1. 350cls

    Merc specialist.

    MEC Design Home - MEC Design Have any owners purchased any products from the above. I think their stuff looks good:thumb:
  2. lfckeeper

    Are Merc bonnet Emblems universal fit?

    As the title says really. Its a 'stick up' one from a W203 C class, will it fit all Mercs? (answer for selling purposes)
  3. M

    Merc website configurator not working

    Hi, I have been trying to use the Mercedes configurator over the last week to build a c-class coupe, but there is no option. I thought it might be because there are changes to the spec for the new month so the website was updating, but as of now, there is still no option to build a car. Anyone...
  4. dad4geer

    Merc Benz Cup?

    I was interested to buy one..not that I don't have a travel mug but I wanted one with a Merc logo on it ;) .. A bit of search and found this one on Amazon but blimey look at that price tag? Anyone aware of any cheaper but good travel...
  5. aj00

    Hi all! Got me a Merc!!

    Hi all, Have just got my first Merc! A 2012 C200 CDI in black... have wanted one for ages but only now have some good one dropped into my affordability range.. I had a few questions, and have posted them here...
  6. aj00

    Just bought my first Merc... A few questions

    Hi all, Having just bought my first Mercedes (but not picked up yet), I have been researching certain questions and failing to get some answers. Thought you guys might be helpful. Here is the spec on the car: Make MERCEDES-BENZ Model C200 EXECUTIVE PACK SE CDI BLU SATNAV Engine size...
  7. Calcifer

    Dronsfield Merc, Oldham. Anyone used them?

    Hello, I have had a suspension issue come up with the E55 airmatic system and was recommended Dronsfield by someone I know. Has anyone here used them and their experience. Thanks for any help.
  8. Gumball

    Not a merc but a Lexus ISF 5.0 v8

    2009 Lexus ISF 8-speed 87k Miles with FSH , will go up as car still in use. H.P.I clear Mot till May 2017 Massive spec on these cars i will try my best to list it. Engine + transmission. 5.0 v8 quad cam 32 valve engine , developed with Yamaha's formula 1 engine programme. 8 speed paddle...
  9. S

    ssangyong 722.6 merc auto gearbox clunk noise

    hi all need some help here or a miracle , i have real problems with this car , first got it about 4 months ago , drives like a dream until i took it to have a full service , brakes , filters , transmission fluid , filter and gasket , etc , after 5 mins of leaving the garage to the car started...
  10. merc85

    No Merc but abit of a Paint correction

    Well i still haven't got a Merc so went to work on my Mum's Yaris, She thought it was a good idea to Mop the car! 1st of all it was with a Floor Mop! 2nd the car hadnt been washed either! Which left the heavy scratches. Snow foam, Clay to prep then a few pases with a Fine cut usuing my...
  11. merc85

    Attention Dodgy advert Merc c55

    This car is advertised on Piston heads up North, think it may be a forum car. This is the add on ebay Rare 2005 Mercedes c55 AMG | eBay This is the Piston heads add Used 2005 Mercedes-Benz AMG C55 AMG for sale in Western Isles | Pistonheads
  12. T

    First Merc from a BMW 118i

    Hi everyone! I am Jack and I live around Basingstoke. I am married and have 2 kids :D Picking up my 2012 C220 CDI on Saturday 3rd September and I am excited to get started. I like subtle mods so nothing major, picture of my old beemer underneath. Thanks!
  13. merc85

    What is it with Merc's n Bradford

    As above what is it with Merc e55's for sale in Bradford?? lol Why Bradford?
  14. Alex225

    A Merc Threesome!

    Well I decided that since I had an entire day to myself I would tackle the three Mercs sitting on the drive all in need of a clean up. The plan wash to wash the exteriors first, spray down with Valet Pro Citrus Pre-Wash followed by a wash with microfibre mitts, Dodo Juice Basics of Bling...
  15. general patten

    my new merc

    400sel 1992,42000 miles,full history,all mots,two owners from new.first owner royal family from Dubai.
  16. L

    lovely rare Merc

    scrowl down the page,only 4 ever made in uk apparently!.......Boycie's Jaguar E-Type for sale at auction | This is Money
  17. GlenQ

    Wanted: S Class Merc or v8 Range Rover

    Looking to replace my written-off S500. Merc will ideally be between 2001 to 2004 V8 although a CDI would be considered. Range Rover needs to be a V8 L322 2002 to 2005, would prefer a Vogue but a good spec HSE would be considered. Please PM if you have anything for sale.
  18. F

    Leaked Pics of Merc. Maybach Coupe

    Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 pictures leaked ahead of reveal | Autocar
  19. h17n dj

    Not a merc but Audi A6

    All, My family member is selling this stunning Audi A6 2.7 TDI Le Mans edition. The advert details everything out. It drives well and looks beautiful! Very good spec too. It'll be a pleasure to anyone who buys it. Any questions contact me or him directly...
  20. L

    Happy to be joining the Merc Club!

    Hello all, I recently bought my first Mercedes, deciding upon a CLS 320 cdi with Brabus chip. I have to say what a fantastic car - an effortless pleasurable drive on long trips with a great turn of pace when required through a smooth power delivery. Why the Merc - well I decided after...
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