple of oil changes now and if I vacuum out the oil and put a carefully measured 5.5 L back it comes to a little below half way on the dipstick. I'm not worried about running with...
  14. poormansporsche

    Rough Price for M271 Premptive Chain & Sprocket Change ?

    Morning, Im thinking of buying a 55 plate W203 C200 with 80K - there is no timing chain problems at the mo but would like to factor in a rough price to change the above to save any future problems. Whats the likely cost there and abouts from the likes of Ollie or Terry or anyone else who...
  15. W

    M271 - P0020 Error Code

    Hello all, Have never posted on a forum before, however I have a CLK200 with the 1.8 M271 engine. When driving one day in traffic I noticed a shaking of my engine, almost like it was missing, after a short while it would continue to do this more frequently and the EML light came on. Showing...
  16. J

    W203 C180 Kompressor M271 - P0020 + P0170

    Hi, I have two problems with my Mercedes, both of them are related to "Check Engine Light". The car is C180 Kompressor, 2002 year, M271 engine + LPG. So, below is the list of errors: Actual: P0020: "A" Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit (Bank 2) P0170: Fuel Trim (Bank 1) Pending faults...
  17. M

    M271 Timing chain/other alarming issues

    How we going guys, i'm a newbie here and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction regarding timing chain issues. Let me set the scene. My car is a C180K 05 with roughly 69000miles on the clock. Upon hearing suspicious noises that sounded like the timing chain upon startup...
  18. Uky

    M271 (CGI) Whining noise at 1500+ RPM

    I have a E250CGI with the M271 direct injection petrol engine. It is a M/Y 2010, but the car has only 30,000 km on the meter. Some time ago, when driving with my windows down I noticed a whining noise or tone, at say 1-2 kHz, that is proprtional with the engine speed. It is not the...
  19. zenman63

    M271 serpentine belt

    Just looking at the wives car as it make a rattling noise in drive when cold. All is sweet until you put it in drive and then the serpentine belt seems to vibrate. Looking down at the tensioner its humming and vibrating and seems to be where the noise is coming from. Is it common? the...
  20. C

    M271 Oil consumption

    I have a C180 Kompressor 2004 just hitting 50K on clock. I've had it for a few years and now its just asked me to add 1 Ltr of oil, last service was around 1 year ago done 7K miles since. Is this normal oil usage, or a sign of a problem developing. Had a quick look under bonet can't see any...
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