1. K

    Can bus messages

    Hi, i will work with project where i want to put w203 2000 instrument cluster (A1), upper control panel control module and climate control panel to my W460. So, i have can232 device with Atmel microchip and with this kit i want to read and emulate can messages needed to work with these modules...
  2. B

    Bluetooth and text messages.

    Hi folks, got a W203 with bluetooth fitted and audio 20. Is there a way of reading text messages recieved when in the car. At the moment, the wee envelope icon pops up to let you know a text has been recieved, but even when the phone is disconnected (i.e. taken into the house) the text does...
  3. L

    Script Error Messages

    Does anyone know of a foolproof way of getting rid of 'Script Error' messages? I use MSN Hotmail but am plagued by these messages. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you.
  4. E

    Audio 20 SMS messages

    I have an e350cdi with audio 20 and telephone prewire, it says in the manual that the audio 20 can read SMS messages when connected to the phone cradle. I have an iPhone and whenever I try it says no messages. Does anyone have a phone where this feature works?
  5. Baron_Samedi

    Avoiding SRS Error Messages

    If one were dumb enough to remove the passenger seat without disconnecting the battery.... How best would one avoid the dreaded SRS error? Ta!
  6. v6conv

    W203 Flashing dash warning messages

    Hi Guys, I am new to the Merc scene as I purchased a 2005 C Class C220 CDI yesterday and today I have weired thigs happening on the dash - I have uploaded a video as it is hard to explain what is happening : Video is here : YouTube - IMG_0045.MOV Does anyone have any ideas on what is...
  7. amwebby

    Multimedia messages on BT SAP, what happens to them?

    If I'm in the car with th phone connected by BT SAP and someone sends me a multimedia messag, it shows up in COMAND as "NO TEXT MESSAGE". When I check my SIM messages there's nothing there and niether is there anything in my inbox. What happens to them and is there any way of retrieving them?
  8. ecossebev

    Main Beam Messages...

    Picture the scene.... I'm facing up a slight incline, waiting to turn right off a main(ish) road onto a side street. Handbrake on, van in neutral, indicator on. I left enough room on my nearside to allow cars pass, two or three passed through. A long line of traffic was approaching in the...
  9. S

    Bonnet Open Messages

    Hi All, My car has developed a strange fault, it started happening since yesterday. Everytime I start my car I get "bonnet open" messages on my dashboard, this seems to go away after I acknowledge the error message, or after I start driving for a couple of minutes. At the same time I...
  10. D

    Blank text messages on comand

    Hey Chums I have a 2008/58 E280CDi Sport with the last generation Comand (5 digit postcode). I have a Mercedes SLR Bluetooth hands free module connected to my Nokia N95, I seem to constantly get blank text messages on the comand!!! Bloody thing`s driving me mad, keeps bonging for a text alert...
  11. B

    Fault Messages & Electrical Gremlins

    Various faults are being reported by my car (CLK 500 W209) A few of these faults are real, some are intermittent, others where there doesn’t seem to be a problem, for example · Real faults – rear number plate light not working – which it isn’t – but at least simple to fix ·...
  12. E

    W203 C200 Komp tail light messages on dash but bulbs are new

    I have error messages as both bulbs dont work on my tail lights, the upper emergency lights are on instead but both bulbs are new and when i unlock the car with auto lights on the lower tail lights come on for about a second before the upper ones take over!! Any ideas people? Had problem...
  13. A

    Haiku error messages

    Sony has announced its own computer operating system now available on its Vaio PC. Instead of producing the cryptic error messages characteristic of Microsoft's Windows and DOS systems, Sony's chairman Asai Tawara said, "We intend to capture the high ground by putting a human, Japanese face on...
  14. nigel cross

    Error messages

    Started getting error messages, when starting car. Esp error visit garage, esp will not turn on or off. Stopped car started again that error gone esp can be turned on/off, but error brake fluid level , visit garage. Car seems to be turning over slower, do you think its the Battery , as...
  15. C

    ABS warning messages

    Fitted new track rod ends today and decided to remove front brake pads to give then a clean up as they were caked in muck. Rebuilt as per norm. Went for a drive and an hour into the drive, the ABS warning light comes on and the following error messages show in the instrument panel. 1. Brake...
  16. whitenemesis

    Help! Lost MMS Messages

    I have started receiving Multi-Media messages from colleagues (as a picture speaks a thousand words!) trouble is when I am in the car all I get is a "No text" SMS notification. :confused: Now, I can understand the MB SAP module cannot handle MMS but surely the messages shouldn't be "lost"? I...
  17. G

    Dashboard Warning Messages

    I have an "Engine Fan - Visit Workshop" message appear this morning and as best I can tell it is spurious, the fan comes on as expected and seems to stay on (I ran it for half an hour) with no problems. What I would like to do is reset the message and see if it recurs before I do anything about...
  18. T

    Comand stopped displaying text messages

    As the title says, for some reason my comand has stopped displaying incoming or text messages that are already in the phone while docked in the cradle?!?! Every other telephone function works fine, I can see the contacts, last dialed etc. But no messages in the inbox will display, and they...
  19. WLeg

    Error messages and

    HELP !! Are there any members here, who are also members there, as I could use a copy of this guide. (I have applied, but not yet had the confirmation/activation email). I have this exact problem...
  20. Bobby Dazzler

    New ebay hoax through ebay messages?

    I'm a little bewildered. Last week I opened a message from eBay in my eBay messages inbox, with a subject related to staying secure. When I opened it I noticed that the links didn't appear to go to URLs, and thought it strange. I didn't click on anything, but when I tried to...
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