1. B

    Cant send messages??

    I've tried sending messages via the private message option But nothing is showing What's wrong ?? Thx
  2. A

    Continuous error messages

    I am having a problem with my 2012 e class in that if i leave it for a few hours sometimes when i start it it continually cycles through error messages and won't select gear. Go back to it later and it works fine. Have checked both batteries and they are fine. Any ideas
  3. R

    first time merc owner many dtc and warning lights on and warning messages

    Hi I have DTC P0101 P0500 P0600 P0700 P0720 from obd2. The ABS light is on and I have break wear BAS and ESP warnings. I tried cleaning the maf and make sure there are no intake leaks. But P0101 keep coming back. Maybe I need a new maf? Can I retrofit the Bosch maf to the right angle maf...
  4. developer

    Printing Whatsapp Messages

    I need to print off a Whatsapp message as it appears on the phone - i.e. in chronological order, showing both sides of the conversation. I can get it onto Notepad, but it's not paginated. I can get the message from my phone to my PC via the QR code, but haven't found a way of printing if...
  5. MissyD

    text messages to pc

    Is it possible to transfer text messages from my mobile to a pc please?
  6. T

    S205 C Class Text Messages

    Hi All, Have been playing with the COMMAND system in my car, and it seems that it doesn't notify me of text messages, just comes up saying error unable to download messages. Is there something specific I need to do to get this working with an iPhone 6S?
  7. uumode

    Important messages - should I read?

    Should I read my (4) important messages? Who would actually read them?
  8. alistairgd

    SMS messages not appearing in-car

    About a year ago the SMS messages from my bluetooth connected iphone stopped displaying on the incar screen. Anyone know how to get this working again? Thanks.
  9. E

    W211 - Cancellation of "Service Due" messages

    My '03 55k is now showing the B Service Overdue messages, including requesting confirmation of an emissions check and the service having been performed. Is it possible to reset the system with the car's own menus (or indeed a generic OBD reader - guess what I got for Christmas? More anon - I've...
  10. N

    KillerHERTZ - private messages

    Just a quick request, Unable to send you a PM for a few days due to your mailbox exceeding limits, not sure if you got my email re the returned LEDs last week but if not could you clear your mailbox so I can check you received them back? Cheers.
  11. C

    Error Messages P0015 and P0025

    Guys I am having this error on my merc ... What is this code relating to ... Any thoughts??
  12. T

    viano various error messages

    Hi Everybody ,I have a 2006 3.0cdi lwb viano , brought Nov 2013,v happy with it ,but not so happy with a few ongoing electronic niggles. Since buying it ,the engine check lamp has been coming on intermittently ,with the consequent gutless engine response and no kickdown. But after about 60 or so...
  13. 320Alan

    w210 warning messages various problems guidance please

    ok this car has a few warning messages and I wouldnt mind a bit of advice in to where i should be looking to get them sorted please bear in mind all i have done is puick it up and park it at a mates house until i can get my scenic sold. the faults include - EPC - BAS - ESP - ABS (have read...
  14. K

    Private messages

    Hi all, I've received a number of messages in my inbox and I promptly replied, BUT in my sent message folder, it show I have none?? Is there something I missed? Or have I somehow have my privileges removed? :confused:
  15. M

    Messages on back off vans

    Just seen this one No pork pies stored in this van overnight Get your own chips :0)
  16. A


    i have a message saying rear bulb back up bulb on , all seem ok what is a back up bulb and how do i turn messages off, 220 c class 55 plate
  17. L

    Unwanted and unasked for Text Messages

    I have been receiving text messages offering prizes ( like 3 a day) I didn't pay much attention until my mobile phone bill arrived and was shocked to find I was being charged almost £1.50 per text. After some searching, I found the company responsible -Zamano Solutions based in Dublin. On...
  18. asinrutee

    Voice messages

    I was driving home the other day when I recived a text message announcement on my car audio, I could ignore the message or have it spoken, I then had the option to reply or not. I spoke the reply and it was delivered fine. I have a C Class coupe without Comand but with a Becker nav fitted. I...
  19. T

    w211 'fault messages'

    Hi All, I have two 'Malfunction messages' popping up each time I turn the ignition on my E320 cdi (84,500 mls) 'Service Brake - Visit Workshop' ------------------------------ The brake discs & pads were changed, all round, at about 9,000mls ago and the fluid was replaced earlier in the year...
  20. R

    Text messages not showing on COMAND

    I've got a Blackberry Bold 9780 connected to my W203 using the pukka MB specific cradle which uses bluetooth to connect to COMAND. An irritation is that text messages don't appear on the COMAND screen, as they did when I used to use the Nokia 6310i and appropriate cradle. It's a bit of a...
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