1. ringway

    Mini-GTG in Ashby-de-la-Zouch. Monday 25th July.

    There's a mini-GTG taking place in Ashby-de-la-Zouch at 7.00pm on Monday 25th July. At the moment, there are four confirmed runners. 01: Ringway 02: Dieselman 03: Jaymanek 04: Flanaia1 The venue has yet to be decided but will probably be at a Pub or Restaurant. If anyone has any...
  2. C240Sport97

    AMG Factory Visit - Monday 29 August 11

    Monday 29 August 11 is a Bank Holiday in the UK, but not in Germany. Seems to me to be a good idea to visit AMG in the morning, have lunch, then drive home. No need to take any holiday (I have run out for 2011) Idea is to drive to AMG local area on the morning of Sunday, 28 August 11...
  3. verytalldave

    New Job - Starting Monday ! ! ! !

    Which means I wont be on here half as much as usual. In fact probably allot less. So nobody fret (!). I haven't gone into hibernation, its just my time will now be severely restricted. Probably only the occasional weekend for a quick read. Its a great job. Well paid - and relatively easy to...
  4. Satch

    It must be Monday....

    So, first off I have a 08.30 meeting with a bunch of lawyers. A bad enough start but only half of them (ours) turn up. At 09.15 we are informed that there is no point to the meeting as the other lot, who are representing a company we are in dispute with, will not be turning up. A few phone...
  5. A

    Parking near London Euston Sunday night and a Monday up to 5pm?

    Hello Wife has an exam in London and the train costs are silly so thinking of driving down and staying in a travelodge. Found a Travelodge near her exam building (nr Euston) is there any such thing as cheap parking for Sunday evening from say 5pm to Monday evening to 5pm? Oh and I...
  6. buccal

    Ace cafe monday 5th July

    Given the great weather i was just wondering if anyone fancies an impromtu GTG at the Ace this monday? Welcome to the Ace Cafe London Home Page Event View 00:00:00 Last one was a brilliant night
  7. buccal

    ACE Cafe Monday 8th March

    I'm thinking on taking a run round to the Ace Cafe on Monday night: Welcome to the Ace Cafe London Home Page Its a petrolhead nirvana night so there will definatly be some tasty metal on display. Last month around 100 cars turned up in total IIRC so you need to get there early. PhN All...
  8. The Boss

    Any one up for a meeting in Bristol on Monday

    Gents, Ladies, i will be up in Bristol on sunday, monday and possibly tuesday. If any members want to meet up, do give me a call as i will be based on Whiteladies road for the duration of time. 07947 222 802 thanks
  9. C

    Goodwood track day, this bank holiday monday - amazing value!

    Last minute chance for a goodwood track day! Goodwood have had to cancel a day they were hosting on this bank holiday monday. It has now been offered to a friend of mine that co owns the Maser with me. Basically the cost is dependent on numbers, but if we get twenty people it will be £115...
  10. E

    Bluetooth on monday

    I'm having a Bluetooth fitted on Monday, just received the kit and am shocked at the amount of wires, obviously they need to be connected from the boot area as i have Comand so i am thinking there must be a load of trims that need to be removed:crazy: so do i... A) Stay with the fitter and...
  11. Satch

    Monday morning

    and I think I might as well go back to bed and wait for some good news from the US. Been out of touch for a bit in the wilds and return to find: Bradford and Bingley sold off to the Dons for a pittance leaving us (i.e taxpayers )with the dirty end of the stick. Santander also owns Abbey...
  12. imadoofus

    A Monday rant

    One of the less enjoyable parts of my business is touting for new business. I do that in several ways, but one of them is to make appointments to see people who think they don't need my services, and then to try to convince them that they do. It's not the most reliable method, but it's a...
  13. jaymanek

    Guess where im going on Honeymoon Monday? yep supposed to be starting our honeymoon on Buenos Aires... I had not been aware of this until i got a call from my travel agent. They say International Airport is still open and they are monitoring the situation... All depends on wind...
  14. D

    Disguised C Class seen at Calais last Monday

    While waiting to board the chunnel train last Monday in Calais I spotted 3 new C Class MB's all heavily disguised, all had German plates. Don't they know they have been released here ages ago? Dave (1 year with my 5 series and loving it but really fancy the CLS next March)
  15. Howard

    Incoming Storm - Monday

    Just a quick heads up for everyone , there is a big storm brewing in the Atlantic , due to hit us on Monday ... Might be an idea to keep the cars out of harms way , not near trees , in garages if possible , as if it works out the way they think it might , it is gonna be a big one ... Here...
  16. R/T.E49

    I'm moving to Abu Dhabi on Monday

    And still have a lot to do, SO WHY CAN'T I GET OFF THIS BL**DY FORUM!!!!:rolleyes:
  17. Gollom

    Frog And Bucket, Manchester - Monday 3rd March. Free night out (new date)

    *** Having trouble getting friends so giving more notice... :bannana: *** I nominated the Frog & Bucket for a comedy award (it's kinda like a down-to-earth Comedy store with pints instead of Southerner Softie bottles...) Anyway, the media company have invited me and 2-3 friends to go there...
  18. Gollom

    Frog And Bucket, Manchester - Monday 4th Feb. Free night out!

    I nominated the Frog & Bucket for a comedy award (it's kinda like a down-to-earth Comedy store with pints instead of Southerner Softy bottles...) Anyway, the media company have invited me and 2-3 friends to go there on the 4th Feb to watch whoever is on (I think it's Beat The Frog/Open Mike on...
  19. N

    Recommendations for a race track in France for Monday

    Hi Guys, I looking to head over to somewhere in possibly France for a track day on Monday. Can anyone recommend somewhere to go? Doesn't just have to be France as long as it within a reasonable driving distance. Many thanks, Navin P.s, open invite if anyone wants to come along.
  20. blackbeast

    any SILVER C43 AMG use the A272 on monday morning?

    i was traviling along the A272 towards the A3 and i passed a Silver C43 AMG, i was in mine, i did tap the brakes a few times incase the driver noticed mine. anyone on here? yesterday, monday 17th sept. at about 9;30am its the first c43 amg i ve seen on the road accept mine! i didnt see...
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