1. N

    Brand new C Class stolen in 2 minutes from drive

    Posting on behalf of my in laws who had their £35k C class stolen earlier this week. Real date/time: 3rd May 2016, 5:30 AM - This is a one month old C-Class stolen from just off The Drive, in Ilford, Essex IG1. Purchased from Mercedes in Loughton, Essex. The thieves walk up to the car...
  2. RonFleet

    W205 Clonking for first 10 minutes of journeys

    Hi, My 15 month old W205 has developed a clonking/knocking noise from the nearside rear of the car. It only occurs for the first 10-15 minutes of a journey and then disappears completely until the car has cooled down. I had a local garage inspect the rear suspension, suspecting it was a...
  3. S

    SLK SRS light comes on after 5 minutes. Help!

    2001 SLK 230 SRS light comes on after 5 minutes and stays on. No leak or water issues. The 5 minutes is consistent - it applies whether the car is traveling, parked and running, or simply off but the ignition on. I have owned the car since new. Never before saw the issue. I had just...
  4. M

    mercedes starts missing & jerking in the morning for few minutes

    Hi, I hope everybody is very well, I have bought mercedes c200 cdi 2004 2.2 diesel two weeks ago but when i start the car in the morning, i leave the car for 10minutes to get warmed up as it's diesel & been told by somebody (never drove diesel before) After leaving the car warmed up, when...
  5. wheels-inmotion

    Our story in two minutes.....

    A slightly subjective version of the evolution and demise of Earth but a worthy and well made video in my opinion> Notre Histoire
  6. N

    Not starting for 10 minutes when hot

    I have a w209 clk 320 cdi. Ramdonly, it fails starting (it just does not crank, only makes a quick start motor noise), only when hot, and this lasts exactly for 10 minutes. After that, it starts without problems at all. My local dealer and me are completly lost... Anyone has experience with...
  7. W

    2007 E280: Bluetooth Phone disconnects after 15 minutes

    Hi. I have a 2007 E280 CDI Sport with a MB Bluetooth Adapter/Module fitted inside the stowage compartment under the armrest. I have an issue in that my Phone (or car) disconnects/looses its Bluetooth connection after 15 minutes; ie, every time that I get into the car, the phone/car connects as...
  8. D

    AMG - 28 hours 50 minutes to cross the USA

    I'm fairly sure that some laws were broken, but an impressive achievement.... Meet The Guy Who Drove Across The U.S. In A Record 28 Hours 50 Minutes
  9. knighterrant

    Life in under 5 minutes

  10. Dash1

    “Parking for 15 minutes on double yellow lines may be allowed”

    Here’s another interesting article on the BBC News Politics website today which is being proposed by the Government. “Parking for 15 minutes on double yellow lines may be allowed”. Is this a good idea, or will it be like everything else, open to abuse. In the UK, we seem to have this acquired...
  11. M

    clock lost 40 minutes -w211 MY2004

    As the title states, clock in car lost 40 minutes yesterday. It starts fine so clearly enough juice in the battery. there is no Comand in the vehicle. Any thoughts at to what could have caused it?
  12. N

    W126 420 SEC Stalling after 2 Minutes

    Hi I have a 1988 420 SEC, she runs fine :confused:for about 2 minutes at 1000 rev idle then slowly dies at about 500 rev. Any suggestion? Fuel pumps / Relays? If i put my foot down it struggle to maintain a constant rev count. When I put it into drive, the rev drop off, I then have to pump...
  13. D

    Car wont come out of 1st gear for a few minutes

    When i start my 300SL up from cold and drive down the road, it wont change up a gear (i presume it starts from 2nd?). I havnt tried flooring it to see if it changes. I cure it by putting it into N then back to D and it sometimes is ok. Any ideas? The car has done 205k miles and is otherwise...
  14. M

    Rattly clattery first few minutes

    Hi i seem to have a problem with my T1 208D van ,i have a rattly clattery sound ,which seems to be coming from the top of the engine its oly for about the first 3 minutes and only when you give it some gas tickover sounds fine. The noise does return after rolling down a hill and pressing the...
  15. M

    Noisy first 5 minutes

    Hello I have a MB 208D van from 1991. In the first 5 minutes of running there's always a ticking/clattering noise. I've tried using Liqimoly to flush the injectors but doesn't seem to have done anything. Could it be an air leak as I've read that it might make a noise like that? If it is an...
  16. N

    First 2 Minutes 1999 C200

    Strange problem others may be able to help me with. When starting from cold my C200 (WDB202) feels almost choked for the first 2 minutes. Almost no acceleration and a max speed of about 20 mph. After about 1 mile it starts to regain acceleration and is fine and perfectly normal for the rest of...
  17. flat6buster

    while away 5 minutes

    For those with deeper pockets than me the latest Bonhams auction catalogue is full of lovely stuff - being held at MB World, Brooklands linky for me the (proper) BMW 328 is a stand out act (am I allowed to say that here?). Some nice memorabilia as well.
  18. The Boss

    5 minutes of Highlights from our Mehfil event during our wedding week

    Hello For anyone who may care, enjoy this 5 min shortened highlight preview to our Mehfil evening during my wedding week last month. wAQiZUUwKzk
  19. Sjag1

    Great, 270 CDI just blew up, only owned it 20 minutes!!!

    Great, Had was meant to pick the 53 Plate C270 Saloon up on Monday and was told they thought it had a leaky injector seal. Well Tuesday got a call it was all done so popped down, did the paperwork and got in, turned the key and it was a lumpy and kinda fluttered a bit before breaking into a...
  20. S

    CLS 320CDI gives a lot of white smoke more than 5 minutes

    Hi there, my 2006 CLS 320CDI (W219) yesterday gives a very huge WHITE SMOKE from the exhaust. This is the 3rd time happen and this time it lasted more than 5 minutes. It happened when i was driving a few minutes and while accelerating like normal, then i can see from my rear view mirror, there...
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