1. Red C220

    My mate Dave the Spaniel

    Lost his fight with cancer this afternoon aged 9. I miss him deeply, but I enjoyed every day I had with him. Good memories.
  2. SL350_SWINDON

    Help for my best mate

    I guys, I hope someone can help. My mate has a ford focus and the clutch pedal has now just gone all the way down and now does nothing. He's checked the fluid and it's empty. He said about a week ago he noticed a hissing noise when he pressed the pedal - I'm guessing a fluid leak?? Can...
  3. Spinal

    My Mate Dave...

    I've seen a few threads creeping up, with some innovative suggestions as to dealing with aggravating road users... So I was wonder, what does "your mate dave" do? Any "bad habits" that have been picked up over the years which you are proud of? Here are Daves (the second stolen from another...
  4. N

    How much per week for a builder & his mate?

    Anybody got recent experience of what it costs to hire a builder? A friend recently redid a 1 bedroom flat in S. London. On an in law's recommendation he hired a Yorkshire based builder & his mate. Victorian house split into flats, nothing architecturally special or unusual. He was paying...
  5. developer

    Mate Crime - BBC One 7.30pm

    BBC One Inside Out 7.30pm. The term "mate crime" is being used to raise awareness. BBC News - 'Mate crime': Fake friend abuse that can end in murder Gemma Hayter was "befriended" but ended up being tortured and murdered on a disused railway line. Gemma Hayter trial: five jailed for 'vile...
  6. E

    Waiting for me mate...

    I'm just waiting for a mate. - YouTube LOL :D
  7. developer

    It's all for charity mate......

    My boy Greg doing what he loves best. I'll put up a video afterwards, so the guitar buffs can see his wonderful Taylor doing it's stuff :thumb:.
  8. Mozzer

    Just explained to the wife that I have always fancied her mate...

    ...any way back from that ???
  9. Sonny Burnett

    mate finely found that 202 he was after

    hi everyone. dont know if you know i was helping a very close friend look for a 202..well he got one i went and picked it up for him its a lovely C200 in gold 2000, with 70K on the clock. has full tan leather, AC, CC and its a tip Auto.. it was one of the smoothest rides i have ever had the...
  10. garystu1965

    Please help my mate not pay too much for his new Merc

    Hi folks, I would really appreciate some quick replies and thoughts on the below as my mate is getting back to Mercedes within the hour....ta everyone... He has seen a black 2009 E200K Elegance Auto for £23,500 on Merc Direct. It's got COMAND, Parktronic, Black leather, Phone prep etc and...
  11. garystu1965

    Aaagrh - can anyone help me out of a fix with my mate's TomTom

    He lent me his TomTom XL One so I could have a look at the facilities. I left it to charge up in the car and took it out to use at home last night but the screen is stuck at the welcome screen. I can't even turn the unit off !!! I thought it may be becuase it needed to be charged longer as it...
  12. garystu1965

    My mate is getting giddy over a CLS

    He's seen one on Autotrader for £10,900k with 23,000 miles. It's an 06 reg CLS 320 CDI with COMAND, everything. I laughed and said it will be a mistake on the site and that it's probably 123,000 miles. Am I right ?
  13. The Boss

    What do you get if you mate an S with a CL...

    Voilaa.. Those oil rich sheiks have nothing better to do but spend their fortune on...
  14. fatherpierre

    Guess the car? A lot of good work for charadee, mate!
  15. ckember

    Steel Mate parking sensors

    I beleive MB direct fitted these parking sensors last year when I bought the car. After several attempts to contact MB direct for a manual, gave up as they never returned my calls. :crazy: Does anyone have a manual they can copy and...
  16. garystu1965

    Mate's wife just been sacked - new job offered

    My mate's wife has been sacked from her job as a nurse for allegedly bullying other staff. It seems she got dragged into someone else's misdemeanors as she is adamant she has done nothing of the sort. I just cannot believe she is the bullying type. She was offered the choice of resigning but...
  17. Kinky

    Pammy - mate of yours? Headline: Spoof camera fools law-breaking drivers K
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