1. M

    2015 E220 & Millers- Diesel Power Eco Max

    Hi, Is it a good idea to start using this with every tankful on a 2015 car? Just want to keep the engine mint as car is used everyday and will cover around 25K a year. If you suggest something else, please do let me know. Thanks.
  2. Andy67

    Too Much Millers Injecter Problem ?

    Three weeks ago I added Millers diesel Power Ecomax Fuel Additive to my CLK 270 CDI, just to see if there was some improvement. Took a general look around the engine today I noticed that there was liquid around all 5 of my injectors. And it’s pure Millers. There is no Milky stuff coming...
  3. ringway

    Millers Diesel Power ECOMAX Fuel Additive for sale.

    I no longer own a diesel vehicle and consequently have a surplus supply of Millers Diesel Power ECOMAX fuel additive for sale. I have 3no unopened 5-litre tins of the stuff which sells at Halfords for almost £28 per litre. LINK. Item/s located in Cheshire. Buyer to collect or meet up with me...
  4. M

    Millers or Forte?

    Which is better?
  5. G

    Millers Diesel

    Is it safe to use Millers in a car that's done 90k? Reason I ask is that I used it in my old BMW diesel and the engine started pinging which wasn't good so reverted back to normal diesel and it went from pinging back to clanging. What are the benefits of using it? Will it reduce the carbon...
  6. M

    Millers fuel add out of date ???

    I bought some Millers diesel fuel additive, as recommended by some people on here. Looked on bottle and it says don't use after the date is up which is a couple of months ago. What do you recon still is it ok to use, theres no mould growing on it, do you think its like a supermarket date??? Just...
  7. E

    Millers Ecomax

    Was planning to use next week before a 200 mile motorway round trip (Birmingham and back in a day). It says you can double the dose but is there a danger too much could get cleaned off in one go and clog the fuel system up or damage seals? Thanks
  8. proser

    7ltr Millers EP 80w90 GL4 Gear Oil

    sealed containers. NOS £32 delivered (uk mainland)
  9. W

    1000 miles before Millers and 1000 miles after

    Car: 2004 Audi A2 1.4 TDi (75PS) 60k miles Sorry for not being a MB, but hopefully it's still of interest to some. Fill-ups before Millers: 300 miles – 71.8 mpg (temp. ~5C) 295 miles – 72.5 mpg (temp. ~5C) 310 miles – 76.2 mpg (temp. ~15C) Fill-ups after Millers: 300 miles – 66.5 mpg...
  10. ringway

    Millers & Forte Fuel Additives/Cleaners Do Work.

    6, months ago I was booked for an "A" Service with Ian Walker at 124 Works. I went to set off to Ian's place and my car (showing 1.6 gallons of fuel) would not start. I called Ian who correctly advised me to add some more diesel and the car did indeed start after doing so. The car had always...
  11. I

    Millers DPS4 - Free

    As I'm no longer the driver of a Diesel car the remainder of the bottle is just sat in the garage, free to a good home! There's over half a bottle left. I don't want to mess around with postage so if anyone wants to collect it from the Kingswood area of Bristol they're more than welcome -...
  12. flango

    Millers Diesel Power Sport 4

    As you will probably know I have just taken delivery of my first diesel a Volvo V50 1.6 DRIVe eco model. As usual I am being inundated with advice on what to do what fuel to use and the use of engine additives. I have searched for past threads on the above but most were from 2007 so I'm hoping...
  13. Satch

    Millers Diesel Power Plus

    is no more. Superceded by Millers Diesel Power Sport 4 which is now available through Hellfrauds.
  14. Satch

    Millers Diesel Power Sport 4

    "Millers Diesel Power Sport 4 is a modern state of the art fuel treatment that is suitable for,Euro IV onwards, emission compliant vehicles, whilst also providing a tangible improvement to vehicle performance" Which I presume means that Miller Diesel...
  15. 230K

    Millers Diesel Power Plus

    Hi Got a bottle of this Millers Diesel Power Plus the other day and gave my car a double dose as stated on the bottle and engine has def got smoother with a noticeable increase in power. Diesel knock / clatter at idle is very much reduced. Would recommend it to any one, hard to get locally...
  16. M

    Large bottle/tank of millers

    Hi all, Where can I purchase larger amounts of miller diesel plus instead of the standard 500ml that are normally sold? Are there larger bottles/quantities in the first place? Cheers.
  17. Dieselman

    Millers oils

    I have been an advocate of Millers products and have used them for years. There appears to be some interest in the Power Plus injector cleaner and lubricity enhancer. Here is a link to their web site including stockists. You can have a go at the simple racing game if you want...
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