1. H

    Should I tollerate a Merc garage responding to a Vito injector issue like this??

    Hi folks..My vito went in to the local Merc garage as it was having problems starting on cold mornings. Glow plug issues were eliminated. Hard sooty build up was found around the injectors (the back death as i understand it) and two of the injectors werefound to be 'blowing'. Hours were spent...
  2. Deadly Dave

    Easy DRLs for a 124 Merc

    It really is this easy ! I fitted a 10amp diode between fuses 6 and 8. Note the direction. Now when the ignition is on the front and rear sidelights come on and the headlights come on dim dip. The dashboard lights and number plate lights do not come on. The only downside is that the lights are...
  3. M

    Any one working for any Merc dealer here..??

    Any one working for any Merc dealer here..?? I am after E Class Estate (W213) and want to know about factory order time. (1) How many months/weeks..? Can I get one before April 1st if I order now..?? (2) E200/E213 both got same delivery time..?? (3) One with Command online provides...
  4. sssammm

    East End Merc?

    Must be
  5. G

    A good run in the merc

    After having the merc for a couple of months and just doing short distances we are having a long weekend in Birmingham,so looking forwards to starching its legs:) not doing motorway miles....think I'll do the A roads (more fun),and see what mpg it returns,not that I'm that concerned never bought...
  6. B

    from BMW to Merc

    Hi Just sold a BMW 535M sport and purchased my first Merc. A brand new C220d AMG Premium Estate in white. I'm loving the gadgets but missing the power. From 320bhp to 170bhp. From 600nm of torque to 400. And the mpg is nowhere near stated figures. I'm struggling to get 42mpg. Hoping it gets...
  7. Darrell

    New Merc SL

    My overpaid and underworked bro in law (wife's brother) has just got a 2014 350SL in silver with red leather interior. He chopped in his 2012 SLK200. He's bringing it over later. Shame it's chucking it down.
  8. abecketts

    Not the way to treat your 1 week old merc What was he thinking?
  9. S

    Newbie, with Merc CLS350 CGI...

    Hi Members, My name is Andy and I recently registered on the forum. I'm excited to join and looking forward to a long stay. I drive a Merc CLS350 CGI (British Specs), on my side these are not many and very slim, but worshoped by many, he he he :thumb:!!! I wanted to check with you guys and...
  10. K

    Blower Fan Drone on Merc ML270 (W163)

    Guys, There's a massive drone noise coming from the cabin when the blower is on in the jeep. If I turn the fan speed down, the drone remains. If I turn AC on, the drone goes away. Really annoying. Anybody any experience with this?
  11. C

    New member and Merc lover!

    Just a quick note to say hello and thank you for enabling me to participate in this great forum. I am a great Mercedes fan having discovered, some 25 years ago, the unique combination of (generally) solid build, comfortable and reliable travel with enough oomph to pick up its skirts and go when...
  12. gr1nch

    New to MBClub, first Merc arriving 2017

    Hi, As I've been lurking on here a few weeks now and picking up wisdom, experience and getting entertained , I'd realised tonight I'd not introduced myself yet. So here goes... The thing is I've never owned a Mercedes before, I don't have one now, but.....I put a hefty deposit down on a new...
  13. D

    2011 merc c220 oil cooler leak

    Hello, This is my first post on this forum. I have owned my c220 for just over 2 years now. It has been a great car but a it's now having a few small issues. The main 1 being is that the oil cooler has started to leak. I was just wondering is this common fault and do they have an expected...
  14. C

    My First Merc

    Hi all, First time posting so go easy!! :) Picked up my first Merc today. It cost me the grand total of £90. Yes £90. She's rather rough around the edges but nothing that cant be treated. She's a C180 2.0 Estate on an 02 plate Automatic. its on 198,766k Miles. Apart form a few rust...
  15. A

    Best place for genuine Merc alloys

    I have an ml63 W166. MERCEDES WANT £850+ vat for a new wheel. Sod that, I don't mind second hand! Anyone know of a website/person/company? Thanks Andy
  16. Taff814

    Merc Pro

    Just had a B service done on my C Class coupe C204 with Merc Pro of Wymondham. Car collected from my house, serviced and returned for £215!! And a Armed Forces discount. Main dealer quoted me £556 and I would have had to wait there. Will be booking my gearbox service and fuel filter change on...
  17. H

    Genuine Merc Allow Wheels and Dunlop Winter Tyres

    Just changed my car so time to sell my winter wheels and tyres. Used these on my C250 AMG Sport Plus Estate (W204, 2013). Read reports that you couldn't use 16" wheels with the W204 AMG Sport Plus but the merc dealer these wheels were bought new from in 2013 confirmed they absolutely were...
  18. jacksona

    My 4th Merc in a row is coming this week [emoji3]

    Due to my company's car policy, sadly the CLS has to go, as it's too old. I'm replacing it with an SLK 250 CDI. Did go to look at a 350, but it was in a real state, so walked away. The 250 will be plenty for now (although may get a remap at some point), and much better than the CLS now my...
  19. T

    Not destined to own a Merc

    Hi all, So my story started back in August, I purchased a new c250d AMG line estate, after a couple of weeks I wasn't very impressed with the dealer, but got a decent discount so thought I'd just put up with it and get the car. On 31st August I attended the midnight hand over, got the car...
  20. D

    Non Merc servicing in North Herts

    Having only once used an independent garage for servicing, who subsequently adjusted my accelerator cable and washed my car rather than service it I have not used one in the 15 years since. I have serviced all my own cars since with the exception of my old W202 that went to Merc because it...
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