1. F

    Merc. & Brabus G500 4x4 on the Streets of London
  2. J

    W203 2006 Coupe 220 cdi Evo - First Merc

    Hi all I took the slightly nervous plunge and brought a 2006 220 Coupe Sport Evo. It has 73k on the clock with a massive gap in service history :( I love the car and seems to run ok, although the gearbox seems a bit jumpy on gear changes compared to my last car (Audi A4). Not sure if...
  3. mattmeyler19

    19" Merc Amg wheels, black for sale tyres done 3000 miles

    Hi all, these are now for sale, offers in the region of £2k they are all mint and need to go. All have conti tyres that have done no more than 3000 miles Interested give me a call or text 07889445829 Any questions just ask W212 E63 White 2014. M19YLR
  4. mattmeyler19

    My Mercedes E63 has a Merc LSD, who knew?..

    Has anyone else had this? My E63 has a LSD and it wasn't on the spec sheet and I'm pretty sure the Merc dealer didn't know either (I'm the 2nd owner) Chuffed to bits of course? Just curious if anyone else has experienced this?... W212 E63 White 2014. M19YLR
  5. grober

    Barcelona f1 gp+old merc

  6. carguy

    new merc fuel consumption

    Just bought an E Class Cabrio E220d 2016 with 3,200 miles on clock from dealer. Beautiful to behold but the mpg they talk about is a long way from the 32mpg I just got on a full tank. Mixed driving, motorway, busy dual carriageway, a little fast driving, much slow driving with stop/start. Far...
  7. Benzmanc

    Not a merc...

    .....but you have to admire the optimism Lancia Beta Coupe - For Spares - Engine, Gear Box etc. | eBay
  8. F

    Race of Champions F1 V8 Merc. Doing Donuts
  9. Mercwheelchair

    Hi to All New to here,I've had a Merc's,before

    I have just had a c class auto 200cdi 2004 converted with hand controls, one of the main reasons i got this one was front and rear parktronic ! So my dismay to find its not working, :fail, it goes into have star this Thursday hopefully shine some light on where problems is. One small...
  10. G

    first time merc owner

    Hello all just bought my first merc a 07 plate w203 320 cdi sport edition. Only driven it about 100 miles so far but seems very nice place to be think it was a good buy really. Any pointers on how I can get Bluetooth working?
  11. moonloops

    Back in a Merc

    Just bought a low mileage C350 CDI AMG Sport saloon. Not sure what the AMG bit refers to, but most likely the AMG floor mats :D Usual top service from Mercland, it was the first time I bought a car from them, but a pal of mine has bought several in the past. So today we went from Milton...
  12. M

    Merc E Class Estate or Audi A6

    I am deciding between E Class Estate and Audi A6 Avent. E class is Just phased out so can't customise I am going for AMG Night ed. A6 is very customizable. Both available around 33k. Please help to decide. Getting confused. thanks
  13. K

    Is my Merc chipped ??

    Hi All , Just bought a 2008 Merc C200 auto sport , having drove the C220 I feel this C200 is much quicker or more responsive , I've read that the C200 is the same engine as the C220 but it's been detuned , how can I check if my C200 has been re-chipped Cheers Donald
  14. brucemillar

    Non Merc V-belt question.

    Folks. I have a moaning sound when I lift of the throttle or slightly feather the throttle on my Pajero. It sounds like somebody groaning and stops immediately I touch the throttle again. I was/am convinced it is belt related. Tonight I replaced the idler pulleys with new ones. The old ones...
  15. C

    ESP light on Merc 320CLS

    Just had new steering rack fitted on 320cls but now have warning light "steering angle sensor" fault. Any idea if this is related to the rack change and how to cure it..tried locking wheels left/right several times but no joy
  16. H

    Genuine Merc Roof Bars for C-Class S202 and S203 as well as E-class S210 and S211

    I have a set of genuine Mercedes Roof Bars purchased in error. Part number:B6 781 2123 Roof Rack Basic Carrier (for Wagon) From the research I have done they will fit a C-Class S202 and S203 as well as E-class S210 and S211. I can categorically state they do NOT fit an S204 :) Complete with...
  17. L

    Merc a45 on Topgear tonight apparantly

    Against the Focus RS,not sure if it is on the main show or the other BBC iplayer one.
  18. T

    Breaking a merc 300se

    Would any one be intrested in any bits from a very clean 300se, engine is damaged but its a full clean car, be a shame to just scrap the whole car when theres so many good bits on it
  19. N

    Big merc little merc.

    My daily drivers, the E55 and the 2545 actros. Still can't believe I've got a car with more BHP than my truck! Torques a different matter though.
  20. M

    Merc C class Estate or Mazda 6 Estate or...???

    Guys, I am looking for a new estate to replace my 4 year old Toyota Avensis estate. Looking for a real upgrade (ready to spend ~£30K) from Avensis, more interested in new factory order though open to idea of up to 2 year old less than 10K mileage car. After doing some research for many...
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