1. nick mercedes

    german car makers rigged market?

    Another week, another scare from the German car industry. What began with Daimler AG’s massive recall of more than 3 million diesel cars to lower their emissions, ended on Friday with Audi also embarking on a voluntary recall of 850,000 vehicles. Adding to the spate of bad news was a report...
  2. Waynedoran

    After Market Radio

    So I've bought an aftermarket radio unit which came today. The car has 3 connection blocks, the unit only has 2 connections. I'm requiring help please. See photos Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  3. Waynedoran

    After Market radio

    So I've bought an aftermarket radio unit which came today. The car has 3 connection blocks, the unit only has 2 connections. I'm requiring help please. See photos Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  4. M

    In the Market for a W211 E55 & diagnostic tool (Autel)

    Hi all I am new to this forum and hoping to get some advice So I have owned a Golf 1.4 and a BMW 728i, I realized after owning a big car i like bigger cars just because i drive them more civilized then a smaller car and they have a lot more gadgets then a smaller car. My mother owns an...
  5. gr1nch

    Market Towns : the true heart and mind of the country?

    Catching up on current affairs today, I found this remarkable article for it's description of the French election bellwether town of Donzy. Dozny is indeed a small market town which has, like most French towns, weekly fresh food markets, there twice a week. Marchés - Mairie de DONZY But what a...
  6. J

    Financial watchdog to investigate car leasing market
  7. markjay

    UK New Car Market - figures

    From a promo for Money Box (Radio 4 today 15:00): 2.7m new cars purchased in the UK last year 85% of new cars were purchased on finance £18bn total amount of finance taken 50% of new cars were bought by private individuals
  8. steve333

    After market CD player

    Hi all,cd player in the wife's 2009 slk has packed up so looking at replacing it and was wondering if anyone had used halfords who offer a fitting service with any product bought with them,don't want to spend a fortune,as long as it can play cd's and is Bluetooth she will be happy!(do after...
  9. F

    2016 Classic Car Market, 2017 Predictions
  10. H

    Mercedes CLK W209/C209/A209 after market side skirts.

    Bought these for my car, never was put on. I believe it's from the"w204 look" body kit on eBay. £offers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. steve333

    After market cd

    Can anyone recommend an after market CD player to replace the audio 20 unit in my wife's 2009 slk which no longer reads/plays cd's?
  12. T

    In the market for a C63 AMG

    Hi all, I'm currently looking at buying a new car and have whittled my choice down to either a C63 AMG or Lexus IS-F. My budget is around the £22-24k mark which should get me a 2007-2009 saloon with under 60k on the clock. One particular one that interests me is a light blue 2009 one (exact...
  13. grober

    South American market cars.

    Zero-star safety scores lead to pleas for GM to improve its South American cars | Auto Express You got to admire the General still pawning off these motoring relics on the South Americans-- quote:- "the Chevrolet Sail. A lack of airbags and other key safety requirements like seatbelt...
  14. B

    Personal Training - Market Research

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of re-training, to become a Personal Trainer. I've been health and fitness obsessed for many years now, compete in Masters athletics, qualified as a coach, and have also trained as an NLP practitioner to become accomplished in the art of helping people to change...
  15. R

    W163 ML320 After Market Halogen Headlights

    Hi, I have a legal requirement to change my UK Headlights over to EU spec lights when my newly acquired ML320 arrives over here in France. Question, sticking with Halogen, does anyone know if the more modern style Projector Light electrical connections are plug and play going from the older...
  16. W

    R230 After Market Head Unit - Poor FM Reception

    Hi, I had asked for assistance with poor (no) FM reception after installing an after-market Head Unit and received excellent assistance to identify that I needed to connect an additional 'switch-on' supply to specific wires leading to the Audio Gateway ... oh, a 2005 SL350 with (now removed)...
  17. The _Don

    Here's why you should buy a used super saloon - evo Market e63 amg
  18. C

    After market Xenon Headlights

    Thinking of fitting above to my 320CLS as lights poor. Anyone fitted these on the 320cls/// feedback most appreciated
  19. S

    Pistonheads market watch!

    Mercedes E-Class AMG: Market Watch | PistonHeads W211 prices to go up, fingers crossed ;)
  20. Dave Richardson

    After market front parking sensors

    I successfully fitted a set of rear after market sensors to the CL203 & they've worked well; so I decided to fit a set of front sensors. These are of 'Cisco' brand & purchased from a seller on e bay. When fitting I used photographs from sales cars to identify the correct positions in the...
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